How to Extend Your WiFi Wireless Network Range

Extend Wifi Wireless Network range:- There are certain limitations of a WiFi connection when you rely much on speed consistency while you’re at college or work. It’s impossible to extend the WiFi range at the workplace due to admin restrictions. Most WiFi routers are stationary and connected to several devices simultaneously. How to Increase the Range of Your WiFi Network at home is what you can get figure out easily.

The range of a usual wireless router is around approximately 100 feet, which further relies on other factors like other electronic equipment, walls, and other physical obstructions. All these lead to one outcome only, a deteriorated signal. These simple tricks and tips to extend WiFi range consist of a few steps to amplify your network speed.

Best ways to Improve your Wifi Wireless Network range

Put these tricks to work, and you can enhance your WLAN speed a lot better than before. You should try these if you have been experiencing too many connection drops lately. This tutorial helps you to extend the range of your wireless network (Wi-Fi).

Adjust the Position of your Wireless Router

Let’s come to the facts; every router comes with an unidirectional antenna with a limited range. Positioning your router in a place with no physical or electronic obstruction is the easiest of solutions to enjoy handsome signal strength. Installing a router in a central location gets you maximum range as the antenna receives and sends signals in all the directions with the same intensity.

Easy Tips to Boost your WiFi Signal

  • Place your Wi-Fi Router at a higher position.
  • Choose a central location that is away from any electronic interferences.
  • Place your wireless modem where walls are least obstructive.
  • Install an app on your laptop to pinpoint the locations with weak/strong WiFi signals.

Replace the Modem Antenna

Not everyone knows that they can change and replace their modem’s antenna. You can do it on your own, it’s no rocket science, and neither do you need the cable guy for that. Most routers come in an assembly of differently configured hardware, which makes it easier and quicker to install the device anywhere.

If the former trick doesn’t seem to work, go for the alternative. You can replace this antenna with a high-gain antenna to transmit signals in a specific direction. This antenna magnifies the Wi-Fi signal strength up to 40%, provided you position your access points in the same direction as of High-Antenna.

Easy trick to Extend WiFi Range

If you know a little about physics, well and good. Forget about the uni-directional antenna and just do what seems the easiest way to boost your WIFi range. Here is what you need to do next.

Place a curved metallic sheet behind your router antenna (e.g., Aluminium) to reflect the incoming radiation. Doing so eventually increases the antenna’s signals strength in that direction.

curved metallic sheet behind your router antenna as like this image…

extend-wifi wireless network range

Ramp up your Router’s Transmission power

If you know the tid-bits of how to configure your router, here is another thing to try to boost your WiFi Range at home. Modern routers come with a customizable transmission power. You can increase the transmission rate of your modem by setting it to maximum limit.

You can get it done from the backend of your router console. Upgrade your router’s firmware according to compatibility out of DD-WRT, OpenWrt, Gargoyle, Tomato, LEDE Project, or libreCMC.

Clear your Router’s path

It’s imperative to identify what’s causing the trouble, whether the furniture, thick walls, metal objects, or even a wall fan. Any electrical appliances can cause you much with signal transmission. Better keep your router’s path clear to enjoy network speed to the fullest. The more the obstructions, the often the connection drops.

Removing router paths OR deleting router history is very simple. You don’t by just pressing the reset button at the bottom OR side of the router (usually a thin pin OR needle is needed to do this)

Change your Frequency

change wifi frequency

Many routers are dual-band supporting both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz frequencies. Mind selecting the channel for maximum range if your router is dual-band. Many factors, such as surroundings contribute to the lagging performance of a particular channel. 2.4 GHz channel is technically 2 or 3 times reliable, faster, and stronger than 5GHz, allowing you to download large files with the optimum speed with uninterrupted internet. For a better result, try changing frequencies one by one and see which one works along with your router.

Here is the way to do it:

  • Open your web browser window
  • Type your IP Address
  • You’ll get redirected to you Router’s page now.
  • The rest is done automatically when you try finding another channel

Increase WiFi range with Hardware device

Second Router to Increase your WiFi Network Range

You can double your network speed by extending your existing network range using another router. All you need is a connector cable and location to install the second one.

Buy a Wi-Fi Repeater (extender)

You can get a WiFi range extender to take your Router’s range at a far better notch. A WiFi extender simply repeats or re-transmits the transmitted signal (coming from the Router) enabling you to connect to the network without moving to a different location. Practically, you add another 100 feet to your Router’s range (100 ft.).

You can buy a WiFi extender from the market or order it online, depending on your estimated costs. Look for a WiFi extender from the same manufacturer for better compatibility.

Wrap Up:

Most things can indeed be done at your end if you want to learn How Increase the Range of Your WiFi Network without any stress. Take a few critical points in mind before you change your mind and switch to another router or modem. If your modem gave you a painful experience lately, take these remedial actions by following these simple but handy tricks.