Top 3 Best Website to Create Fake Online Identity In 2021

In this tutorial I will share some best website to create fake online identity in 2021 to protect your internet privacy and protection.

It’s not always a sinister act to create fake online identity and, in fact, it can sometimes save you from major inconveniences like identity theft and spam also from the major problem online financial frauds.

Any time you provide your personal information to a website or smartphone app with the large number of leaks and security breaches that have recently occurred, you place yourself at risk. That trade-off isn’t always fair.

Why use your real details at all for any site which you plan to use for non-financial purposes? Using someone else’s personal information is entirely immoral, however, and you don’t have to do it. The hard work of building a false identity for you is performed by many websites…

Best Website to Create Fake Online Identity

Let’s explore there of the best websites in this article, where you can create a false, disposable identity to protect your internet privacy and protection.

Fake Name Generator

best fake name generator

When it comes to creating a new online identity, Fake Name Generator offers the best overall experience because of how basic it is at its heart, and how detailed it is in its features.

All the basic information you need is generated by the Fake Name Generator, including (but not limited to) address,  your full name, phone number,  SSN, age, birthday, username, password,  email address, , job details, and physical features, credit card details.

The identity generation can be personalized by selecting a name-set nationality, region, gender (by slider percentage), and age range.

FakeNameGenerator also enables users to log in and save their identities from a Google-connected account so that you never lose track of them. If you intend to adhere to a certain persona for a long period of time, this is extremely useful.

You may also order collections of false identities in bulk (although free). By providing some quick specifications, you will get up to 100,000 identities spun up and emailed to you.

How to Create Fake Online Identity – Fake Name Generator

Log on to the official website i.e. and select the Gender, Name set and country than click on Generate to create fake online identity. You can also put more details by clicking on Advance option.

Fake Person Generator

best online fake person generator

Fake Person Generator is similar to our first choice, but differs by providing less features (no login or bulk development support) to swap more identity credentials.

FakeNameGenerator does not provide passport / license details, quote, history, interests, favorites (color, movie, music, album, etc.) and security questions for some of the data created by FakePersonGenerator.

For any created identity, FakePersonGenerator also includes a picture. Most of these come off as straightforward stock videos, but it’s a neat factor.

On more data-demanding websites, this false identity maker is the best for when you need solid evidence. It’s going to have anything you would want.

How to Create Fake Online Identity – Fake Person Generator

Not a rocket science to create fake online identity OR name generator. Just log on to the official website by clicking on the given link and select Gender, Age, State and City… then click on Generate for creating fake online identity. That’s it.


create fake online identity

FauxID gives an intriguing combination of the qualities of the other two websites that we have discussed. It does not have as much fake data as FakePersonGenerator, but it has additional characteristics identical to FakeNameGenerator.

A more neat and visual approach, Faux ID shows symbols for country flags, state flags, and suppliers of credit cards. It also includes a random avatar and a QR code that binds to the name, which is really just a mess of pixels.

This false identification maker would include a full name, phone number, address, SSN, age, gender, card numbers, banking information, cryptocurrency addresses, company and employee information, and Web information.

You will see a Permalink URL at the bottom of the page for each identity. This will allow you to bookmark or share your data with others. Any identification information can also be downloaded as a JSON or CSV format.

Although FauxID does not have login support, the ten most recently created identities are tracked. There’s even a way to display all identities that have recently been created. The bulk identity generation page of FauxID is presently usable, but will not be interactive until a later date.


Creating a false user identity for any online service using these three websites should be a breeze. Bear in mind that you put your personal details at risk if you sign up for an account online. While there are terminologies and rules that can get you into trouble on certain websites using false information, you will also come across others that help you get away with doing this.

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