10 Popular Sites from Where you Can Buy Bitcoins

Bitcoins are a form of a Crypto-currency is an emerging concept and is taking the world by a storm. The government is indeed taking measures to push Digital transactions in the country. When we talk about Digital Value, this cryptocurrency method is taking the world by storm. Today in this post we will tell you all about this concept and discuss in detail the “10 popular sites from where you can buy Bitcoins.” Bitcoins are a form of digital currency that cannot be duplicated and is guided with highly secured techniques of encryption. These are the reasons that they provide such high value to the currency and used mostly to transfer funds across nations.

It is a great accomplishment that we are moving towards a highly secured currency platform but we must also be beware of frauds while purchasing such cryptocurrency. Let us look at the Websites from where you can buy them easily.

Best Sites to Buy Bitcoins


You can easily make an Account in the website and can exchange your local currency in order to convert them into Bitcoins. This is a fast method of purchasing bitcoin and supports various payment methods. You can also deal here directly with the seller and it works like a de-centralized stock exchange that is embracing the nature of Bitcoin.


This is another great option if you want to buy or sell this mode of payment. It was founded in June 2012 and this website serves as a digital currency wallet which can be used by both the traders as well as the investors to purchase and deal in Bitcoin. You can even operate your account from a Smartphone and every transaction is literally free of cost.


This is the third most suited exchange for purchasing Bitcoin in exchange for cryptocurrencies that are accepted globally. The Registration in the website is very simple and it has its official Headquarter in the USA. The Poloniex is very popular and one of the Safest options if you want to purchase the digital currency without any Confusion. The transactions are monitored and it lets you work in a completely safe environment. You have to follow a guideline in order to work on a website.


BitMEX is a contract based exchange service provider to buy Bitcoins. It solely deals in Bitcoins for buying and selling purpose and it allows trading with the high amount of money. The most user-friendly way to deal with Digital currency is BitMEX. You can log in, select the amount, leverage margin, balance etc. It all works smooth and if you ever face any confusion, the education corner is always there with the help of the customer. BitMEX has live trading statistics and they charge very normal fees for the transactions and trading. They have vast experience and give priority to their customers and you can also customize your interface.


Coinmama is very famous in the USA and is active in more than 75 Countries worldwide. You can buy Bitcoins using a Debit or credit card. You can trade in Bitcoins for a normal fee of 6%.and they have one of the highest limits in terms of leverage and trading. The verification is done within minutes and you need that if you are buying a Bitcoin of worth $150 of the total amount. It is the oldest company in the world and has been dealing in the business. They have a user-friendly database and have the fast interface that supports the user in making the transaction in a secure and better way.


If you wish for Security and want to trade or buy Bitcoins infamous currencies of the world like Canada, Britain, Japan, Russia, China or France then this the best place for you to visit Online.

Kraken is the first exchange that supports bank transfers and s rated best in many leading newspapers. It was by Kraken the concept of reserve audit proof regarding cryptography was launched. This exchange supports Ethereum trading to a satisfactory level and also deals in the dark pool and leveraged margin trading apart from Bitcoin.


It is registered in the UK and at present active in 24 states of the USA. It provides negative balance protection and real-time balance facilities. You can trade via website, app or can even download reports of your transaction history. They have the very reasonable fee and provides security against Online attacks in addition to various payment options for the help of customers.

It is the positive reputation of CEX.IO that makes it in the Top 10 of our list. The Trust user base is phenomenal all around the globe and you can rely on them.


It has its headquarters based in the United States and deals in more than 190 forms of Cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoins. They have the main focus on providing the clients with efficient trading experience and with the use of Artificial trading bots and Digital tokens. Over a 150 million transactions and a Strong Client base have made this one of the favorites. The systems are designed in such a way that they are tested to ensure the safety of the clients with regular updates.


If you want to look for a one to one site to buy or sell Bitcoins with multiple Payment methods like PayPal, Visa Debit, Credit card etc.

Then look nowhere else other than Paxful. The simplest yet awesome interface that you will ever come across among the websites listed. No user account or bank account is needed and you can transfer the amount under the super secured authentication methods with utmost ease. You can trade here and also earn cash on the commission basis by referring the deal.


Just have an Account in BitStamp and they will take care of all your worries. A unique digit code is provided to you after the completion of the account to transfer or receive funds from any other user all over the world. You can buy; sell Bitcoins at ease through the website. The platform is advanced and more suitable for the user who has an initial idea for the usage of the website. It is one of the highest rated websites and works on multiple methods of payment like the Debit or Credit Card or PayPal.

Final thought

You have to download a Bitcoin wallet and can access any of the Websites to trade and deal in Bitcoins. Bitcoins are a risky affair can be life-changing if found profitable. Hope that you like reading 10 popular sites from where you can buy Bitcoins and feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.