100+ Best Proxy Servers to Unblock any Blocked Site in 2020

Here we share only working Best Proxy Servers | Best Proxy Sites to unblock any Blocked sites like facebook, YouTube etc.

Best Proxy Servers | Best Proxy Sites : Honestly, how many have tried it, accessing your Facebook, Twitter, or Tumblr account through your Campus Wi-Fi? How many times did you succeed? There is only a way to out to break that restriction, and this topic is what leads you to. Proxies, there are oceans full of them, and sifting out 100+ Proxy Server List wasn’t a cakewalk either. This question always kicks in, Which are the Best Proxy Servers to surf anonymously, safely and watch the YouTube content which is un-accessible in your country.

But not just Social Media purpose, you may have plenty of reasons that invoke you to try a proxy server. Suppose, you are working on a school project, and the site that delivers significant material for your project is banned in your college or your country. Or, you work 7 hours on a desk and unable to access any network other than your intranet account. You feel deprived not allowed to use your Gmail account. Different material reasons are accessibility to Videos, contents, games or Movies that are not available particular for your region or due to nationality issues. Proxy servers come to join the dance here.

Heard a lot About Proxies, What are They?

To the new readers, you are a customer that a vendor doesn’t recognize, but the Proxies are better at communicating with the vendor. The next thing you do is to talk to a proxy server to get you some stuff. In a geeky language, when you access a particular site via a proxy server, all the network traffic diverts from your computer to the proxy server, and then from the proxy server to the Internet. Thus, your IP address is masked, and the IP provided by proxy server becomes yours. Depending on speed, security levels, such as HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS, etc. there are a handful of proxy servers to choose from.

Why do You Proxy Servers?

  • To bypass Tracking and stay protected
  • Keep your identity hidden
  • To access restricted or blocked websites
  • To access location-bound sites
  • To obtain media unavailable in your region.
  • Lastly, to access Torrents (Which is, or will be banned in most of the countries)

Best Proxy Servers in 2019

best free proxy servers

As I said, plenty is available in the infinite and boundless ocean of searches. I narrowed down the list to some 10+ Proxy Server List here.

freeproxyserver.co | Best Proxy Sites

The top claimant of the list is Freeproxyserver which is Fastest & Free Online Web Proxy Server. You can bypass any school, college, office firewall filters and yet maintaining 100% Anonymous and Secure connection to your favorite blocked website enjoying full speed browsing Experience. The number of users opting for Freeproxyserver was over 3 billion back in 2015 and is still on the rise. A bit more is to entertain you as there are unnecessary adds or Pop-ups to disrupt you in the interim of your browsing. User friendliness is further by its USL bard where you just need to type your favorite site and click to go live securely.

Unblocker.us | Best Proxy Sites

Unblocker.us comes the next on the list of 10 best proxy sites. An intuitive yet straightforward to handle interface gifts users with similar functionality and a URL box that allows you to access any blocked website on the Go. There are several Proxy Options where you are to perform some checks letting you choose the type of security and passage to access your favorite site with no ads for sure and nothing to pay at all.

youtubeunblockproxy.com | Best Proxy Sites

Looking for something to get a better look at your liked YouTube channels? There is nothing better than YouTubeunblockproxy. The proxy servers built explicitly for YouTubers that always get you best results and a reliable secure channel. Like the above two sites, it also keeps the Pop-ups and ads away from your eyes.

hidefromyou.com | Best Proxy Sites

Hidefromyouis another free option to get you comfortable access to your Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Yahoo, or Tumblr account. A quick and easy to search proxy site that keeps you anonymous and bypasses filters and firewall protection, hidefromyou runs on HTTPS protocol letting you enjoy the browsing through the fully encrypted channel. With fastest servers and access to the censored contents, you are to get this proxy site to your liking.

hideip.me | Best Proxy Servers

hideip.me has something special I’d rather can’t help but share about. The proxies are mostly from Germany, US, Romania, Ukraine France and before you choose any proxies, you have options to set Navigation using a different set of protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, IPv6, VPN services, etc. It is simplest to get started with hideipworks on Socks 5 and Socks 4 that brings you recently added proxy servers and connects you with the fastest and most reliable one. Plus, the list of active servers gets updates every 10 minutes. Here are socks4 and socks5 lists.

