How to Check Who Is Connected To Your WiFI Network

I do this too often whenever I experience a poor Internet speed on my WiFi network. Then, I begin to doubt whoever I have shared my WiFi network with earlier is probably stealing my network bandwidth now. How to Check Who Is Connected To Your WiFI Network is rather more important for me at that point.

It’s as if doing some detective stuff to spot the culprit. If you have also been having such troubles lately, you might as well try it to flag the users who suck up all your data from right under your nose.

Ways to Detect How Many Devices are Connected to my Wifi

There are undoubtedly many different ways to detect the hidden WiFi thieves. However, I am going to present to you some easiest and common tips to avoid complexity. The three methods I am going to assist you through are:

  1. How to check how many users are connected to WiFi using Android Apps.
  2. How to find devices connected to your WiFi via Router.
  3. How to find how many users are connected to WiFi using computer software    

Without further ado, let’s know the stuff and be your own detective.

How to Check Who Is Connected To Your WiFI

Check Who is Connected to Your WiFi Using Mobile Apps

Check how many devices are connected to WiFi network via Google Home App.

  1. Get the app first of all.
  2. Tap the Wifi symbol.
  3. Tap again at the top.
  4. Doing so will reveal the entire list of connected devices.

Note: This app is capable of calculating your data consumption, the number of devices currently connected to your WiFi network (including history), and the ones connected to your WiFi in the span of last 30 days.

Go Advanced and Detect how many users are connected to WiFi Network via Google WiFi App

  1. Download Google WiFi App from play store and install it.
  2. Launch it and Tap Network>Devices.
  3. The numbers showing next to Devices are the users connected to your Wireless Network.
  4. Check underneath every device to see how much data has been consumed overtime.
  5. To get a better look, Tap each device to see Connection Status, IP and MAC address.

Check How many users are connected to your wireless using Genie App

Attention: This app is compatible with Netgear only.

  1. Connect your mobile device to your WiFi Router Network (If you are connecting remotely, otherwise skip to the second step).
  2. Launch Genie App and type in your Router Admin credentials.
  3. Tap Login button to view your Dashboard.
  4. Swipe up on the Network Information section.
  5. The list of devices connected to your router will be displayed.

See Who is on Your WiFI By Logging into your Router Settings

Logging into Router’s interface gets you concrete information on how many devices are connected to your WiFi network. Given every router has a different interface and settings panel, you need to head for the section displaying network information like Network Connections/ Network Status. Here are a few examples.

  • For Verizon Router, check My Network
  • For Netgear Router, head to Attached Devices.
  • For Linksys Router, you need to click the DHCP Clients Table.
  • For xfinity Router, move to Connected Devices
  • For D-Link router go to Wireless>>Status.
  • For TP-Link Router, Click DHCP>>DHCP Clients List.

If these methods don’t suffice, try the 3rd method, i.e. an application software to check how many devices are connected to your WiFi Network through PC/laptop.

Check Who is Connected to Your WiFI Using Advanced IP Scanner Software

This tool is an open-source application you can make use of without having it installed on your computer permanently. The best part is, it delivers accurate results and insightful details about each of the devices connected to your wireless network.

  1. Install Advanced IP scanner and launch it.
  2. Click the Scan button.
  3. Once the list is available, you can click on the little drop down arrow to view the web interface and check for the IP address connected to your network.
  4. Mark this IP address and rename the device you find suspicious. This will help you when for the next scan.

Though it may be a little complicated to find and flag each device for future references, but this tool can help you protect your privacy.

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What adds up?

There are various other tools to detect how many devices are connected to your wireless network. Some work pretty well with what you need, they can help you detect and block unwanted users. Stay tuned, cause I am going to assist you with it next. Leave your comments in the box down below, Ciao.