10 Android Tricks and Tips for Better Android Experience

Android Tricks and Tips For Power User. These Android Tricks Will Help You To Make Your Mobile Usage Experience More Batter.

Android Phones have pretty much sorted our ways out to carrying business tasks or communicating with each other. As a human, my needs would be rigorously depending on my device every day in and day out. What more you can do with your device to rest your palm and thumb is what I have assembled here in Android tricks and tips for Better Android Experience.

Of course, and obvious, these day to day checks are much useful and can you bits of time from sturdy process of accessibility. So, I have this Android Oreo and with much more to explore, I got these Useful Android tricks and tips here tagged along with apps that make is easier and smoother.

Android Tips and Tricks

Android Tricks and tips

These 15 amazing tricks will have to show off your creativity to your friends and having them ask you where you find it all. You can refer them here and share the android tricks, of course!

Screenshot? Take it Easy

Want to have an easy screenshot? Try the three finger swipe to take one. Honestly, out of five attempts, I fail to press the Lock + Volume Down key to capture screen. So, this shortcut was the first to hit me when I found myself indefensible to this problem. Here is how to do it.

take screenshot

Settings> Smart Assistance> Motion Control> Three-finger Screenshot: Activate “Apply to All screens”.

In Some Phone like Redmi, Realme, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo: – Setting > System Setting > Additional Setting > Button and Gesture Shortcuts > Take a Screenshot… You can set your own shortcut to take screenshot.

Read our full tips on How to Take Screenshot on Any Android Phone (Samsung, Mi, Motorola, LG, Vivo, Oppo, Lenovo, OnePlus) etc…

Double Tap to Lock

My second thought was to have a smart and simple approach to lock/unlock my screen when in idle state. And I found it in Oreo too. When the screen is off, double touch it to turn it on, when locked, do the same to activate it. The same can be located in Settings>Smart Assistance>Motion Control>Screen Off Gestures <Double Touch>

double tap to lock screen

OR in some phone Setting > Display under Personalization > Double Tap to Wake. There are some apps available on Google Play Store for stylish Screen Lock – Android Lock Screen Apps.

Swipe Once to Access Apps

So, here is the simple I do to keep my apps categorised and sorted. You know, there are some apps you would have to stay in touch with more often that your girl friends, haha… Seriously though, I just arrange my apps according to my preferences and frequency of usage. Like, keeping messenger, Chat App, News, Mail, Gallery, Cleaner, and Tumblr Apps just a swipe away on the menu. The rest of the rarely used apps arrive 2-3 swipes later.

Short Text (Quick Responses) For Calls

A downside to have so many numbers on your contact list is, you can’t take calls from everyone the same time or moment. I do it often and sometimes, I do it to avoid unwanted callers or selling agents. You can add a personalised text that is pushed immediately to the caller informing them why you can’t respond to them. So Quick Responses fit in here to be one of the Best Android Tricks.

One-Handed Control

Tyr out for more One-handed UI and Motion Control features in the accessibility section. One of such is One-handed UI wherein you need slide your finger across the navigation bar to switch between the standard and mini screens views. Settings > System & Device > Additional Setting > One-Handed UI/ Mode > Enable/Disable.

Keep Using Recent Apps List

Thanks to Android, I don’t have to launch Apps every time from the menu. Android still keeps a list of recent apps accessible. Each device has different controls and buttons to manage the recent apps list. Be watchful and try out some.

Android Voice Commands Tips and Tricks (Best Android tricks for Quick Access)

Time and over, the Google team comes with a new recipe to surprise users. Apart from gestures and motions, Voice Commands are way more assistive. A vast amount of tasks can be sorted out now just saying “Hey Google”.

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Google Assistant (Unlock Device)

First account you need to set you up with a brand new phone is your Google Account. Make sure you are putting the services to optimum use. Unlock your Device by letting Google recognise your voice and the next times you want to unlock your Android Phone, Just say the magical words. Putting PIN and fingertip to unlock million times a day do become frustrating sometimes. Way todo it right is to let the smartphone do it with Assistant. Here is to enable Assistant:

To enable Unlock via Voice Input: Go to Settings > Google > Search, Assistant, and Voice > Set OK Google Detection. And set your Voice to authenticate.

Google Assistant (Operate Mail and Apps)

In the spur of a time or being busy elsewhere makes you distant from your phones. Let’s say you are your kitchen and comes the idea to play music, or make a call, you can manage it by commanding your Assistant. Simple as that. Other voice enabled searches you can conduct is accessing your Gmail, Image Search, and even launch apps on your device.

Other Shortcuts to Explore with Assistant

  • Book Tickets
  • Netflix Series
  • Set Alarms
  • Reminders
  • Translator
  • Messaging
  • Currency and Unit Conversions


A revamped addition to ease your www search is further fortified now. So, this has of the watch for a while. GBoard is the spot on built-in feature for internet search that is sort of vault of multitude of shortcuts. With a unique keyboard for input, you enter into a plethora of access tools and features using quick access buttons on GBoard. Copy paste features are further rectified with addition to a collection of Gifs and emojis on the go. One Hand Mode, G Button, and many other shortcuts to get a healthy site at. I recommend it to every user preferring time management. It is one stop solution for all your long research and typing.

Notification Toggle

Those apps that stay under your fingertips most of the day should be on the Notification, shouldn’t they? Besides, adjustment of screen, profiles, network, Bluetooth connection, you can add another shortcut depending on what you require from a particular app. Set app Notifications that are relevant and significant at work. Go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > Notifications Management >”Allow Apps you want to be notified from.

After quite a long search and checks, these were some of the Best Androids Tricks and Tips I could sort. To let an app take care of the rest, I also arranged some of the best rated ones. Let see how helpful they prove these to you. Let me know through your texts.

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