How to Fix Your Connection is not Private Error In Chrome (6 Ways)

Howdy all your windows users..? Today’s talk will be about another Chrome Error that creeps in from any untrusted sources. To be honest, just remember visiting torrents websites. Yes, whenever you are at some website full of strange and suspicious users, this is normal to encounter this message over and over again, “Your Connection is not Private”. So let’s scour some ways out on How to Fix Your Connection is not Private Error In Chrome (windows).

No matter whatever webpage you are trying to visit, just make sure to keep your identity uncompromised. This is why I prefer you to try a VPN service in the first place. And some other things that you can try to keep yourself in the safe loop are mentioned below. Let us have a look and find out some. It’s better to ensure some fixes at your end when you have time to take matters in your hands.

Adjust System Date and Time

Incorrect time and date are a simple reason for most of the errors generated on our Chrome browser. Try following these steps to sort it out and sync the time and date with your watch.

  • Head to the bottom right corner on the desktop screen and Right Click Date and Time.
  • Select Adjust date and Time.
  • Update your Computer’s time and date to your current time zone.
  • Restart your Computer and launch Browser.

Clear Browsing Data (History & Cookies)

Remember that way too many files in cookies and history logs create a ruckus for your browser. I recommend you to make it habit to clean your browser’s cookies and Cached files (that includes your stores form usernames and passwords).

  • Open Google Chrome and click three dots to go to settings.
  • Click More Tools in the menu.
  • Select Clear History and Cookies.
  • Select the browsing history that you want to delete. Then click the Clear browsing data button.
  • Make a selection of the checkboxes and select “From the Beginning of Time”.
  • Then Click the “Clear Browsing Data Button” and let it delete the unnecessary files.
  • Exit the browser and re-launch it.

Update/Stop Your Antivirus Program

  • Mostly, due to the firewalls turned on or antivirus programme detecting the website as untrusted, you fail to get access to a particular website.
  • If you are confident that the target website is harmless of any such content or codes and is trustworthy, you need to get to the settings of your Antivirus Program and change the encrypted connection settings.
  • Note: These settings are located differently depending on the Antivirus program, you use.
  • If it’s hard to locate, try stopping the antivirus for testing and launch the browser to see if your site is accessible. If your browser opens this site, then your antivirus is causing you trouble.

Go for Incognito Mode

  • There are three ways to open a private tab in your browsers.
  • Right Click on the Browser icon and select open “Incognito Window” / or “Incognito Tab”.
  • Go to three vertical dots when you open chrome browser and click (New Incognito Window).
  • Or press the Ctrl + Shift + N key combination on your keyboard.
  • What incognito mode does is it restricts background extensions that hinder or hampers a webpage from accessing a particular web page or website.

Manage Extensions

It’s also important to know extensions/plug-ins are installed on your Chrome.

  • Go to Settings>>More Tools>>Extensions.
  • Once you reach the page loaded with extensions, a list of extensions will be displayed.
  • You can select any of the extensions you think are no use or irrelevant to disable.
  • Some extensions intervene or interrupt your network SSL connection, just uncheck it to disable it.

Use a VPN to protect your private

As I mentioned it at the start of this wrote up, a good and trusted Virtual Private Network Application is a good choice to make. There are loads of VPN programs available at the moment, that too at best prices. Some of them are also free. I recommend you TunnelBearVPN and Vypr VPN. When you are searching and exploring the WWW, your private information is vulnerable to prying and snooping eyes. So, before your identity gets jeopardised or private information gets leaked to unscrupulous elements, switch to use a tunnelled channel. This way, your IP address, and ISP information are safe and anonymous with zero chances of exposure.

Stiffen your Privacy, is all I have to advise you. These are some easiest ways to get rid of the Chrome Connection is not Private Error. Keep checking here to have more tips and guide on this issue. We’ll be seeing each other soon. Have any thoughts about it? Do share your concerns with me. Comments box is waiting your messages.