How to Recover Deleted Files on Android

Mistakes… everyone is habitual to make some at one point or the other. Losing mobiles’ data is one such that must bring you down to despairing level. All that you are left saying is, what the..? Then comes the place to look for How to Recover Deleted Files on Android. Here are some sensible things you need to take care of at such moments rather than pissing off.

Recover Deleted files on Android Device

Documents contained in Device: Text, Binary, Multimedia files (Mostly), Presentation, Documents, Contacts, Messages and other email-related data. Unfortunately, there is no such power to Recover Lost Data Files on Android by default. There are, fortunately, some Data Recovery apps that make it possible for you. Things to do are mentioned here. Let us see what to do if you have a rooted device and what to do if yours is not rooted. We already have list of Best Data recovery apps for android.

  • Things to shut off first: Wifi / Bluetooth other Cellular Network connections or background updates.
  • Something to Keep up: The Battery levels

How to Recover Deleted files on Android Device [Rooted]

The Best App so far is “Undeleter”; do bear in mind that all the apps are third party apps since there is no built-in support for Android phones. Trusted, reviewed and most recommended by users.

Steps to Take

  • Avail the App from the Google Play Store.
  • Launch it to view the recoverable files and purchase its version to recover the files listed.
  • Select the type of recovery whether just files or SMS or contacts.
  • Allow the app to rooted access.
  • Choose the Storage type whether SD card or Internal Storage.
  • After that, you shall see all the data that can be recovered covering your Music files, Images, and videos, Docs, and pdf.
  • Now the paying part, you need to pay $3.99 for an in-app purchase of Undeleter to recover the listed files.
  • The restore location can be chosen either from Dropbox or Google Drive.

How to Recover Deleted files on Android Device via Dumpster [Un-Rooted]

Dumpster gets you the ability to reclaim your Deleted Android Data for Un-Rooted devices pretty quickly. Mind the Steps hereunder:

  • Get it From Google Play Store
  • It can recover the standard files that are deleted after the app’s installation i.e., for the prior deleted files, it won’t work.
  • Just like the Recycle Bin in Windows OS, after the deletion of files, it keeps them in another vault awaiting your final confirmation. But, remember only the ones you delete after installing this app goes to is, the ones you flushed off previously.
  • The commonly saved files are zipped files and directories, mp4, png, jpg, mp3, Ogg, WMA, pdf, doc, apk, etc.
  • This app comes with an easy to use interface and to get it ad-free and unlock its better features, go for its premium version.

The Last Resort: USB Mode for Recovering Deleted Data on Android Devices

For the users who prefer it the traditional way to get it done. Tether your device to the Computer and run the best and most trusted recovery tool. In this case, “Recuva”, because, I also have it right now. However, for Mac OS X, try Wondershare Dr. Phone. Recuva is only supported on Windows environment and takes on the data residing or resided on SD card.

Way to Get it Done

  • Download Recuva and install on Windows.
  • Tether your Device to the System via a USB cable.
  • Launch the application and files (Most commonly: Music, Docs, and Photos).
  • You may also opt to recover all the data selecting the “All Files” option.
  • Set a recovery target on your computer.
  • If Recuva can’t read the format of SD card, move its contents to a folder in Computer and quick format, it as FAT32.
  • Transfer the files back onto your SD card and reselect.
  • The recovery wizard launches the next and users are recommended to back up the files on their computer before moving them, to the Android Device.

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Final Words

If you get the notion of losing those important files on your computer, you better get the right app even if it costs a little higher. With the proper technique and method, you can still recover deleted Files on Android Devices no regardless of what version is your OS or what Computer you tether it to.

Hope above given tips will help you to recover deleted file on android device. Friends, share your views, suggestion and query in comment box