6 Awesome VLC Media Player Tips and Tricks

VLC media player is the most popular, powerful and versatile video player and is available for Windows, Linux, Mac also. Lots of alternatives to the VLC Media Player for mac OR WIndows are also present. But among all these VLC media players use a lot of Mac and Windows users. This media player is offering very advance setting and various options for powerful video player users. VLC media player supports various video / audio formats.

In this article I am sharing top 6 best VLC tips and tricks that will make VLC media player even more productive for you and get awesome video viewing experience. I assure, some of VLC media player tricks that you see here will be interesting, Unknown and useful for you.

VLC Media Player Tips and Tricks

Use VLC to Convert Media Files

Did you know that you can use your VLC media player as video converter, menace you can convert your video files to a format compatible with your mobile, tablet or other device of media players. So, now you don’t need to keep extra video converter software in your computer, VLC media player lets you to convert media files too. Simply follow given steps to convert video files with VLC media player.

  • First Go to MediaConvert/ save
  • On the next screen, click on ADD and add media files by browsing
  • After that click on Convert/ Save (at the bottom of screen)
  • On next screen, chose desirable video format to play video on your video device.
  • Click on Start that’s it. VLC will start converting your video to desirable video format


convert video file formate using vlc media player

Use VLC Media Player as Online Video Player

This is second interesting tricks of VLC media players. You can use VLC to play and download online videos. You can use the full suite of tools to manipulate video playback of save them for later play.

To start online video first Go to Media – Open Network Stream – enter the URL of the video which you want to play and click on play. To SAVE it, instead of play chose CONVERT.

play online videos in vlc media player


Record Desktop Screen

This is another interesting feature of VLC media player, VLC is able to record a video of your desktop, acting as a desktop screen recorder.

To enable desktop recording follow given steps

record desktop screen using vlc player


  • GO to Media – then click on Convert/ Save
  • Go to Capture device tab and on the captured mode in drop down menu, select Desktop
  • Select your frame rate under desired frame rate for the capture and click on convert/ save
  • Finally select your codec and the destination and click start
  • To stop recording click on Stop

Record Video chat

You can record and save your video chat session easily by VLC using the webcam. To do this, follow the below given stapes

  • Open VLC media player
  • Go to Media – open capture device and select Direct show from the captured mode drop down menu.
  • Here you will select the video and audio device from where it will capture, just like system microphone
  • Choose destination path for recorded file
  • Click on play and VLC will stream from your webcam

 Play Internet Radio

VLC provides internet radio channels on its playlist sidebar for you to browse for online redo station. You will find internet radio service and click anyone to load their album and start listening them

Play video as ASCII characters

 VLC allows you to display a video all in ASCII characters. To enable this interesting features follow given stapes

  • Go to Tools – Preferences
  • Click on video from left sidebar
  • Under the output drop down box chose Color ASCII art video output.

That’s it, now your video will be displayed entirely in ASCII.

Final words

This was the 6 Awesome VLC Media Player Tips and Tricks, I hope that you Like this. Friends if you have any kind of query or any suggestion then write in comment box. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.