Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Software for Windows

How often and in how in many ways have you used a Screen Recording Software for Windows? No question, there are many ways like for your project presentation or some informational video, or even recording a game to share it with your buddies. Today, I am going to cover 10 Best Screen Recorder Software. You’re going to want to have one such in your PC someday. You can also read best Screen Recorder app for android.

How worthy a screen recording application is, you know it when you need it. To let you be known about its further uses, you can create your own documentation or even troubleshoot your system with one by recording the faulty augment of your video and put it online for the administrator support.

10 Best Screen Recorder Software

There are some free while some premium versions of these software’s that will give you the desired outcome. To get the on-screen activities is just a start, some of these will merge your audio, or your own shot video to enable you to put your self-shot coverage on the social media as well. Let us know which ones are built your requirement.

Debut Video CaptureBest Screen Recorder Software

The debutant in this list is the NCH Software offered Debut Video Capture. This software is available for home use only and is well-known for its stable and a variety of tools. It comes with a complex to get User interface, but if you have already used one before, I don’t think that matters much. DVC has the ability to capture the video in full screen, a particular region, or a window. As additional features, it adds filters of various modes, time lapse recording. To make you more inclined to it, it takes care of your audio files pretty well giving you many sound format encoders and compressors. I’d suggest all the advanced users to go check it out for more and unbundle the surprises.

Debut Video Capture Key Features

  • Record Entire Screen OR any selected screen area
  • Record webcam OR as a webcam overlay
  • Capture from any source like network IP camera and other device
  • Add color and video effect like color setting, effect

AutoScreenRecorder Free

Best Screen Recorder Software

It’s the second one on the list and is absolutely fee to put together your video and audio stuff. It can record any of your activities you do on your computer smartly. The output can be saved to a video or a flash file format. It comes with a load of features including codec and video quality options, scheduled recording, auto-stop, and a video editor that gets you high-quality output hence saving your time and enhancing your productivity. Unlike The Debut Screen Recorder, it is very simple to manage. You can also generate the output in an AVI video format that is generally playable in the basic media players. The application is also available in the paid version with more features.


Best Screen Recorder Software

Like Webinaria, CamStudio is also the open source software and also creates the output in AVI video format. It also gets the audio format along with the capability of converting your AVIs to SWFs. As claimed by the developer’s website, it is easier to use and competes with the advanced versions of Screen recording applications. Novice users are easy to fall in love with it because of its user-friendly interface. There is a how-to-guide in the help section that will do pretty much like a tutorial.


The Techsmith team has done a commendable job putting the software in the right zone for users’ support. Jing is also among the applications that don’t charge you for its service. It is pretty easy yet effective tool for basic screen capturing requirements. The video quality may differ from it other counterparts, but you get the novice level options like capturing basic videos, animations and static images on your Windows Computer.


It is a Windows based application enabling you to create a flash video recording of your screen activities on Windows PC without any watermark. Webinaria is open source software to screen record your activities making the capturing a lot easier. The videos recorded in Webinaria are automatically saved in AVI file format to your hard Disk. It is a perfect solution for recording software demonstrations and creating video tutorials. Webinaria also gets you an option to post your videos by uploading to social media platform or other websites and helps you share them with other users.


Ezvid is also the one available without any charges and amazingly assures to take use the computer’s processing power to enhance the speed of its screen recording and video editing abilities. More of its features include a built-in video editor, an easy to handle interface that users can easily befriend with, and well-finished video within minutes. But, do mind to have enough free space on your computer hard drive, it takes a minimum of 10 GB.


Screen2exe is packed with many features like video editing, recording mouse movements and zooming in etc. There are also some handy features like Screen Capture FPS rate, and the audio option can be controlled quite easily using the control panel of the application. This application comes with a built-in video editor and after finishing the recording, users can edit the video to add necessary annotations and special effects as per need. It also deletes the unnecessary and identical frames to reduce the video file size. Once you get the video editing finished, its self-executable exe file plays the video without any media player and saves the file in SWF, FLV, AVI, or MP4 formats.


Action is considered the best Screen Recording Software for Windows 10 which is developed by Mirillis Expert Team. With Action, users can choose a specific area or full screen to record and as an option, you can also add a web camera to the recording window. Furthermore, users can record their computer audio along with their own annotations together. Users can record screen activity as the games to get high-quality video in two basic formats which are AVI and MP4. Its free version allows users to take its benefit for 30 days only.

Free Screen Recorder

Free Screen Recorder is also an open source to record your screen activities including games and videos built with a user-friendly Interface. Users can completely record the desktop activities and save the same into AVI file format. At the end of all the editing, the last thing you get is the high-quality video format with clear audio. Users are at home when they can make a good use of hotkey configuration in this application.

Read Also in Top 10

Icecream Screen Recorder

Unlike other screen recording tools, Icecream Screen Recorder comes with a drawing panel that enables users to draw different patterns on a screen beside just taking screenshots. With the help of it, users can record the entire PC screen activity or they may just clip a portion of it. This software is available free of cost offering users to make video calls, shoot webinars for business conferences. Gamers can also use it to record game plays easily. There is a small point to consider which is, the Add Watermark feature that also makes users put their own signature on the video. Like Free Screen Recorder, it also has Hotkey function enabled. At the end, the video output can be saved in either an MP4, WebM, or MKV file formats. There is just one limitation that seems full of worries and that is the recording time limit (10 minutes maximum). Opt for its paid version if you are looking for a commercial use.


These video editors are having a whole wide package for you. Provided, you seem interested in any specifically, the price shouldn’t be a matter to worry. However, if you need some basic tasks or don’t want to have a regular use, go for the freeware which is best suited for your project. Which one did you like the most in 10 Best Screen Recorder Software For Windows? Let’s us share with the other users and let them how was your experience. Drop your thoughts in the comments box.