How to Check HP Laptop Warranty Status

Here you can read complete step by step tutorial to check HP laptop and PC warranty status / HP Laptop Warranty check

Have you been a laptop user and had some problems while checking the warranty status of a laptop? The answer is most probably yes; many of us are having our whole day work on laptops, and in this era of corporate, we most of the time, ignore the quality parameters of the laptop. One of the essential quality parameters is of Warranty. Many of the times, our laptop faces some technical glitches on our laptop. The glitches include the burning of some parts, etc.

So before calling for a working person for repairing the laptop, it is suggested that the person should check whether the laptop lies in the warranty period or not.

     Most of the time, basically for the HP laptops, when the laptop suffers from technical glitches like poor battery service, or even if it gets a minor scratch onto it, then the warranty period can save the client from a massive amount of repairing fees. For the laptop’s worst situation, the warranty period saves the client from spending lots of money on the repair by spending it on the laptop’s spare parts and even on the workmen who come to repair it.

But most of the time, the clients are unaware of the laptop’s warranty period, or they forget the date of purchase of the laptop, so it is essential to know about the methods to determine the warranty period of the laptop.

HP Laptop warranty check

Checking the Warranty Period of HP Laptop by Using HP Support Assistant

If the client’s HP laptop is functional and if he/she wants to know about his/her laptop’s warranty period, he/she has the following methods mentioned below.

1) Go into Windows 10 and search “HP Support Assistant” over there. After done with this, click on the app.

2) Then, in that tab, click on the option of the Warranty tab.

3) Then, after clicking over there, the client can see them pop up on the display screen, which will indicate whether your laptop exists in the warranty period or not. It will also inform you regarding the time duration left for the warranty period to end.

Find out the Warranty Period of the HP laptop by using the Serial Number Given on the Laptop.

This method is such a method that requires more number of efforts to be taken by the client while finding out the warranty period of the laptop. To find the laptop’s warranty status by using this method, the client needs to visit the HP laptops’ website.

check HP laptop warranty status

After going on to the website, the client needs to enter the serial number and their country on the HP support website. After entering the serial number over there, the client can find out the status of the laptop’s warranty period. The clients can check out their HP laptop’s warranty status by using this method through any of the devices.

Where can we find the Serial number?

The serial number is basically written on the underside of the laptop. Suppose the clients are unable to find out the serial number on the laptop in a physical manner. In that case, you can also find it out by pressing the Fn+Esc button, by pressing which you can find out the information on the HP system information.

These were the methods to find out the warranty period of the HP laptop. As finding out the warranty period is an essential job, the warranty period’s extension also proves useful for the daily laptop users. Hp provides the facility of extension of the warranty period; you can avail of that facility by using the HP care pack. The client needs to extend the Warranty before 90 days of the purchase of the laptop.

So, this was all from behalf of our side about checking the warranty status of the HP laptop. We hope that we helped you in finding out the answers to your questions. If you find this article informative, then do like and share this article.

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