Top 11 Best Screen Recorder Apps For Android To Record Screen

Best Screen Recording Apps For Android:- Hello Friends, hope you are doing well with your android devices. Today we have brought you with another piece of information that will prove helpful to you. Let’s start over and take a look at Best Screen Recording Apps For Android. But before we initiate further, here are the reasons why you may or might need these apps. These apps will help you if you want:

A video tutorial, facing a technical issue with your device and want to report it, or you are just exploring your device for the sake of fun and enjoyment. The best thing about these apps is that you don’t actually need to root your device. How? This is what we are going to share with you through this article.

Top Screen Recorder for Android

Let’s roll down the page and fetch all the useful information about these Best Screen Recording Apps For Android.

Mobizen Screen Recorder

best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

Mobizen is worth mentioning along with the best Screen Recorder Apps for Android phones, and there are reasons for it. Rich in various features, it’s one of the most popular screen recording apps that renders HD quality output at 1080p resolution and 12 Mbps. It records your screen at 60 FPS and has numerous tools to finish your video with a variety of background music, which is useful if you have a podcast or YouTube channel. You might need a piece of music in the intro and outro videos.

Besides, Mobizen is also considered the best recording app by the gaming community as gamers use it to capture reactions while recording game sound and voice with Facecam. It’s also got support to capture long videos, which you can directly save onto your SD Card. As a bonus, you get to try its range of editing features for free entirely.

MirrorGo Android Recorder

best android screen recorder

So this app is among the toppers to do the work for you. You can manage your device just by connecting it to your PC. First of all, download the app for PC. After you download and install MirrorGo for PC, you are easy to go as the app provides a user-friendly interface and also can perform the following with the help of it. Here is what you can do now after having connected MirrorGo App for android to your PC.

Play Android games, Send/Receive messages, check multiple notifications simultaneously, run android apps on PC, capture screenshot, record it, and even share hidden movies. Isn’t it amazing?

Here is to help you more about this app, this app can be connected to your PC in two separate ways. One is through data cable, the one we just discussed with you and the other is through WiFi. After you enable wi-fi of your device, just connect your smartphone via scanning a QR code. And that’s it, you’re good to go.

Screen Recorder 5+

best android screen recorder

This app is another cool one which is available free on Play Store. A bonus of this app, you can also get its pro versions. This app provides unlimited capture and screen recording for your smart devices.

What you can do with it is even more amazing.

You can create tutorials, promotional videos, and even record a complete video with clear background audio quality. This app enables users to make videos to unlimited screen recording. Best feature is that it is well supported by all the android phones whether rooted or not.

Rec. (Screen Recorder)

best android screen recorder

Here is another app to take a look at as this is also one of the coolest apps in business. This application supports both the rooted and non-rooted devices. It comes with easily to configure support and better interoperability for your smartphone. It runs better on rooted devices, but if you are using android kitKat 4.4 then you shouldn’t face any problem using it even if the device is non-rooted.

It provides users with longer screen recording with high-quality audio up to 1 hour. Provides better quality if users are recording through a microphone.

Ilos Screen Recorder App

best screen recorder for android

Now this app supports devices with android lollipop version 5.0. Users can share their recording videos directly to their drive, Dropbox, or Facebook. There is no time limit for free users. However, paid or premium users have full rights of screen recording for MAC, Linux, or Windows. Users are enabled to share recorded videos faster and also can organize the favorite ones in a playlist.

Screen Recorder for Android Kitkat [Root Required]

best screen recorder for android

You do not need to connect your device to PC if you use this app. But your device has to be a rooted one to enjoy this app. This app supports Android Kitkat version only and executes screen recording command on the go (automatically) choosing the best screen resolution that is suitable for your device.

What users can do with the help of this app:

Actually, Screen Recorder for Android Kitkat does the work for you by adjusting the countdown timer before recording process takes place. This also supports two recording options i.e. Portrait and Landscape.

Shou TV

best screen recorder for android

So why this app is the best to record screen is because it doesn’t require any special add-ons. If you are using Android Lollipop version, then you need not to get your device rooted but if, its jelly bean your device has to be rooted. This app directly mirrors your smartphone screen to Apple TV supporting both the rooted and non-rooted devices. This app comes free of cost and provides unlimited recording time. Use it carefree, cause it doesn’t pop up annoying ads.

AZ-Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is the next one from our list of Best Screen Recording Apps For Android. This app is available free at play store with no time limit to record the screen of your Android device. This app also does not require any root access. This app supports High definition video recording and recordsclear audio through microphones. It also comes with screen orientation adjustment feature and customized timer to stop recording anywhere you want.

Unlimited Screen Recorder

best screen recorder for android

This app is also among the top ten apps to record screen. It helps you record screen video and without any watermark. The rest of the features are the same as Rec. Screen Recorder. This app is also available free at play store.

Some other Features

Completely free to download

Unlimited free video recording

No watermarks

Very user friendly

Telecine Screen Recorder for Android

So the list is getting longer as we approach the end of the top tens. The next one in the list is Telecine. It has a nice interface and user-friendly app that also starts a countdown timer just before the recording starts. This helps users to manage this app easier. For a smooth and error free recording process, this app hides all the USB debugging related notifications in the background.

So dear friends, that was it from our article on Best Screen Recording Apps For Android. Stay tuned for more tips and cool tricks to know. There is yet more stuff to come.