How to Fix/ Solve Error Code 495 in Google Play Store App Install

Fix Play Store Error Code 495 During App Installation:- Hey there, fellow smart users, how’s the time? I hope you are exploring your world of android quite smoothly. Here we are once again with our next topic on Solve Error Code 495 in Google Play Store App Install. This is something a Smartphone lover would not want to face. And believe it or not, this error stuff lands us in a lot of disappointment when it occurs.

What are these error types? Why they pop up all of a sudden? And what to do to not let that happen again. Don’t worry we are not just putting you through these questions. Instead, we’ll be giving you solutions to these problems. So let’s stroll down this walk down the page and know all of it.

What is Error Code 495 How to Fix Google Play Store Problem

Let us look into this Error Code 495 thing and how to get over it. Just like there are error codes for computer and IT terminologies, there are error codes for Google Play store. Errors are many and may occur due to some specific reasons. These codes are used as tags to point out the type of issue to deal with in your Smartphone. So, Error Code 495 here is also a tag for error. This error occurs when you try to download and install an app from Google play store using a Wi-fi connection. Yeah, instead of using your SIM network, if you are connected to some Wi-fi device.

How To Fix | Solve Google Play Store Error Code 495 During App Installation

How To Fix Error 495 During App Installation

So here are some basic solutions to this problem that you should go for.

Clear the Google Play store cache and data

Generally, this problem is due to data and information stored in Play Store Cache. Follow the below-mentioned steps and get rids of this trouble.

  • Move to Settings in your device
  • Tap on “Installed Apps” or “Apps
  • Find Google Play Store App and opt for Clear the App Cache.
  • This way you can find the way out of your problem. If not, then try this one mentioned in the next segment.

Clear Data and Cache data from Google Service Framework

Follow the first two steps as mentioned above but in the third one, instead of going to Google Play Store App, you need to find Google Service Framework. Then go through the steps as given below.

If you enter the console displaying “Clear data” and “Clear Cache Data” buttons. It means you have reached the right place. Just press both the buttons and try checking if the problem still persists. This step works almost with all the big brands LG, Samsung, Motorolla, HTC, and Micromax. But, if you can’t seem to find any solution, then give it another try with this one here.

Reset Google App Preferences

  • Steps are the same first move to settings.
  • Look for the sections Apps or Installed Apps.
  • Find the button displaying “More” in the Apps
  • Tap on “Reset App Preference
  • Choose Reset Apps

Here is what this setting does- This will reset all the previously saved preferences for Disabled apps and app notifications, default applications, background data restrictions, or any other permission or priority related preferences. In almost all the cases this is a 10 by 10 solution to your Error Code 495 Google Play Store Problem. Try Restating your phone after implementing your new changes.

Here is the final option you can go for here.

Remove your Google User Account and Reconfigure it

This is the way to try if you haven’t tried it for a while. Steps are as easy as a simple stroll.

  • Go to device settings
  • Roll Down to find Accounts
  • Find Google Account from the list of different ones.
  • Tap on “Remove Account
  • This will delete your Google Account associated with your device.
  • As soon as you remove the account, you’ll see the option to reconfigure a new one.
  • After re-configuring it, your job is done.
  • Let’s take a stroll using your Wi-fi connection.

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Try it out Further

Moreover, if you haven’t tried it out, try it. It may be that Google is unable to read your location. So you need to Activate Access location in settings. The reason why you are getting Error 495 may be because that App you are accessing isn’t meant for your region or country domain.

Here is how to do it

  • Move to Settings
  • Find the Location Access option
  • Choose Enable Access to my Location
  • Activate GPS

So Pals, these steps I believe are as much useful for you as they were to me. Steps given in the above methods might seem to differ slightly in the latest versions of Android like Android 7.0. I hope, that wouldn’t be worth a mind. Meanwhile, keep visiting this place and help us find more tips and help you. Thank you for the read and do like and subscribe to get the latest stuff here.