How to Fix and Repair Corrupted OR Damaged Video Files

Haven’t you all faced the problem while playing corrupt video files? Are you frustrated about How to repair corrupt video files? Now keep your worries aside because we will explain to you how to fix damaged video files. We all observe that almost all the media are being stored on tapes to digital storage of the computer hard drives from the analog storage.

The media stored on the digital repository can be easily backed up, and it doesn’t even face the problem of degradation. But when the file gets corrupted, then the advantages of digital storage get spoiled up. But there are some ways from which you can repair and play corrupt or damaged video files by recovering the data.

How to Repair and Play Corrupt Video Files

If you are unable to repair and play corrupt or damaged video files, then don’t get disappointed because there are many ways to do so.

Check Your Drive

Before repairing the video file, spend a few minutes confirming whether the problem is in the file and not in your computer’s hardware. If you are using the external hard drive, which uses a separate power supply, try changing the power supplies and seeing whether the problem is fixed. It is also recommended to check the errors on the drive too. Read AlsoRepair Corrupted SD card

You should be focused on using a powered USB hub while using the USB drive. Lots of debug errors can be caused due to under-voltage. There are many chances of the USB drive getting damaged, which can prove to be the root cause of all your problems.

After being up with all the above things, open the video files in different formats like VLC media players, and see whether the video is played. Sometimes due to the system updates, the video software can face certain problems, so it is better to play the video files on vlc.

Online Video Recovery with Fix.Video

repair Corrupted video files easily

It is one of the simple ways to recover corrupt or broken video files. This website of Fix. Video does this work for you free of cost. It offers free services, but there will be limitations regarding the video’s resolution and maximum file sizes. A watermark is also added to your videos after completing the edition from this website.

The website claim, you can repair corrupted, damaged, unplayable MP4, MOV, 3GP, MXF file very easily. This website can also repair videos from taken by popular cameras such as GoPro, Cannon, Nikon, Sony, iPhone, Android etc.

Recover Corrupted Video with VLC media player

repair Corrupted video file

It is better software for people looking for a free solution to a broken video file. It makes its place into one of the best collections of video players available free of cost. It is also a muscular tool for the conversion and playing of the corrupt video. For repairing the videos on this platform, follow the steps mentioned below. Read AlsoVLC Tips and Tricks

  • Open the media menu.
  • Select the convert/save option.
  • Click on the Add dialog box button to choose your file.
  • Click on convert/save.
  • Select video-H.264 + MP3 (MP4) from the drop-down box.
  • Click on the Browse option and then enter a suitable filename for the converted file.
  • Click on the start button.

By following all those steps, the conversion can be done, and if it becomes successful, then the video can be played fluently. But if the video is not being played, then here is the next alternative you can follow.

  • Prepare a backup copy of your video file.
  • Then change the file extension to .AVI.
  • Then open the VLC video player and select Tools> Preferences.
  • Under Input/codecs, search for the section of files.
  • Under the damaged or incomplete AVI file, frequently click on the “Always fix” button.
  • Then after completing all the above processes, open your video file by using the .avi extension.

In this process, lots of patience is required because it can take a bit long.

Fixing Broken Video on Linux with DivFIX++

how to fix Corrupted AVI video file

This is more suitable software for the people working on the Linux system. This is free software for fixing the corrupt AVI video files along with long history. After installing the software, you can repair and play corrupt or damaged video files by following the steps mentioned below-

  • Click on the Add files option in the tab and select the video file which you want to repair.
  • Select “check errors” for performing a scan of the file
  • Select on “Keep original file” checkbox to backup your source video.
  • Click on the fix button option in the tab to repair the video.

Remo Repair

remo repair

Remo repair is another video repairing tool that can fix corrupted or damaged video files with extension .PST, .MOV, .AVI, .PPT, .DOC, .PSD and much different files.

Recover Damaged video with video repair tool

It is one of the most robust video recovery tools. There are paid versions of the software available. You will get a five conversion license at $29; an unlimited conversion license will be open at $99. But it may be expensive for most of the users. The free version of this software is also available. But the free version only recovers half of the video file. As per youtube videos, it is quite simple to exploit those.

New life for Old files

If you store your videos on a local hard drive or keep those in the cloud, then the chances that your file will get collapsed are more. So you can follow some different alternative methods by getting up a good back up system.

A good backup system will help you save your data and minimize the threat of losing data.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of using a Professional video repair tool?

The professional tools can help you in fixing out the severely corrupt files. In software like VLC media player, you need to follow some intricate steps, but here you can do it directly. The algorithm used in this software fixes the video only in three steps, so it is compatible.

What are the causes of corrupted video files?

The reasons like early shutdowns, use of sub-standard third-party video players, damage to the storage medium, malware or viral attacks, and alteration of the file structures are some of the main reasons behind the video files’ corruption.

So this was all in our article regarding How to repair and play corrupt or damaged video files; we think that we have covered most of the part and answered most of your questions. So if you find this article insightful, then do like and share our article.

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