15 Best Android Widgets to Improve Home Screen in 2021

In the list of Best Android Widgets, We have listed top-rated widgets for android in different categories like android weather widgets, android clock widgets, android note widgets, battery widgets, etc.

Android remains at the top of the hill when it comes to the richness in features. One of the great functions that have been part of the platform naively since 2009 is ‘widgets’ and it remains an integral component of the OS even now. The widgets on your Android device aren’t just there to look good. It’s also an important navigational screen, which you can use to jump straight to the features you use the most. Android widgets have evolved over the years both regarding functionality and looked. As we’ve always done, we’ve saved you from all the hassle and tried most widget apps ourselves, and here are the best Android Widgets that I found.

Widgets are an important part of the user experience and like any other feature; Google Play Store packs a ton of great widgets. For people who have been in living in a cave, widgets are available for Android’s home screen, and they display live updates like weather info, news, email, and more. It also lets you use certain features of an app like shuffle music directly, post on social networks, and more.

Some widgets bring lots of functionality, some make life easier, while some are just cool enough to deserve mention. The numbers of apps are always overwhelming on the Play Store, but not all of them bring the best user experience or features. Let us look at the best Android widgets below:-

Transparent Clock & Weather

best Android Widgets

What we most liked about Transparent Clock & Weather is the fact that it brings a ton of widget designs and that too in some sizes, so you will never be out of options. You can fully customize the widget, as there are options to change widget skin, weather icons style, time font and lot more. You can also set-up time & date, weather & location, and app notifications. Along with tons of cool widgets, Transparent Clock & weather also brings a great weather app with features like moon forecast, precipitation, humidity, wind details, and more. The app is free but it’s limited when it comes to options, and it also includes ads. The premium versions remove the ads and include all the settings. You may also likeBest Weather Widgets for Android 

Zooper Widget

best Android Widgets

Zooper Widget is one cool app that lets you create custom widgets. There are several size options for widgets, and you can add custom widget templates from the app. You can also create your templates and add custom fonts, icon sets. There are some unique features like WYSIWYG editor with support for layers, very much like in Photoshop and Gimp.

Talking about the widgets, there are widgets for clock & time, battery, Wi-Fi & network details (data usage), alerts, sunrise & sunset features and much more. The free version (ads included) of the app is pretty limited when it comes to widget configurations & saving them, and it also lacks support for app themes & Buzz launcher.

Battery Widget Reborn

best Android Widgets

Battery Widget Reborn is a highly rated and most downloaded battery widget app for android. It brings a battery widget and an additional battery chart widget, which shows you a graphical diagram of your battery. Along with the widgets, the app also brings a battery status panel on the notification bar. Other features of the app include stats, power setting toggles, power saving settings and more.

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The battery widget & a chart widget comes with configuration settings like an ability to choose what to see on the widget, charging indicator, width, drop shadow, colors, on-click action and more.

Sticky Note+

best Android Widgets

If you like having sticky notes on your Android home screen, Sticky Note+ should be a safe bet. The cool sticky note app is easy to use, and there’s not much fuss about it. You can share your notes, set reminders, create checklists, change their color, text size, and font size. It also includes some themes, if you are one of the people who get bored pretty quickly.

There’s also the ability to back up your notes to your phone’s SD card or sync your notes to Google Drive. The cool widget app is available for free (ads included) on the Google Play Store.

Minimalist Clock Widget

best Android Widgets

Minimalist android Clock Widget features more than 20 clock designs, and all of them look pretty polished. The number of high clock choices appealed to us greatly, and we are sure you will find them cool too. Along with cool watch designs, you can customize almost everything. You can change the color of every particular thing on a widget, and some color options depend on the clock you are using. Along with the clock, you can choose to see weather, battery level and time zone on the widget. Minimalist Clock Widget is fairly new but we are confident about it, and we are pretty sure you should check it out.

Google Keep

Google Keep might not be the favorite note-taking app for everyone, but its widget functionality is certainly great. It lets you add widgets to your notes and reminders. You can also quickly add a text note, list, audio note, drawing or photo note from the plus button in the widget. Speed is the key while taking a note and the widget makes sure you don’t compromise there. Other than that, we already know about other Keep features like record labeling & sharing, Drive integration, etc. Read Also:- Best video Call Apps for Android


best Android Widgets

The app formerly known as UnlockYourBrain turns unlocking your phone into something quite valuable. It uses the 80 or so times you unlock your phone every day to keep your brain ticking using simple math’s and vocabulary exercises. Does this mean you can’t access your phone if you don’t know what 12 x 8 is, or what translates to? No, thankfully UnlockYourBrain lets you skip questions and access your phone anyway, so no pressure. Read Also:- 10 Best Applock for Android

Dynamic Notifications

Dynamic Notifications is a subtle lock screen app that’s easy on the eyes as well as on your phone’s battery. By default, it has a plain black background, and notifications only switch your screen on when the phone is not in your pocket, bag or face down. This app doesn’t have to be used as a lock screen, but the option exists if you buy the premium version (US$1.99). You can customize what happens to notifications when you swipe them, and also set a ‘night mode,’ in which you won’t receive notifications when you’re asleep. Read more:- 10 Best Free VPN for Android

