How to Make Calls to USA for Almost Nothing Using Yolla

How to Call to USA for Almost Nothing

A lot of us have people in United States that we would always want to hear: business partners, college friends, siblings, and other. Of course, we can easily reach them via the Facebook or other messenger. But text will never replace a warm and fun voice talk! However, many people don’t call abroad being frightened with extremely high international calling rates to USA. And here are come in handy VoIP apps. Connecting you with other people by internet, they allow you dial international numbers for rates that wouldn’t break your bank. Let us show you one of the most interesting of them Yolla.

Key Features of Yolla

With Yolla you can call to any device – smartphone, mobile phone, or landline in any country across the world. Whoever you are calling to – your geeky friend with flagman smartphone or a grandma with the old-fashioned device, you have the same well connection quality.

Unlike other VoIP apps, Yolla provide you a Familiar caller ID. So, what does it mean? When you call via Viber or calling card apps, people don’t see your number. Their phones display a random combination of numeric’s. And there’s a big chance for your call to be missed as many people doesn’t answer to unknown phone numbers. But Yolla do it better. When you use Yolla, people always see your phone number like you make an ordinary mobile call.

Designed for Make international calls, Yolla has no additional functionality like text chat or video calls. Yes, it can be considered a downside, but actually It helps Yolla save your disk space. For example, Android version of this app is 32 MB only.

Yolla is free but not at all. You don’t for calling Yolla users app-to-app, but for calling out to landlines or mobiles you will be charged on a per-minute basis. Don’t hurry to leave this article – Yolla rates are really low. For example, international calling rates to USA starts from $0.008 per minute. And there’s no cheats like connection fee or other additional costs. The accurate rate for each call is always shown on your dialing screen, and you always know how much you’ll spend on your next talk.

Don’t happy with idea to pay for calls? Send your friends a link to Yolla and speak them for free! That’s even more: you’ll earn $2 for each person who join Yolla by your link and makes a purchase!

Yolla has a contact list that synchronizes with your native contact list each time you visit the app. The process of dialing is easy – you just pick right number and wait for respond. No access number required!

Now, when you know a bit more about Yolla, let us explain you how you can use it for your cheap call to USA.

How to Call USA via Yolla

Step 1. Get app to your smartphone from Google Play or App Store. Minimum system requirements are Android 4.1 or iOS 8 and up.

Step 2. Sign up and buy credits. After passing through a quick registration process, you should buy credits. You can choose $4, $8, or $16 amount and buy it via the native in-app purchase, or use your credit card or PayPal. Don’t happy with idea paying for calling USA? Do it for free! In addition to referral program, you can earn credits by watching sponsored TV in the app interface – visit the Get Free Credits screen and follow the instructions.

Step 3. Dial USA number and speak. Now you can call any USA number you want. Just make sure you are dialing it in international format placing the +1 country code to the beginning of the number.