How to Change Font In Android Smartphones

Android technology is advancing day by day letting its users customize nearly every aspect of its looks. You can use the third-party best launchers for android, best android widgets, best lock screen apps for android and even system-wide fonts. Are you also bored of using all those inbuilt fonts on your Android device? In this how-to guide, I’ll point at some of the best methods on How to change font in android. These tricks are quite comfortable and exciting that makes your Android phone looks great!

How to change font in android

Android offers some of the best open source applications to install those New Android fonts on your machine. These days, you no longer have to root your device and dive into the depths of tech-savvy forums to change that aspect of your phone or tablet. So let’s learn how to improve android fonts.

How to change font in Samsung, HTC and LG

While stock Android cannot customize your system font, plenty of manufacturers have adapted their software to support this highly requested feature, allowing you to change fonts for Android easily. These include essential companies like Samsung, HTC, and LG. It is worth noting there is also a Change Font Size right under the Font Style option, so if you tune your device for an elderly or visually impaired person, Samsung gives you the possibility to switch to a massive font size.

The process differs depending on your devices’ configuration. However, there is always an option in the settings section. It’s right there, let us see how and where.

Tap the Settings Display Fonts→ Font Style

Just tap the name of the font that you want, and confirm that you want to set it as the system font. The font replacement comes to effect in an instant that doesn’t even need a device reboot. The selected font will show up throughout your device’s UI such as the time on the status bar, system menus, and even on your text messages.

Change Font In Android Using Android Launcher

GO Launcher Ex

GO Launcher Ex is one of the favorite and best launcher for Android that allow you to change your system fonts and provide your Android device a new look with fantastic colours and styles. GO Launcher Ex also comes with a pack of different types of wallpapers to make your screen even more attractive and interactive. It is available on App Store for free. This app can also lock Apps with Pattern and pin lock. It supports 4M apk to increase your device’s performance and provides a transition effect to each slide.

  1. Go to the App Store and download Go Launcher Ex.
  2. Now, to install GO Launcher Fonts from the Play Store, launch it. GO Launcher Appfonts is an easy to set-up App that hands you different colors and cool fonts.
  3. Now browse for your favorite fonts in Go Launcher Fonts Directory and download it as per your liking.
  4. Launch the Go Launcher App and tap the Menu button at right corner on the home screen.
  5. Select “Go Settings” > “Preferences” from the menu then find the font option.
  6. Now the list of fonts appears from which you need to choose your favorite fonts by clicking on “Scan font” from the list of downloaded fonts.
  7. Also, You can manually put the font files in the path: /sdcard/ GOLauncher Ex/ fonts. After doing the changes, changes take place immediately without restarting the Phone.

Change Font In Android Using Font Apps

If you got a rooted device, you might need a third-party app, which isn’t a bad idea either. There is a pool of such apps on the Google Play Store. Most of them also offer a preview function that lets you see how a font looks in a preview.

Best Font Apps for Android


iFont can also be used for changing fonts for Android devices. Don’t judge it by an “i” in the prefix; it does support Android; perhaps, not all of them. This only issue arose only with the non-Samsung devices. The developer’s team though is also bringing XiaomiMeizu and Huawei to join the compatibility club including the big names like HTC, Sony and Motorola rooted handsets.

On non-rooted devices, use iFont online tab to explore the directory for the list of available fonts. Now proceed as mentioned hereunder.

  1. Allow installation of apps from “Unknown Sources” in Settings > Security.
  2. Now, launch iFont and Go to the Online tab.
  3. Tap a font name you selected to install.
  4. Press the Download button.
  5. Tap the Set button. Or go to Settings > Display > Font Style. Your newly installed font should appear on the list.
  6. Tap on the new font to apply the changed look of fonts as the system font.
  7. The font is applied immediately. No reboot is required.

Font Installer

For rooted phones, it is a free-to-try-app to change system fonts. Font Installer has a built-in font preview feature so that you can browse and preview each font set taking a scroll of the list.

Font Installer is an ad-supported app. If you go for its purchase, you will be able to save yourself from those flashy ads at the bottom.

To install a TTF font file that you’ve saved to your device:

  1. Copy to your device the TTF font file that you want to use, preferably into the /SD card directory.
  2. Launch Font Installer.
  3. Now, take it as advice, backup your existing default fonts settings before the next settings take over. Tap on the Menu (three dots) button and select Backup/Restore. Choose Backup, if Superuser or SuperSU asks for permission, grant it.
  4. Tap on the Local tab to open the directory explorer. Locate your TTF file.

5.Tap the TTF file that you wish to use, and from the popup dialog, tap Install to set it as the default system font. (If you want to preview the font first, tap on Preview.)

  1. If Superuser or SuperSU asks for permission, grant it.
  2. Font Installer will prompt you to reboot your device. Then tap on ‘Yes.’

In conclusion

These were some of the comfy and best ways to give your Android system fonts a relook with or without root. Like I use to say, there are many other apps to get this done, way better, and simpler. Do leave your thoughts on this one though.