How To Speed Up Your PC Using RUN Command

This Tutorial will show some easy and working Run command which can help you to speed up your PC. To increase the laptop speed, there are many tutorials written on the internet, in this way there is also a way to speed up the laptop by using the run command.

When you buy a new PC or Laptop it will be already faster because it’s new and unused. But after some time of its use getting slow down. Slowness of any device is a major problem. Here you learn how to speed up your PC using Run command. I am shore this can improve your PC performance or processing speed.

Run Commands to Speedup PC

There are many Run command to operate the PC/ Laptop and open different types of program or folders. You may also read our other post list of 100+ Run command in windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

You can speed up your PC using given run commands to remove the system temporary files and recent files, also can improve PC speed by changing some PC setting using run command. So, let’s start our post How to speed up your PC using RUN command.

To allow given run commands Click on start button then press on run (you can also click Windows key + R for open run dialogue box) this will open the run command dialogue box where you can type your desired run command for speedup computer using Run command.

Run Commands






How to Use RUN Command

simply click Windows key + R for open run dialogue box and type above given Command’s one by one and press Enter. after that, A new popup window will open. simply select all the temporary files and delete it. that’s it.

temp run command

Above given Run commands are very helpful to speed up PC. You can also try some other tips to speed up PC like update your PC regularly, speed up your startup, speed up PC by close graphic etc. you may read our Awesome post which can help to speed up your PC How to speed up your PC, best Tips to make it faster


This was the tips of How to speed up your PC using RUN command. Friends if you have any kind of query or any suggestion then write in comment box. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.