6 Basic Android Tips and Tricks That You Should know

Android Tips and Tricks: Android operating system is specially designed for touch screen phones and has a lot of best android apps for different needs. Android smartphones has a lot of interesting features so that all users will never know and would not take advantage of it. So, today I am decided to share an most useful article on android tricks.

So, no more taking your time below I am sharing some useful Android tricks which will make even better ways to use your android smartphone.

Android Tips and Tricks

Take Screenshots

Every computer user well knows that they can take screen shots on computer by pressing print screen key and pasting in on MS paint, but do you know how to take screenshots on android device, It is also very easy task to take screenshots from your android phone. You only need to press power button and volume down button simultaneously that’s it and you will find these screenshots in your phone gallery.

Format your Android phone

You can Format your android phone through 2 different ways the first is

Factory Reset:- factory reset will reset your device to factory level, mince it will reset like as new phone. All the setting, App, internet data, internet data will be lost. To factory reset your phone, just press *#*#7780#*#* or you can do this manually by Setting > Backup and Reset > Factory data reset.

Hard reset:- Hard reset will remove all data including internal and external data. It will also delete all setting of your android device. To do this just type *2767*3855# and call.

Reboot Android Forcefully

Some time we see our android smartphone gets slow or do not respond to any action. In this case we need to forcefully reboot our android phone by just triggering some keys combination. To reboot android phone, just press power Key+ Home Key+ Volume Up key simultaneously.

Root Android phone easily

Rooting of any android phone is a process of overcoming limitation that device manufacturers put on your android device. Rooting provides ability to alter system application and settings, read our full article how to root Android phone easily to root your phone.

Speed Up your Phone

Most of time we see our android device getting slow and it not working as newer. So, in that situation we need to do some easy setting or some changes to speed up our android smartphone such as speed p ram, free up internal memory, remove catch files etc, to know full list how to speed up android phone read our useful article.

Make money from Android

Yes you are hearing right, you can make money from android phone. There are some android apps available on android market that provides opportunity to make money online by doing some easy tasks. By using this money making apps you can make 20-30 $ easily every month by working on your free time, read our full article on make money from android apps.


This was the Basic Android Tips and Tricks That You Should know, I hope that you Like this. Friends if you have any kind of query or any suggestion then write in comment box. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.


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