How to Download WhatsApp Status Images and Videos to Your Android Phone

In this tutorial you can read step-by-step guide to download Whatsapp Status Images and Videos to your android device.

In February 2017 whatsapp start their new features called Whatsapp Status, which has become quite popular in Whatsapp users. The status features allows you to share Text, Photos, Videos and Animated Gifs that show for 24 hours in status.

If your friends from your whatsapp list has update their status, it becomes visible in the new status tab for 24 hours and you can view their status by tapping on contact’s icon. But whatsapp doesn’t allow status photo & videos to download.

But some time there is some such Best Whatsapp status that seems to be downloading. So, read this article carefully because here we are sharing some best Whatsapp tricks to download Whatsapp Status photos and videos of your whatsapp friends directly to your android phone.

How to Download Whatsapp Status Photos and Videos on Android

In android, there are number of tricks to save whatsapp status (Images OR Videos) in your android device. Here we are sharing how you can do this.

Save Whatsapp Status from Hidden Whatsapp Status folder

When you see the status of any whatsapp friends, the media files present therein get automatically downloading to the hidden. Status folder which is located in your internal storage. You can manually save those files by following these stapes

download WhatsApp Status Photos and Videos

whatsapp status gets downloaded from file manager > Internal Storage > Whatsapp > Media > and then you need to tap on More than Show Hidden Files you will see that some new folders are showing in your Whatsapp media list, tap on .Status you can see all current whatsapp status Images and videos files showing here, simply copy from here and pest in your image folder. By doing this you can save whatsapp Status images and videos to your phone


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Use Screenshot OR Screen Recorder Apps

 I think you all know to take screenshot from your phone. This is also an easy method to save whatsapp status images but not videos. By capturing you screen you can easily save whatsapp status Images. To use screen recorder apps for android you can record all images and videos that is showing in your whatsapp status bar.

Apps to Download Whatsapp Status (Images and Videos)


If you want to use apps to download whatsapp Image and video status, than you will be happy to know that, there are lots of apps available on play store that is able to download Whatsapp status images and videos.  In this tutorial, we will use Story Saver for whatsapp.


Step 1:- open Play store in your phone, download and install “Story Saver for Whatsapp

Step 2:- make sure the app is downloaded that open Story Saver for Whatsapp and navigate to the new images OR new Videos section

Step 3:- select the Images OR Videos stories you wish to download to your phone

Step 4:- Tap on download Icon to download Whatsapp Status

The selected Images and videos will be downloaded to your phones gallery .Status folder.