How to View Saved WiFi password on Any PC / Laptop

This Tutorial will guide you How to View Saved WiFi password in Windows xp, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

It’s really important to know the saved WiFi Password on Any Computer when you tend to forget it easily while connecting other devices to your router. Ah! The combination seems troubling enough to scratch your head.

Worry not, you can check your WiFi password using different methods, and they are all easy enough that you don’t have to deal with any technicality. Now you have the answer to how to find saved WiFi password on any PC using these techniques.

Steps You need to Find WiFi Saved Password on Windows 10

Finding a saved Password for your private WiFi is easy can be done real quick. Just take a stroll below and take it away.

  • Go to Control Panel on your Windows 10 or just type “Control” in the search console on the desktop screen. OR just right click on the WI-Fi icon in the system tray and choose “open Network and Internet Setting

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  • Click Network and Sharing Center to open the settings.
  • Select “Change Adapter Settings/ option” from the list displayed on the left hand side of the panel.

how to View Saved WiFi password

  • Select the WiFi Network and Right Click to go Status then click “Wireless Properties button.

how to View Saved WiFi password windows 10


  • Select the Security tab on the upper-right side and select the “Show characters” checkbox. That’s how you can find saved wifi password on your windows PC.


Note: You can take this shortcut by looking at your taskbar to find a Network Settings icon on the right side and Right-click and open Network and Internet Settings>>Manage Known Networks>>Select the WiFi network.

View Saved WiFi Password using CMD In Windows [7, 8, 10, XP]

If the above steps don’t get what you want, let’s try the command line to retrieve your saved WiFi password. Luckily, the command line interface works for all the versions of Windows if you don’t have the latest Operating System. Check it out.

1: Press Windows+R and type cmd.

2: Type netsh wlan show profile (type it exactly as given here).

3: This command generates the list of networks you have connected till date.

command to View Saved WiFi password

4: Find the network you need the password for and type the next command after finding it netsh wlan show profile [wifi-name] key=clear.

View Saved WiFi password using CMD

Where [wifi-name] should be replaced with your WiFi name that displays the saved password in the Key Content Attribute. For example, Key Content: iamabidanwar (that’s your WiFi Password).

View Saved WiFi Password Using Windows Tool

wireless key view Saved WiFi password

We shared 2 tricks to view saved WiFi password but if you are not comfortable to use RUN Command, you can use third party windows software called Windows KeyView (WiFI password viewer) will retrieve all the WiFI password which is saved in your system.

You just have to download and run Windows KeyView in your windows device and use it to view saved WiFI password in your Windows 7, 8, 10 easily.

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That is how to find saved wifi password on any PC (Windows 7, 8, 10) with and without using any third-party apps. So far, these methods are amazingly easy to follow and a timesaver. If you still have any sort of trouble finding the password, do share your thoughts with me.