100+ Run Commands in Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10

Hi all, in this post we are sharing the complete list of run commands for windows 7, windows 8 and windows XP, vista. These run commands allow to very quick access features, applications and programs to customize operating system.

To allow these run commands first open the run dialogue box where you can enter requited run commands. Click on start then press on run (you can also click Windows key + R for open run dialogue box) this will open the run command dialogue box where you can type your desired run command.

List of Run Commands


No.Run CommandTo Access
1Access.cplAccessibility controls
2LogoffLog off windows
3RecentOpen recent folder
4AccwizAccessibility wizard
5Control.exe OR controlOpen control panel
6Control admintoolsAdministrative tools
7Appwiz.cplAdd remove programs
8Hdwwiz.cplAdd hardware wizard
9Wuaucpl.cplAutomatic update
10FsquirtOpen Bluetooth transfer wizard
11CalcOpen calculator
13CharmapCharacter map
14CmdCommand prompt
15ChkdskCheck disk utility
16ClipbrdOpen clip board
17DcomcnfgComponent service
18Compmgmt.mscComputer management
19Timedate.cplTime and date properties
20DdeshareDDE shares
21CleanmgrDisk cleanup
22Dfrg.mscDisk defragmentation
23Diskmgmt.mscDisk management
24Control desktop OR desk.cplDisplay properties
25mplay32Basic media player
27DcomcnfgComponent service
28CompCompare file
29devmgmt.mscDevice manager
30DxdiagDirect X Troubleshooter
31eventvwr.mscEvent Viewer
32DiskpartDisk Partition
33control colorDisplay properties (appearance)
34drwtsn32Dr. Watson (system troubleshooting)
35Verifier Drive verifier manager
36MigwizFile and setting transfer wizard
37EtherealEthereal(if it’s installed)
38SigverifFile signature verification tool
39FreecellFree call card game
40FirefoxOpen firefox (if installed)
41ChromeOpen google Chrome (if installed)
42control foldersFolder properties
43control fontsFonts
44joy.cplGame controllers
45gpedit.mscGroup policy editor
46MsheartsHearts card game
47HelpctrHelp and support
48IexpressIexpress wizard
49icwconn1Internet connection wizard
50inetcpl.cplInternet properties wizard
51ciadv.mscIndexing service
52IexploreOpen internet explore
53InetwizOpen internet setup wizard
54jpicpl32.cpl OR javawsJAVA control panel (if installed)
55control keyboardOpen keyboard properties
56lusrmgr.mscLocal user and groups
57secpol.mscLocal security setting
58access.cplMicrosoft access (if installed)
59WinchatMicrosoft chat
60ExcelOpen Microsoft excel (if it is installed)
61DiskpartMicrosoft diskpart
62MoviemkOpen Microsoft movie maker
63MmcMicrosoft management console
65main.cpl OR control mouseMouse properties
66EditMS-DOS editor
67WinwordMicrosoft word (if it is installed)
68PowerpntPower point (if it is installed)
69WinmineMinesweeper Game
70MobsyncMicrosoft Syncronization Tool
71PackagerObject Packager
72odbccp32.cplODBC Data Source Administrator
73msimnOpen Outlook Express
74OskOn screen keyboard
75neroNero (if installed)
76ConfNet meeting
77Control netconnections OR ncpa.cplNetwork connection
79Pbrush Open paint
80perfmon.msc OR perfmonPerformance Monitor
81telephon.cplPhone and modem option
82EudceditPrivet character editor
83PinballPinball Game
84Dialer Phone diler
85PrefetchPrefetch folder
86powercfg.cplPower management configuration
87intl.cplRegional and language setting
88RealplayReal player
89RecentRecent items
91Mstsc Remote desktop
92RasphoneRemote access phonebooks
93ntmsmgr.mscRemovable Storage
94sticpl.cplScanners and Cameras
95wscui.cplSecurity center
96control schedtasksScheduled Tasks
98shutdownShout down windows
100RtcshareShering session
101sndrec32Sound recorder
102mmsys.cplSound and folder
103spiderSpider Solitare Card Game
104SyseditSystem Configuration Editor
105msconfigSystem Configuration Utility
106msinfo32System information
107TaskmgrTask manager
108nusrmgr.cplUser Account Management
109sndvol32Volume control
110WabWindows address box
111magnifyWindows Magnifier
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Some Useful Run Commands

Device manager run commands – devmgmt.msc (Device manager)

Remote desktop run command – Mstsc (Remote desktop)

Task manager run command – Taskmgr (Task Manager)

Event viewer run command – eventvwr.msc (Event viewer)

Download list of 100 + Run Commands in PDF format

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