3 Important Things to Include In Your Custom Journal

Expressive writing is one of the best ways to cope with the daily stresses of life. Journaling can help you clear your mind and declutter your feelings, making it easier for you to focus and think more clearly.

Journaling is also a great tool for self-improvement. When you write down your personal experiences regularly, it becomes easier for you to look back and asses your goals checking if there any areas you need to change or tackle in a different way.

If you are new to journaling, the first step would be to get yourself a journal. Personalized and custom journals tailored to fit your needs can help make your goals tangible. They are also the perfect gift for your employees, creative daughter, or that friend who is an established writer.

When looking for a custom journal, here are 3 important things to include.

Cover Customization

Custom journals make writing more fun and enjoyable and the cover of your custom journal is one of the best places to personalize. There are several design possibilities to choose from which include; foiling, UV printing, screen printing and monogramming. In the foiling method, a custom made die is heated and using pressure, the colored film bonds the design to the surface of your journal cover. Foiling is very professional and will make your journal stand out and look more superior to the rest.

If your custom journal is an off the shelf item or it has already been manufactured, then UV printing will work best for you. UV printing opens up new possibilities to customize and gives you the freedom to get creative and bring your brand to life. You can use UV printing to produce high-quality photographic images on most covers including leather journals.

The Ribbon and Elastic Option

If you want your journal to evoke that feeling of luxury and sophistication then consider one with a ribbon and elastic. Colorful elastic bands can help you stay organized yet stylish by keeping your journal closed even in a cluttered purse whereas the ribbon can be used as a bookmark. You can choose a ribbon and elastic that matches the cover color or you can Pantone match any color.

Custom Packaging

Presentation matters. If your custom journal is supposed to be a gift to a friend or a loved one, the best way to present it is with customized packaging. There are several packaging options available in the market. Glassine envelopes and shrink wraps will preserve the novelty of your journal and your loved one or client will enjoy the artful presentation.

You can also choose to package your custom journal in a gift box. There are several options to choose from including shoe box style card boxes, clear font boxes, white tuc boxes, and jewelry pouches.  

If your custom journal will need to be shipped overseas, the best packaging option will be corrugated mailers. These boxes are thicker and stronger than the ordinary cardboard and will protect your gift from getting damaged.

Creativity is contagious, get your custom journal today and design your own masterpiece.