How to Know Who Is Connected to Your WiFi Network

Know Who Is Connected to Your WiFi Network:- Checking on your lagging Wi-Fi connection is imperative when all of a sudden your bandwidth starts bogging your mind. Looking for methods on How to Know Who Is Connected to Your WiFi on any device such as Android, Windows, or MAC PC becomes imperative. There may be a reason behind your slowed down internet speed. If you have been experiencing a slowed down WiFi speed for quite some time now, it’s better to know the ground facts and inspect at your end.

This guide will help you figure out How to See Who is stealing Your WiFi bandwidth. Your neighbour or your family member most likely bombs your network. To be double sure, you need to take the rigorous steps in action. So let’s get to the action and put the prime suspect right where they belong.

How to Know Who Is Connected to Your WiFi

How to Know Who Is Connected In Your WiFi

In this tutorial I will show you all possible ways to check who is connected in your wi-fi network. Let’s start the tutorial…

WiFi Analyzer App to See Who Steals your WiFi

You can easily find out Network intruders on your WiFi in Android devices with the help of Wi-FI Analyzer android app. This network tool lets you identify the WiFi intruder through IP and other identifiable tools and monitoring your home or office network.

WiFi Analyzer App displays IP AddressMAC AddressAccess PointsPort Numbers, etc., this network monitoring tool can even block an unidentified user who is prying on your network bandwidth.

How to See who is Using your WiFi (Windows User)   

You can download any of these given windows tool to detect the network intruders on your home wireless network. Once you spot these users through IP addresses, you can proceed further to fend them off.

Advanced IP Scanner

tools to Know Who Is Connected to Your WiFi Network

You can work this network monitoring tool to detect all the identified and unidentified users that consuming your wireless network by scanning and other features. This desktop tool lets you connect via HTTP/FTP enabling remote Desktop login and Radmin.

How it Works

  • Advanced IP scanner software sets the address ranges for all the connections on your computer before scanning for the possible intrusion.
  • For example, it will set a range 168.0.1192.168.0.254, then start scanning for active connections.
  • It displays all the connected devices along with their device manufacturer, MAC address and device name.
  • You don’t need to install the advanced IP scanner as its portable exe file can run without installation.

Who is on my WiFi

Know Who Is Connected to Your WiFi Network

This detection software is as effective as Advanced IP Scanner, but you have to get its paid service to block intruder devices if you want to get rid of them permanently. This monitoring tool comes as a cross-platform application and weighs around 1 Mb. It monitors the active devices connected with your wireless network and sets off the alarm using colour-coded warnings and flags. To get a hold on its functions, you will have to pay $9.95 a month. If you just want to know who uses your WiFi network, this tool comes handy.

How it Works

  • Who is on my WiFi works akin to advanced IP scanner tool since you have to start with configuring the range for your network e.g. 168.0.1-254.
  • You can also lookup for the IP Ranges in Diagnostic Tab>>Settings>> Detect IP Ranges.
  • Select scan to pin out the devices that are feeding on your wireless network bandwidth.
  • This tool prompts every time it detects a new unknown device.

How to See Who is Using Your WiFI Network in Mac OS

You make who is on My WiFi application for MAC operating System to get optimum results. If you are still looking for an alternative, you can try Angry IP Scanner.

Angry IP Scanner

Know Who Is Connected to Your WiFi Network

This java-based wireless network inspection tool is operable on MAC as well as Linux Operating Systems. This detector sorts flags every IP address in the selected range and fetches the information on your monitor.

How it works

  • You can manually enter the range of IP Addresses by clicking the IP button selecting the related network adapter.
  • In case the IP address list gets boggling, you can also choose your IP List Text file to detect the intruders.
  • The finally generated results can be fetched following this path: Tools > Preferences > “All scanned hosts.

SoftPerfect Wi-Fi Guard

Know Who Is Connected to Your WiFi Network

This application is a weightless and handy tool for your small wireless network to keep it safe and secure. Despite tight security features and encryption techniques, every wireless network is prone to hackers and unauthorized access. SoftPerfect Wi-Fi Guard steps in to assure security against such threats.

How it Works

  • This tool pings other computer and network devices to display the active ones onto your screen.
  • It is also capable of detecting the firewalled computers that do not pingback.
  • It keeps scanning your network for multiple times periodically to find unknown devices; once it finds any suspicious IP address, it alerts you with a warning.

Check Router Settings How to see who is using your WiFi in MAC

  • You can easily check the network intruders on your MAC from your mobile phone. Follow these steps to get it done.
  • Log into your Router Dashboard and Type your Router’s IP address in the browser.
  • Type your Username and Password (Usually the Username/password combination is admin/admin).
  • Go to the Router’s Web Interface and head to the Wireless settings to look for DHCP Client list, Wireless, Attached Devices, Connected Devices, etc.
  • You can see the list of all the IP/MAC addresses connected to your router.

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Paying for someone else using your wireless Network is one of the most frustrating experiences. For numerous apps and software come to help you detect the network intruders, you need to select the one serves with simple functionality and does it real quick.

Be it a paid application; you need to keep unknown users at bay. With these best methods & applications to find who uses your WiFi, Windows, and MAC, you can also reduce your data consumption enormously.