How to Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android

Are you received the screen overlay detected android message and don’t have any idea what to do. Just follow given step to fix screen overlay detected android error. Android versions are one of the most famous operating system used all over the world. It has the most user-friendly interface and the updates are available regularly overtimes. But there has been an issue when the Marshmallow update was released. You will see this Screen Overlay Message on your phone whenever you try to install some of the new apps. Today in this post we are going to tell you exactly “How to fix screen overlay detected the error on Android” and enjoy the apps without any problem.

What is Screen Overlay?

As told earlier, when you try to install a new app on Android 6.0 or beyond this error usually occurs. There is a function in which you need to grant special permission for every app to use Contact, Camera, Media, Storage, Files etc. And if the app is slightly active in terms of screen overlay; a pop-up will appear saying “Screen Overlay Detected” and you have to turn off your phone screen in order to function again. It is an annoying experience as

Screen Overlay Detected android is one of the most annoying error caused especially on marshmallow version of Android devices. Whenever you are installing any new application to your marshmallow version of the Android device then you need to grant some permission such as contact, storage, camera etc. During granting permissions if screen overlay of some application is active then a sudden popup with message “Screen Overlay Detected” will appear and you won’t be able to proceed further until you turn off screen overlay of all applications. Screen Overlay appears on every Android mobile above Marshmallow Version. The devices such as Oppo, Vivo, Samsung, Xioami, Lenovo, Lava, and Micromax etc. are all going to be affected by this problem. We are going to tell you the best way to overcome such problems.

Methods to Fix Screen Overlay Detected Error on Android

Screen Overlay Detected Android


Turn on the Safe Mode

You can get rid of the Screen overlay detected Error just by rebooting the phone into Safe Mode. The below mentioned safe mode trick might not work on every phone out there in the Market. However, you can search our website to see how popular phones can be rebooted in safe mode or you can Google it.

  1. Hold up your power button and push it for 2-3 seconds. Now a message asking you to reboot in Safe Mode will appear, just tab yes or confirm and move further.
  2. Let the set reboot and after entering into the safe mode go to the device settings in order to fix the error.
  3. Follow the Settings and go to the Apps column under the settings area and simply choose the App that is giving you the trouble.
  4. The Screen Overlay problem will not appear in Safe Mode and you can easily grant permission that will fix the Error in normal mode.
  5. Now turn off the device and Reboot again in the normal mode.

Change Permission Directly

This method may not work with every app as various app behaves normally in android and thus it may not allow you to Change the permission directly. If in case it allows you to do so follow the steps told below.

  • Whenever there is an app installed and the problem occurs. It may display a message that says to open Settings.
  • As soon as you Open the Settings and switch to the app, a window will open in the area.
  • You just need to Scroll down to the option “Draw over Apps” and turn it off.
  • As soon as you turn it off go back to the app and grant it permission to open.
  • After doing this the Screen Overlay detected error will not appear.

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Final Thought

The Android phones are the smart ad you need to have some basic knowledge to overcome such errors in a quick and smart way. If you ever experience such problem use the tricks mentioned in the article “How to fix screen overlay detected the error on Android” and it will be gone like magic. We will continue to come with more tricks and tips for your ease and interest. Keep visiting and keep commenting.