How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

Landing job as Virtual Assistant is relatively easy nowadays. Burgeoning real estate prices render it impossible for new businesses and startups to find offices. Hence, they outsource a lot of their functions to Virtual Assistants (VA).

Consequently, you can find various roles as VA to suit your education, skills, and expertise. It is also a profession that allows utilization of your skills and passion for earning good money. However, to make money as Virtual Assistant in this competitive market, you have to follow some tips and tweaks. Ensure you get employed as VA and bag a job that pays lucratively.

Create an Excellent Profile

The first step towards making money as Virtual Assistant is by creating an excellent profile and CV. Highlight all your academic and extra-curricular achievements. Make special mention of your hobbies, interpersonal skills, passion for social media and other abilities.

To work as VA, you need an excellent computer and telephonic skills. Make sure these are highlighted on your profile and importantly start your CV with a superb career objective.

Better your career objective higher your chances of landing a high-paying VA job.  Remember, employers also go through a profile or CV for language skills. Hence, proper grammar and use of punctuation’s are essential when applying for VA jobs.

Spread the Word

Armed with a profile and CV, the second step towards making money as Virtual Assistant is by spreading the word around. Which means, creating accounts on virtual assistant sites and several recruitment portals to post your CV. Free Account on any recruitment portal also enables you to search for jobs and apply with a single click.

Further, you also get alerts about any new vacancies as VA that may arise or get advertised on the portal. An excellent way to spread the word that your services as VA are available is by creating a free profile on LinkedIn. Include professional references, especially about any seniors you have worked with earlier.

A fresher can include references to their tutors at college or university. Highlight any projects you have executed. LinkedIn is a networking platform for professionals. Hence, a LinkedIn profile can get noticed by top employers and fetch you a high-paying job.

Part-Time Job Portals

Nowadays, there are several highly reputed portals specifically for part-time jobs, assignments, and projects. In fact, working as Virtual Assistant is one of the excellent ways to make money online as regular income, boost earnings or for savings.

While you make money as Virtual Assistant, it is also possible to boost your income further through these websites. Post your CV and create a profile on these websites. This way, any employer looking to hire Virtual Assistants for specific projects or assignments can view your profile.

Generally, portals that offer part-time jobs serve as a meeting point between freelancers, part-timers, and employers. This system allows you to bid for work and set your deadlines. It allows you the flexibility to choose work hours and complete the work within a specific period. Working as a part-timer is a sure way to make money as Virtual Assistant.

Work on Hourly Basis

As Virtual Assistant, it is advisable to work on the hourly basis rather than a fixed salary. However, before you pitch a price for your services, doing some market research is essential.

Depending on types of services you can offer as VA, find how much money you can realistically make during a month by working for a specific number of hours per day.

Also, find how much money Virtual Assistants make per hour. Based on these calculations, you can decide on the mode of charging. Often you may see that charging fees for your services on hourly basis works to your advantage.

Because, some businesses or individuals will not require your work for the regular, eight-hour shift typical to office workers. Since VAs work from home, you can take two or more assignments on an hourly basis to make money.

Market Your Skills

Some broad areas where VAs are needed include marketing, social media management, email handling, website management, data analysis, proof-reading, editing, online cyber-security and myriad others.

These offers you excellent flexibility to provide skills with based on your expertise and experience. It also means you can utilize your passion for making money.

The best way to market your skills is by reading job profiles and advertisements posted on recruitment portals. Knowing the qualifications and skills required by employers, you can create a CV that has the highest probability of bagging a Virtual Assistant job.

In Conclusion

Following these simple tips will enable you to make money as Virtual Assistance and help get more income. In some instances, you can also increase revenue by using apps on your smart-phone. Using apps enables you to complete some simple tasks while on the move and without the need to be confined indoors with a computer.