Top 10 Best Free Public DNS Servers In The World [2021 Update]

In this article we are going to list and provide about 10 best free public DNS servers. If there are any blocked websites in your regions and if you are looking for secure browsing for Internet then you have to go for alternative DNS service’s. DNS servers are a short form of Domain Name system or server.

How the DNS Servers works?

It accepts request from browser to map domain name into an IP address and also it accepts request from other DNS servers to map domain name into an IP address.

Internet service provides default DNS service but sometimes you have to use alternative DNS service. There are plenty of DNS services available in the market but all of them are not good. Then you want specific features like free and public and we gathered all the DNS services which support all these features. If you are living in the country where ISP was blocked certain websites that they are blocked. By changing the default DNS services and adding some settings you can access those websites. Here is the list of those all 10 free and public DNS services.

Best Free Public DNS Servers


best Free Public DNS

Apart from best Free Public DNS in the world, Cloudflare is worth mentioning here. Given that paid DNS serves are advantageous over Free service, it’s best known for its top-rated content delivery network. Cloudflare focuses more on the basic features like performance and independent testing with an extended range and including a new public DNS service.

No questions whatsoever, what makes Cloudflare the best contender. Cloudflare keeps users safe from ads while surfing the internet and promises to delete user logs within 24 hours. To ensure their promises are well-kept, Cloudflare audits its practices every year and creates a public report to confirm the same. You also get to learn the fundamentals of router configuration through tutorials. On the other hand, you can use WARP to secure all of the phone’s internet traffic. You can also opt to fetch more guidance from Cloudflare’s community forum, where you can ask questions and seek advice from the experts.

Google Public DNS:- Best Public DNS Server

Free dns server google dns


The most popular third party DNS service which is used to secure and faster the Web. It got huge popularity in just 3 years and expanding like a hell. The largest DNS service available in the world and the service provided by Google. You have to change the IP address to and in order to start this DNS service. This service also has IPv6 connectivity and if you want to use this then you have to change the IP provider to IPv6. There are lots of advantages to change ISP DNS to Google Public DNS. It optimizes the browsing speed and gives more security. It also resists the DNS Cache Poisoning attacks as well as DoS attacks.

OpenDNS:- Best Free DNS server

Free dns server open dns

OpenDNS DNS service is free public DNS service and has some enhanced controls. It’s is available in two manners like personal and business. There is no security warranty for this DNS service. The personal account comes with ultimate features like phishing protection and optimizes the speed. The business means premium version comes with all the security and it is just awesome. The personal protection comes with free but if it’s free there are plenty of advanced features also available for this. If you want to start OpenDNS service then you have to change the IP address and and give you the maximum speed.

Norton ConnectSafe

best dns server in uk norton ConnectSafe dns

Norton ConnectSafe is free and public DNS service which is highly provides ultimate protection for your Web and is one of the best DNS servers in UK. It is ultimate to use for protection purpose in which it can give you the protection in different types. It gives you the protection form malware and spyware in first step and then onwards it secures form phishing and scam. It gives you the ultimate protection from security and pornography. For each and every term you have to use different IP address.

DNS.WATCH:- Fastest Free DNS server

public dns server

DNS.WATCH is an ultimate free and public DNS service which is used speed and uncensored internet. As usual it is completely free and it is ultimate to use. You can add variety of devices like Windows, Mac and Linux. DNS.WATCH is ultimate in the world and I will personally recommend you to use this. If you want to start this service then you have to change and This is the well designed and ultimate service.

Level3 DNS:- Best Free DNS server

Level3 DNS is also a free and public DNS service and is the most reliable for high level performance. Although it doesn’t have ultimate features as the Google DNS services provide but it has amazing infrastructure. It is almost ultimate to use and IP addresses that you have to use to start this service are,,,, and

OpenNIC DNS:- Best DNS server

It is also one of the best free and public DNS service. DNS neutrality and it also rescues from the censorship that authorized by government. Using this you can resist ISP DNS hijacking.  You can enhance speed and security of your web using this DNS service. You can also access the blocked websites using this DNS service and the best DNS service to use if you want to speed up your browsing speed.

Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo Decure DNS service is very safety for long run and has some ultimate features like enhanced speed, reliability. This DNS service is powerful service including huge number of services while through this it can increase the speed of connection. It will really care for common network issues and it will list the some black listed harmful websites that you don’t have to visit. IP addresses of Comodo Secure DNS are and just uses these IP addresses and start enjoying the service.

Dyn:- Public DNS server

Dyn is a free and public DNS service which and helps to enhance the speed of connection. You can start using this service through changing IP addresses and these are the IPs Preferred DNS Server:, Alternate DNS Server:

SafeDNS:- Free DNS Server

SafeDNS is a free and public DNS service is specially used for secure protection for Web. It has some special features like malware and botnet protection and it also has some additional features. SafeDNS as the name tells it secures your web it also has some additional features like content filtering, faster and reliable network with zero implementation. Use these IP addresses to start the SafeDns service Preferred DNS Server: Alternate DNS Server:

DNS Advantage

DNS Advantage free and public DNS server is increase the availability of your website routing information and it will helps you to increase speed and gives ultimate security. You can start using these services by following IP addresses Preferred DNS Server: Alternate DNS Server:

Final Words

These all are the best free and public DNS servers those are listed by popularity wise. Any suggestion or queries regarding this post are openly accepted and those can be commented through using below form. Thank you for visiting this site.