3 Working Tips to Improve your WiFi Range and Speed | TP-Link

If you are looking for an answer on How to Increase your TP Link WiFi router range and speed, compiled here are three easy (not very complex) ways to get you done. A TP-Link WiFi router is a generally used modem that you can see at homes and workplaces. It’s the first choice among home users because of its easily configurable functionality.

In case your TP Link router has started lagging in speed, or you are experiencing a hard time connecting to your router’s WiFi, here are some tweaks and modifications you need to bring about. Let’s not waste time anymore and dive into three most straightforward methods to extend WiFi range on TP Link Router.

Solutions on how to Boost your TP Link Router WiFi Range

  1. The Conventional Method
  2. TP Link WiFi Signal Enhancer (Primary and Secondary Routers)
  3. TP Link Range Extender
  4. The Conventional Methods

Improve your WiFi Range and Speed

Try these conventional methods to enhance your WiFi speed. To maximize the WiFi Range in TP Link Router typically, you can get it done through simple yet handy techniques at your end. You don’t need to have the specialized IT Guy skills for sure.

Choose a central location for your TP Link Router

The common reasons why you are experiencing a slow speed or weak WiFi range are:

  • Transmission Distance
  • Physical Barriers
  • More than one Access Point working in the same channel.


  • Place your WiFi Antenna at a central location and correct angle.
  • If you are residing in a multi-storeyed building, place your WiFi antenna at 45 degrees diagonally or 0 degrees straight parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your TP-Link Router away from electromagnetic noise sources that emanate Radio Frequency interference.
  • Devices that emit such interference are microwaves, Monitors, electric motors, copying and fax machines, etc.

Optimize your device

If you have already done as said above, try configuring your device for optimum results. You can avoid interference from other devices by following these settings.

  • Visit this link and go to device settings.
  • Wireless>>Wireless Settings.
  • Change the channel settings from Auto to 1, 6, or 11.
  • For 802.11b&g, there are you have 14 total channels in 2.4GHz.
  • You need to note that sometimes even the commonly used channels can be clogged with network traffic, so trying the overlapping channels 1, 6, and 11 can increase your TP Link Router WiFi Range.

Add an antenna or Range Extender

You can also increase your TP Link WiFi speed by upgrading or adding antennas and wireless equipment. Check out the next methods.

Using Wireless Signal Enhancer for TP Link Router (2nd Router)

By introducing another router, you can boost your WiFi Signal Strength through creating bridges. Make sure the second router you add is from the same company, that is, TP Link.

You need to connect primary router to the network so the secondary router can access the internet through bridging without a network cable. Use your laptop to connect to the main router to set up the main circuit. Launch your browser and enter in the address bar.

If you have changed the IP address, try using the modified login and follow the given steps.

  • Type your Username and Password (if you have changed it, use the new credentials)
  • Log on to the main router configuration using the original account/admin password.
  • Go to “Wireless Settings” and select “Basic Settings”.
  • Modify SSID number by adding “A” at the end and Click “”
  • Go to “Wireless Settings” >> WPA2-PSK Encryption and enter your new password and hit “”
  • Set DHCP Service by choosing Enable and then Save.
  • Modify Primary Router’s IP address by clicking “Network Parameters>>LAN Port Settings” and type 168.1.1 and press “Save.”

Change Secondary Router Settings

Take these steps at the end of secondary router settings once you get done with the Primary Router.

  • Log in to the Secondary Router.
  • Go to Network Parameters>> LAN Port Settings
  • Change the IP Address to168.1.1
  • Save and Restart and Login again.

   Change the Password by following method

  • Go to Wireless Settings>>WPA2-PSK Encryption.
  • Enter your New Password.
  • Click Save.

To Scan Primary Router     

  • Go to Wireless Settings in the secondary router.
  • Modify the SSID number by adding a B at the end.
  • Select 11 in channel list.
  • Click Open WDS and then Scan.

To Connect to the Primary Router:

  • Once the Scan completes, find the main router ID and click connect.
  • Type the Password of the First Router and Save.
  • Set up DHCP Service by selecting “Do Not Enable” and “Save.”
  • The routers are connected successfully now.

These were some easy ways to your WiFi speed to the top-notch. In case it doesn’t seem to work, try another method, that is, TP Link Extender to Boost WiFi Range.

Increase your WiFi Range Using TP Link Range Extender

You can set up and enhance your TP Link range extender easily by using a range enhancer. An extender works effectively for router other TP Link as well.

Connecting Range Extender with TP Link Router

The TP Link WiFi Extender Device is also known as Booster or Repeater Device. You can set up TP Link WiFi Range Extender without cable connectivity. You can check the default WiFi SSID and Password on the device packaging. Required Default login and setting details are also mentioned on the Box. Here are some steps you need to take.

  • Connect your WiFi repeater to the wall socket and switch it on.
  • The device will boot to show default extender signal.
  • Go to your computer Network and Internet Settings and connect to WiFi Range Extender.
  • You don’t need any password as TP Link Range Extender comes unsecured.
  • Click the Range Extender SSID.
  • Now, Go to Access Settings Page

Login to TP-Link Range Extender Setup through Web Browser

  • Launch the Web Browser and enter Login URL: http://tplinkrepeater.net or type 168.0.254 in the Address bar.
  • Use the default username: admin & Password: admin to login.

Setting Up TP Link Range Booster to Connect to your WiFi Router

  • After connecting with the main router, go to Wireless- Connect to Network.
  • Click Wireless Scanner button to browse for host Network By Name.
  • Choose the main WiFi name from the list displaying all the available Names.
  • Type the WiFi Security Key to connect the extender device.
  • Enter Password for Main WiFi Router and Save the Settings.

Setting up TP Link Extender WiFi Name for Repeater

  • You can choose the same name as used in the main WiFi or can use a different name for repeater SSID.
  • Go to Wireless- Extended Network>> Extended 2.4 GHz and select Enable.
  • Type a different name for repeater signal or you can click copy host SSID to choose the same WiFi Name.
  • Click the Save Button to apply the settings.

How to Boost Extender Range to boost TP Link WiFi signal

If you want to boost your WiFi range in a large area, follow the given steps to increase WiFi range of TP Link WiFi extender device.

  • Jump to Advanced Settings- WiFI Coverage
  • Select the Max option to boost signal range to 100%.
  • Click the Save Button to Apply the Settings.

Restart the Extender Device to take the settings to effect after placing it at a central location. Avoid placing it near any electronic device or inside any kind of box or casing that may disturb the channel frequency.

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These extender settings generally work with other TP Link Routers other than TL WA855RE Repeater. I hope these can help you boost your WiFi range to its optimum level. Do let me know if it effectively worked out on your TP Link WiFi device.