How To Recover Deleted Data From Hard Drive Using EaseUs Data Recovery Software

A majority time it occurs that massive data storage leads to loss of data. With users suffering from losing important files that might be harmful and most of the times it does become difficult to retrieve it. Still with advancement in IT sector, there are a good number of ways sorted to help with recovery of such data. This is the EaseUs data recovery software is best data recovery tool with providing a step forward to retrieve lost data.

The loss of data takes place from the PC hard drive, memory cards and USB devices. The EaseUs is going to help with 100 % recovery of deleted files and would help in getting back the data’s sooner no lesser.

How To Recover Deleted Data From Hard Drive

Tips to Recover The Lost Data

During the data loss, the first thing one must remember is to stop the system or external memory storage devices. This will help protecting the deleted files for the data recovery. It happens as like when you right click on a file and then press delete, then the system is going to hide the data with its removal from the file directory. This is also going to mark the spaces as free for use. At that point you can easily get the file back by rebuilding the file directory. But the data in that space is not deleted until and unless that space needs to be used, here the associated data blocks are overwritten.

Now if the device is continued to be used, then it becomes a risk under greater circumstances that the new data will erase and over write the previously deleted files. In this case, the chances of successful data recovery might decrease. The reason behind that is the risk of over writing is made greater if you have a hard drive, memory card or USB drive with a limited free space.

Possible Ways of Recovery with EaseUs Data Recovery Software

There are instances when by mistake we delete some data from devices. So first it is important that we stop using the device and start the data recovery process. For that here comes some best ways for hard drive recovery with the EaseUs data recovery software.

The recovery software is going to help with recovery of deleted files from windows recycle bin; for this, simply you can retrieve them by just opening the recycle bin, the locate and right click the files which you want and choose” restore”. This is going to help recovering the deleted files back to their original location.

Recovering the Deleted Files with the EaseUs Software

You can download the EaseUs data recovery wizard and then start to recover your lost files. This can be done with some simple steps. The ways are like:-

Initially you have to stop using the device.

  • Secondly try to find the lost files to the recycle bin and if the lost files are saved on the desktop.
  • Next turn to the professional file recovery software for help when you don’t find anything.

Follow These Simple Steps

  • In the first step connect your device to PC and then connect to the storage device of your computer.
  • In the second step, run the software and then scan the lost file. Run the EaseUs file recovery software, as the data recovery wizard on your PC. Then specify the location where you lot the file and then click on “scan” to scan the lost files.
  • At the end, preview and restore the file.
  • You will get the deleted files are listed here.
  • Drive with the device name and this would load all the lost files here.
  • Check first if the hard drive is formatted or partition gets deleted.
  • All the files that lost names or paths on your drive can be found here.
  • Choose and restore the files which are the final step. Here you have to select the found files, then click on “recover” and then navigate the same to a secured location on the system else to another external storage device.

Important information

Above all, it is important that you don’t save the recovered files back to the partition or the drive. This is where you lost data are from. Then you can transfer to that location after recovery. But recovering that directly to the same drive risks the over scripting of the file.

If your hard drive is crashed, then you can recover the files with the commercial disk repair utility. Further if the disk appears to be irreparable and the data is valuable then you can send the entire disk to specialized drive recovery services that will disassemble it and then retrieve as much data as possible. This would lead all the hard drives to crash and if you can’t back up your entire drive, at least back up the data which wouldn’t want to lose forever.