4everproxuy.com | Best Proxy Servers

Here is another one to let you enjoy browsing faster, better, more comfortable, and securely. This website also offers you a free unlimited access to your favorites whether blocked or censored. You are connected to your target site through its random IP locations every time you create a connection channel. Its speed and bandwidth are perks to have.

Hola | Top Proxy Server

Besides its free VPN service, Hola is a good place to invest your time when it’s is all about anonymous internet proxies. It’s is free of course if you are a non-commercial user, but also comes with a premium subscription to put it to a permanent and commercial use. There are over 134 million users enjoying free service anonymously. It beats the other competitors when it comes to speedy network servers and secure server connection.

limeproxies.com | Best Proxy Servers

Looking for a permanent paid solution to enjoy web browsing for both commercial and non-commercial usage? Limeproxies is the practical answer for your requirements. It hands you access to over 40 geographical locations including that of the USA and offers high network speed. It can authenticate around 25 IP addresses simultaneously enabling you to change your proxy IP anytime you want.

proxy1122.com | Best Proxy Servers

I couldn’t stop myself from talking about this site. Here are the reasons why; proxy1122 has been here for a long time, and I haven’t heard it disappointing any user. Whether you are at work, school, college, or using a public network, this site unblocks merely anything censored on the internet. UI is worth enjoying, and also, there is Flappy Bird (never to let you get bored). With zero limits, you can enjoy browsing for as long as you want, stay anonymous without worrying about any privacy, and you need not have to pay, for the users can quickly get along with it be it commercial or non-commercial purpose.

Blewpass.com | Best Proxy Servers

It is offered by solutions.softonic.com and can bypass Internet filters and firewalls imposed by your school, work, or country. While you browse through the censored stuff or blocked sites, you stay anonymous entirely. Blewpass has a user-friendly interface and allows custom solutions for needs of users. I would recommend it to you t for school or work use, enjoy the leisure while you hang out in your cafeteria.

luminati.io | Best Proxy Sites

With lowest failure rates, I reckon, it’s best for business use, luminati has a current user base raised to over 500 Brand companies to protect their privacy and keep the hacking eyes at bay. Requests through the Luminati network are routed through nodes on the Luminati P2P network, which are real residential IPs. When sending requests via real IPs, it’s virtually impossible to get blocked or cloaked. With over 25.5 million IPs, companies are relying on best-assured security measures implemented by luminati. Available almost in every country, the site has a maximum number of users hailing from European nations followed by Canada, US, South America, and Asia-Pacific regions.


Last, is always makes my articles writing worthwhile, proxydocker is the palace you need to visit and rest your eyes down for a minute. With the most numbers of servers and constantly refreshed IPs, this site gets you access to every country and any city. You are at the authorized seat to choose whether to browse anon or with transparency, which port number to connect to get a secure and reliable channel, and what type of socket layer level you want to use. US, Australia, NZ, SA, Singapore, Japan, UAE, UK, Spain, just name the country.

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  • F4fp.com
  • Defilter.us
  • Quickproxy.co.uk
  • Firstproxy.com
  • Bnosy.com
  • Thebestproxy.info
  • Viewyoutube.net
  • Myredproxy.xom
  • Vpnbrowser.com
  • Proxay.co.uk
  • Proxy4freedom.com
  • Cantblockthis.org
  • Sporium.org
  • Zacebookpk.com
  • Saoudiproxy.info
  • Unblocko.com
  • Spinproxy.com
  • Usproxy.nu
  • Usproxies.info
  • Proxybrowse.info
  • German-proxy.info
  • Canadaproxy.info
  • Krproxy.co
  • Pkproxy.info
  • Fbproxies.info
  • Caproxies.info
  • Jezuslovesthisproxy.info
  • Proxy-internet.info
  • Goproxy.asia
  • Sitenow.com
  • Networkbypass.com

Leaving, not stopping

Like I said before, IPs are continually refreshing, so are the proxy sites. What is hard to do is to find out the most reliable and affordable one out of the Best Proxy Servers. This was my latest find I’ll be back with another Top of the Tops list. Stay tuned and do let me know me you are getting something out of here. Comments Box is right underneath, Ciao.