How to Change WiFi password Tenda (Step by Step Guide)

Hello, Tech Lovers…In this article I am sharing with you step by step tutorial on how to change tenda WIFI password OR How to Reset Tenda Wifi Password.

Before we get to the main topic, we meet with Tenda router. The Tenda router is the world’s largest wireless router. Also, Tenda Technology, founded in 1999, has now become a world-renowned type of technology.

Tenda typically manufactures home and business communications, mobile broadband, switches, power lines, high-speed CPEs, gateways, and IP cameras. Careful product display, high quality, excellent performance, and reliability.

So you are here to learn how to change the password in Tenda router, right? The reason to change the WIFI password is to protect your wireless network.

In this article, you will learn how to change your Wi-Fi wireless name and password. The very first step is to connect your laptop or computer to a WiFi router. We guide you through this step. How to change the WIFI password? I want to say something, first find the IP address of your WiFi.

Before changing your password, you need to write down your IP address, which is on your router’s backside. The default LAN IP address of the Tenda WIFI router is OR

I want to show you two easy ways to change your trusted WIFI password. The first option is difficult, and the second option is to change the user’s password easily.

There are three methods through which you can change the password of your Tenda WiFi router easily.

Note – Before start changing the Tenda WiFi Password, Connect your router to the computer with the network cable.

How to Change Wifi Password Tenda

Method 1

Step-1:- Open a web browser, type your IP in the Address bar ( OR, and press enter.

change wifi password tenda

Step-2:- Enter your old password and hit the button OK. If you are new user then enter Tenda WiFI default Password

change tenda password

Step-3:- Tap on the advanced option.

Step-4:- Click on tools at the menu bar.

Step-5:- Click on change password.

change tenda wifi password

Step-6:- Now enter your old password in the old password block and enter your new password in both new password blocks and hit the button OK.

change tenda admin password

Step-7:- After doing these steps, you will receive a pop-up message click, OK, and you successfully change your password.

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Method 2

This is the easiest method of changing passwords.

Step-1:- Open your favorite web browser, type the IP address in the address bar.

Step-2:- Enter your old password admin and press OK.

Step-3:- Enter your new password in the Security key box and hit the OK button.

Step-4:- You will receive a pop-up message, and then press OK, your new password is set.

Method 3

In this method, we will divide into three-part.

Part 1 Open your router homepage.

Part 2 Change SSID & wireless password.

  1. Type your old password and login to the setting page.
  2. Click on the advance option.
  3. Click on the wireless option, then on the left, click on the wireless primary setting option and make sure to enable wireless also SSID checked. Select your channel and hit the OK button.
  4. Now click on wireless security, choose security mode options, and then select security as WPA-PSK and then choose AES in the WPA algorithm. Enter your password in the security key. Then click the OK button in the bottom center.

Part 3 Reset your device.

  1. Click on button tools on the right.
  2. Click on reboot on your left and click on reboot the router.