How to View Saved WiFi password in MAC

This Tutorial will guide you How to View OR See OR Check Saved WiFI Password in MAC / Macbook / Macbook Pro.

No matter you are using MAC (Mackbook) or any other MAC device, It’s important to know the saved WiFi Password when you tend to forget it easily while connecting other devices to your router. Ah! The combination seems troubling enough to scratch your head.

Worry not, you can check your WiFi password in MAC using different methods, and they are all easy enough that you don’t have to deal with any technicality. Now you have the answer to how to find saved WiFi password in MAC using these techniques.

To find out your WiFi password in Macintosh PC, the only thing you require is your Admin password. If you have it, well and good, just follow the steps as given below using the key chain access app.

how to find saved wifi password in mac

Find Mac WiFi Password Using Key Chain Access App

  • Go to Applications>>Utilities Folder>> Keychain Access App.
  • Navigate to the menu bar and head to system Keychain>>categories>> Passwords. This way you can filter keychains to your saved passwords.
  • Double click the network name for which you need the password.
  • This pops up a new window to help you see stored password. Click show password to find it.
  • This is where you’ll need your admin rights to authenticate with a username and password.

Note: If you don’t have you username, head to the finder app and find the home icon in Favorites Sidebar. You home folder has the same name as your username.

  • After a successful authentication, your saved WiFi Password will be shown in the previous window.

How to Find Saved WiFi Password using Terminal on Mac

Mac OS Terminal is akin to the Windows command line, so that should make it somewhat easier for you to use it. This method is perfectly useful if you have the Network Name. Use the spotlight search to launch the terminal window and follow these steps.

find saved WiFi Password on Mac OS

  • Type “security find-generic-password -ga WIFI NAME | grep “password:”

Make sure you enter the administrator username and password correctly here.

  • Your WiFi Password will be displayed below the previously entered command upon successful authentication without any fuss.

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The Bottom Line

Let’s face the truth; there are plenty of password retriever apps for Mac Operating systems. I don’t think you’ll need any of those apps since everything you need is right at your disposal.

That is how to find saved wifi password on any MAC without using any third-party apps. So far, these methods are amazingly easy to follow and a timesaver. If you still have any sort of trouble finding the password, do share your thoughts with me.