How to Root Android Phone Without Computer Step-By-Step Guide

This tutorial will guide you on how to root android phone without using PC. This method is totally safe if you willing to get a rooted android phone. Most of android user want to root there phone to run some best apps made for rooted android device. There are lots of tips by which you can root your android phone with computer, but here we are talking about root your android phone without using computer OR PC.

It is very simple to root an Android device without the help of a computer. There are various ways in which an Android device can be rooted without the help of your computer. Here are some of the simplest ways to root Android Phone without Computer. But before rooting your Android device you need to know some important things that are given below.

What is Android Rooting?

The first and foremost thing you need to know is what is android rooting. Android is an Operating system which cannot be dealt with in any way possible. You cannot have full access to your rooting system. However with rooting system, you can deal with your Android phone in any possible way and you can also make any kind of changes in your phone. It can also be termed as hacking in simpler terms.

Advantage of Rooting

There are various benefits of rooting your android phone.

  • The internal memory of the android phone can be increased, because after rooting you can transfer any application from phone memory to SD card.
  • You can also use the latest updated operating system in your phone which can be tailor-made by you.
  • You can use your own tailor-made ROMs that help in speeding up your phone and also change the look.
  • The applications which are compatible with rooted phones can be installed.

Disadvantage of Root Android Phone

  • Your phone will lose its warranty via rooting
  • It may also become corrupt if rooting is not done in the proper way.

After discussing Advantage and disadvantage of root Android phone let’s start Step by step guide How to root Android Phone without Computer or PC

How to Root Android Phone Without Computer or PC

The best way to root Android phone without the help of computer or PC is Framaroot. This is an application which helps in rooting any Android device without a computer. This application is for all phones with Android versions from 2.0 to 4.2. This is a fast and simple way of rooting an Android phone.

  • The application needs to be downloaded.
  • After downloading the file store it in a memory.
  • Install the framaroot application APK file and then copy it in the phone memory.
  • After installing it in the apk file, Choose and install ‘install superuser’ inside framaroot.
  • Wait for some time after selecting a link
  • Reboot the device after receiving a message “Success., Superuser and SU binary installed. You have to reboot your device” that you have now successfully rooted the android phone.
  • Try again if your are unsuccessful

Using Universal and Rootoot for Rooting Devices

  • If you use this method, then go to Android device and then settings and then click in the box with unknown sources and save.
  • Download the Universal Androotot and install
  • After installing the application launch the same and then click on root. You need to select the right Android phone.

These are some of the best and simplest methods to root Android phones. Try the same in your phone and enjoy moments of great pleasure with your phone. You can use some of the best applications after rooting the Android phone. However be aware that rooting has to be done by an expert or else your phone might get corrupted.