How to Import Photos From iPhone to Mac [Complete Guide]

Losing all your images you took on your iPhone is a nightmare. Having not backed up those memories is like adding insult to injury. Why not find the preventive steps first and know the elementary steps long before it occurs to you. Here are some handy things you need to know to on How to Import Photos From iPhone to Mac PC. Also, let us not be absolutely confident that if you imported these photographs once, you wouldn’t need to do it again. You might need it in future as well.

There is a kind of tendency of humans, and that is never realizing the importance of something until we lose it.What suffices here is what exactly I talk about. The same quest has led to the reason you’re here. In the following simple or simplest guide, I’ll be sorting and sifting out the Best Apps to Transfer Photos from iPhone to Mac. An array of supportive yet trusted Apps are there to help you copy your memories from iPhone to PC, here are some of the best and trusted ones that are genuinely supporting users all around the circle.

Best Ways to Import Photos From iPhone to Mac Easily

EaseUS (Non-iTunes Users)

For those of you not having iTunes on their Mac, try this free app from EaseUS akaMobiMover Free. Tyr imagining getting it donefor iPhone to iPad, Mac,or PC. Including photographs, it is an easy way to go to put music, movies, and home videos to a safe storage place.

Things Needed: a tethering cable, MAC, and iPhone (obviously)

Steps to begin with:


  • Tap Trust on iPhone once connected to computer.
  • Launch MobiMoveron your computer and get to theone-click transfer screen.


  • Set the path for to-be-imported files by clicking the folder icons appearing on the screen.
  • By default, the location is set to Desktop.
  • Proceed to next button.


  • Choose the category for further selection else, star transferring files with just a click.
  • Check for imported photographs by expanding the directory on your system further.

Photos App

Photos App leads your way to Import Photos From iPhone to Mac which you can put up easily via iPad or iPod touch (alongside iPhone evidently) without using iCloud.

Things Required: iTunes12.5.1 or above, a USB Cable, and Mac.

Steps to Go with:


  • You get a prompt soon after you connect your iOS device to your computer.
  • Tap top Trust this Computer.
  • Sooner it opens the photos on your device on the UI of Mac.
  • If not, try it manually using Photos App.
  • The Photos App UI shows all the videos/ captured images currently residing on your iPhone.
  • If that doesn’t happen automatically, then proceed as instructed below.


  • Click Import in Photos App UI or Device’s Name in the Sidebar.
  • Make a selection and continue importing process.
  • You can import all images by simply choosing Import All

iCloud Photos

It is always safer to store your stuff an online space so you can collect the same from a universal location (for Apple users). Be that a fact that you may choose to operate an iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, etc.

Things to Need: an updated iCloud configured on your Mac and iDevice, Same Apple Id to get authorized, and a reliable Wifi connection.

Steps to Follow:


  • Launch iCloud Photos
  • Go to iDevice Settings> You Name>iCloud>Photos and activate iCloud Photos.


Go to your Mac> System Preferences >iCloud> Options button >Photos and then choose iCloud Photos.

Start the Import finally.

Google Photos

The upside to putting Google Photos to work is unlimited storage space and auto and manual modes to save your pictures is like added sweetener.What more to get is a universal platform-neutral space to get anytime-anywhere-access to your images. Here are the steps:

Trying it manually:

  • Download Google Photos from Store and Login.
  • Grant your approval to access your photos on the iDevice and create a new directory using three vertical dots on the top right.
  • Push Done to finalise the Import/Upload to Google.
  • Name the album if you want.
  • The next time you login to your Google account through your computer, you’ll be relieved to see all the saves.

Doing it automatically:

  • Download Google Photos on your iDevice and log in after opening the App.
  • Tap the three flat bar on the top right corner and then to Settings.
  • Choose Back up &Sync that enables the images sync with the Computer automatically.
  • You can get a peek at your saves any time sorted date wise.

Final Mark up

Numerous options,offline or online, are flooding the market there but it’s still hard to predict which one comes in handy at the right moment. My suggestion on How to Import Photos From iPhone to Mac would still be Google Photos. I Hope this settles the dust for you pretty much. Let me have a word of your opinion to that.