10 Tips and Tricks to Improve Chrome Experience on Android

Would you not want a sense of ease while chroming on your Android? And would you not like to have a faster response from Chrome while putting some efforts exploring, accessing and downloading data on your Android device. Of course yes, so here is Tips and Tricks to Improve Chrome Experience on Android under category Android Tips and tricks that would be an answer to your call.

Some newest android versions are even better with chrome. However, you can enjoy these tricks and rectify moves by setting up a new and updated version of Chrome on your device. No need mentioning it is free to use, get it anytime from Play Store.

Tips and Tricks to Improve Chrome Experience on Androidandroid tips and tricks

Here are some easy and short tricks for you for a faster, better, and an improved experience.

Copy, Cut, and Paste URL

Starting with the most commonly used, which I believe, you must have tried so rarely in your line of work. And if you copy or paste the URLs quite too often, then do it faster this time. While using Chrome, click on the URL of the site and long press the cursor for a couple seconds after tapping on the menu of the top right. The other way to select the address is by tapping the address bar once and hold it down to copy. With pages enabled with HTTPS, tap the lock icon and long press would do the same.

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Switch Between Tabs Faster

Moving tabs quickly is a simply smarter approach, just drag the address bar to the right or left.

Adding Shortcut to a Website on Home Screen

A Web site can also add its Chrome manifest file in the header. After you add a site to the Home screen, it hides the Chrome address bar and appears as a native app. Generally appearing as shortcuts on the Home screen, you can reach this site with just a tap. This way you can get your time and efforts reserved for some other tasks. Tap the three “vertical dots” at the top right and select the option “Add to Home Screen” and choose a label to name an icon.

Switching to a Reader Mode

You can switch to a reader mode with an optimized search for a Smartphone. To improve the readability, Google chrome has enabled this feature especially, for the online readers. Type URL:  “chrome: // flags / # reader-mode-heuristics” to enjoy the reader mode.

Facebook Notifications for Chrome

If you are into Facebook too much, then why not put it first? Using chrome you can receive all the Facebook notifications. The first time you log on to your Facebook account, you are asked whether to receive the notifications or not. TO en/disable this feature, go to: Profile settings > Notifications, tap on the gear icon and select “Mobile on“.

Sync Bookmarks and Favorites with Other Devices

When you change your device, go to Chrome Settings, log on to your Google Account and enable “Sync”. Just make sure the “Open Tabs” is enabled. This feature is the similar to that of the Desktop Chrome. It is useful and definitely saves your time retyping and even though it is not a new one to talk about.

Anonymous or Incognito Mode

Just like the desktop version, you can save your identity from being spooked upon or go undetected. This mode also disallows Google Chrome from storing your browsing history. Touch the three vertical dots menu at the top right corner of the window and tap “Navigate without a trace“. The tab opens with a dark background and secures your anonymity.

Save Data with Chrome

Your Mobile’s data is saved while you search the net using Chrome. Follow the track as given here. Go to Menu > Settings > Data Saver. After enabling this option, see the difference in data consumption for yourself.

Tap on Word/Emails/Phone Numbers/and Addresses to use Them

This feature is also an easy and worth mentioning despite being the mostly known by many. While searching the net if, you come across some words, phrases, or emails worth noted, tap them. You can tap to copy-paste or search them separately.

When you press an email address, it creates a shortcut to create a new message, you press contact number you are prompted to either save it or call it.

Pull down to Refresh

Easy and clear to all by now, perhaps by mistake, you might have refreshed your web page by pulling a finger press downwards. It saves efforts of finding a refresh button on the taskbar.

T-Rex Game (Offline)

This is the best one on the list that I enjoy the most both on my laptop and Android. Whenever there is a problem with my internet connection, webpage goes blank. Then appear a small game with a dinosaur, just tap it and it starts running. You can enjoy a little in the interim. Score more with the rising speed and a number of obstacles escalating as you keep running.

In Conclusion

Some of these features come advanced and with better support for the newest versions of Android like Marshmallow and Nougat. But, most of these Tips and Tricks to Improve You Chrome Experience on Android I mentioned can be entertained on the older versions of Android regardless of their OS versions. Help me know more about these tricks if you have a brand new OS in your hand right now. Comments can be dropped below.