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CM Locker

best Android Widgets

CM Locker has a slide-to-unlock function, as well as the power-saving feature that cleans out batter-draining apps directly from the lock screen. You can choose to use a pin or pattern to unlock your device, and there’s an intruder alert feature that will take a photo of anyone who unsuccessfully attempts to unlock your phone. It’s a no-nonsense screen locker that lets you control your music playback, view recent messages and check the weather forecast and it comes highly recommended. Read Also:- Best free Weather Apps for Android


best Android Widgets

1Weather is a good looking android weather widget, which along with the weather shows you clock and a Google search bar. You can either let the app use your location or add custom locations. Customization options include background selection (live weather, darkness, light, transparent), icon set, accent, clock face and more. You can also set an app that will launch when the widget is tapped. Moreover, the 1Weather app brings you weather details like precipitation, wind and more with some great transitions & charts, that make it fun to use. Read Also:- 10 Best password manager for Android

Circle Launcher

Circle Launcher is a widget and not a launcher, as its name suggests but the functionality it brings in the widget almost eliminates the need of a launcher. The widget lets you launch an app, call a contact or go to your bookmark with super ease. Other than that, there are a plethora of options to customize widget label, widget icon, animations, background dimming, image size, background color, offset, text size & color and more. The app also lets you save your configurations, which you can restore on a different device so that you don’t have to set up everything all over again. The app is available in a free “light” version, free “Swipe” version, free “ad included” version and a paid version. Read Also:- 10 best File Transfer Apps for Android

Battery HD

Battery HD has been a popular battery widget app for quite a few years now, and it remains one of the best widgets. It brings different widgets (compact and horizontal) that show battery, charge levels, time estimations for specific usage, temperature, voltage and time since the last charge. It also allows you to change colors, configure notifications & charge level alerts and more. The app also shows you battery details like time required to charge through AC & USB, battery health and more. The app is available for free on the Play Store, and it has ads, but you can get the Premium version if you are allergic to ads. Read Also:- 10 Best Free Call Recorder Apps for Android

My Data Manager

best android widgets

Another best android widget is my data manager, which helps you take control of your mobile data usage and save your monthly mobile data bill. The widget (basically App) keeps every day to track how much mobile data you use and get alerts before you run out of data. This app shows data usage on app basic, means you can check which app eating more data. So, install now this another best android widget app and keep eye on your data usage.

Google News


best android news widgets

If you are latest news lover in any niche than you would like this android widget. You can keep the latest news headlines at your Smartphone screen with Google’s recently redesigned news application with great user interface. The Google news widget shows you personalized benefits with your relevant current stories on your interest as well as location. On this widget you can read full coverage by just taping on the news widgets. It is a great medium to stay update on latest news.

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Sound Hound

best android widgets

Soundhound takes your music affection to another level as this interactive Android Widget does every job for you automatically. It’s more advanced than Shazam hence deserves a spot on the list of best android widgets. When you listen to a song that you have no idea about the singer, except a few words, soundhound comes in with its smart features. It does what you command of type. Let’s say, Hey Soundhound… “What’s that song?,” “Show me lyrics to ‘the Shape of You’,” “Play today’s top songs’,’’ etc.

Soundhound’s voice activation feature includes organized playlists, identification, playback controls, and easy controls to discover whatever song you are listening (Just hit the Orange button). Enjoy the real-time lyrics, save your personal history, or even sing fragments of the music you don’t know (Soundhound will do the rest), there are many other features to enjoy.


Shazam is a free tool that recognizes songs by “listening” to them through your phone’s microphone. Unfortunately, to use Shazam, you have to open the app and tap the button to begin the recognition process. By the time you manage to accomplish this, the song may be over.

Enter the Shazam widget, which puts a Shazam button directly on your home screen. Now, all you have to do is tap it when you hear a song you’re curious about. Read Also:- 10 Best Clock Widgets for Android

AppDialer Pro Widget

Finding an app on your Android device can be cumbersome, especially if you don’t have that app on the home screen. Well, not anymore, thanks to AppDialer Pro widget. It’s a cool widget that lets you search for apps through a smart alphanumeric or predictive QWERTY keyboard. The widget searches for apps, people, and various settings. It also brings a Quick launch panel in the notification bar and other customization options.

AppDialer comes in a free version, but it’s very limited, and it will notify you to buy the Pro version so many times that you might end up deleting the app. So, get the free version just to get a feel for how the app works and then get the Pro version before you change your mind.

Press (RSS Reader)

There are some amazing news apps on the Play Store, but the widgets aren’t at par with our expectations. Well, thankfully we found one! Press not only brings a feature rich and beautiful looking app, but it also includes a very functional widget. The widget is scrollable, and you can scroll around to read the articles right from your home screen. You can also customize the widget’s size, opacity, and background. Press (RSS Reader) is also a great news accumulator, and it supports Feedly, Wrangler, Fever and Feedbin. There are various other features in the app like sync, immersive mode, offline support, readability integration and more.

In Conclusion

Android still has one major advantage over iOS and Windows Phone 8: widgets. Widgets are available apps that display information directly on the home screen. They’re different from Windows Phone’s Live Tiles because they can also be interactive. Widgets are typically packaged with apps (when you download an app, you’ll also get its widget), but you can also get “pure” widgets from the Google Play Store. I assume by reading & using these android widgets you’ll be able to inevitably create your experience better on Android Smartphones.

Do not forget to leave us a comment below and tell us which your favorite among the widgets is. Also Share with Your Friends on Social sites Like Facebook, Twitter, instagram etc.


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