20+ Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips 2018 [Whatsapp Secrets]

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging app for smartphones in the world with more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. WhatsApp has become the best and most used application for all mobile users. Not only is it available for every mobile system or operating system like android, iPhone, blackberry mobile phones, Windows, etc. So, here finally on the special request from our visitors, we are sharing Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks.

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Whastapp Tricks and Tips:-There are many hidden features of the WhatsApp that you do not know about. Such craze WhatsApp app has got among the internet users that today people started saying “I will WhatsApp you” instead of saying “I’ll call or text you.” If you had the internet in your mobile phone then with the help of this application you can send unlimited messages to anyone in the world. Message type can be text, audio, video, images, etc. Here We Share some Best WhatsApp Tips and Tricks.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp tricks and tips a most widely search term on the internet. People find skills to get fake WhatsApp number, use WhatsApp without number OR various other interesting Whastapp tricks and tips. Some of listed whatsapp tips will surprise you. We have brought you 20+ best Whatsapp tips, which you probably not even hear about. So let’s start, our tutorial which will make your use of whatsapp even better and interesting.

See How Many Your Group Message Read

In group conversations double tick marks are not shown to all the messages (shown only for specific replies) because everybody might see or not or whom the message was intended. So to see how many have read your message just long press the message to see the top menu bar with different icons, select encircled “i” to see the list of people who read/received your message.

Few options in your WhatsApp may not be available, in such case, it’s recommended to check your WhatsApp update 2017. By using the ‘@’ symbol on WhatsApp, you can mention the people names in group conversations.

Locate Your Friend

Find out the truth about where your friend is heading to or the place where he is found. Now, be not the victim of your friend’s lie like “I am on the way, or I will be there in next 5 min”, with the help of sharing the location feature on WhatsApp. Get them out of their house if they give any such non-believable lie to you when you are going for movies.

If you have real GPS location of your friend, then you will have place share feature as dropped pin. If the site is already entered, their address will appear beside the lost pin.

Unblock Yourself Quickly

When any friend/friends block you (you can sense whether your friend blocked you or not from their response to your messages) you can quickly get unblocked from them by a simple trick. So to get unblocked what you’ve to do is just to delete your WhatsApp account which will wipe off your all data and then again activate (signup) WhatsApp freshly as a new user with the same number. After doing that you can find that you get unblocked from all other users.

To delete your WhatsApp account go to Settings>>Account>>Delete my account>> Enter your phone number and press “DELETE MY ACCOUNT”. after deleting again Signup freshly, done.

Send All WhatsApp Conversation to Email

It is very easy to send all your WhatsApp chat to your email address. You can use this WhatsApp trick to take the backup of your important WhatsApp conversation in your email. To use this method, you just need to follow below given steps:

  • First, go to WhatsApp and then press any contact for few seconds
  • You will see the pop-up window in your mobile
  • Just tap on Email Conversation option. From this, you can send the whole conversation of a particular contact to your email id.

Read Whatsapp Messages Without Knowing the Sender

Sometime we want to read the whatsapp messages we received from our friends, without knowing them. We can do this by turning off Whastapp bluetick option. But we can do this even without disabling it. Follow these steps…

Turn on your phones ‘Flight Mode’ > Read the whatsapp messages > Now, turn on the flight mode again> . no blue tick will appear and the sender will not know that you have read his/ her message.

Know When Your Friend Read Your Message

GO to the whatsapp Conversation chat window and keep the message pressed for few second > on top right side, just click on three vertical dots. Click on info ( you can see here when your message diliverd and when your friend read the message).

Lock your Whatsapp With PIN

We all want our whatsapp to be completely safe and none other that us can use. You will need to use whatsapp security app  OR best android Applock to secure your whatsapp.

You have to download the security lock application in your phone > open it once it is installed > that in this you can secure by entering specific code.

Change Whatsapp Chat Background

If you want to change the background of whatsapp chat, you can make your favorite color or photo to your chatting background.

Open your whastapp > open any chat which you want to change chat background > click on three dots ‘right corner’ > click on Wallpaper and choose you favorite Colour OR image done, the background of your whatsapp chat has changed.

Change Whatsapp Chat Messages FONT

If you want to highlight your message then this Whatsapp trick will be of great help to you. In Whatsapp, you can make your sent messages bold or italic very easily.

To make any whastapp message bold, use the star (*) before and after writing the message and type the message and send to your friend. Like :- *politic365.com*

To make any message italic, use the Underscore (_) before and after writing the message and type the message. Like :- _ALLTIPSFINDER.COM_

To make any message Striketrough, use the Tilde (~) before and after writing the message and type the message. Like :- ~ALLTIPSFINDER.COM~

To make any message MONOSPACE, use the three backticks (“`) before and after writing the message and type the message. Like :- “`politic365.com“`

Send a WhatsApp Message to Multiple Contacts

Whatsapp users can also send a message to their multiple whatsapp friends at once. The best features the replies from your multiple messages of your friends visible only to you.

How to Send a WhatsApp Message to Multiple contacts

  • Open Whatsapp in your device (Android)
  • Tap the menu button to open main menu and select ‘New Broadcast’
  • Tap on the plus sign to select contacts whom you want to send the multiple whatsapp messages
  • After select all your required contacts Tap on ‘Done
  • Then tap ‘Create

Hide Your WhatsApp Profile Picture

Due to privacy concern or some other reason, if anyone wants to hide his WhatsApp profile picture, It means no one can see your profile picture. This facility is only available for the latest versions of WhatsApp. For hide your profile picture simply click on Account> Privacy> Profile Photo and then select given option– Everyone, My contacts, Nobody.

Share ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK, RAR Files

This given WhatsApp trick will help you to share zip, pdf, exe, apk, rar and big files from your WhatsApp. As we all know WhatsApp came with the limitation that you can only send audio, video, and images with it. But with the help of this trick, you will be able to send or share ZIP, PDF, EXE, APK, RAR and even big files with your friends on WhatsApp.

There is a Simple option to share some limited but common data. Let’s say you want to share a .apk file with your friend. To do that append .mp3 at the end of the .apk file like .apk .mp3 then go to share option and select WhatsApp and happily share the apk file with your friend(s).You can follow these steps to share big files on your WhatsApp

  1. First of all install DropBox and CloudSend Application in your mobile
  2. Open CloudSend, you will be prompted to link with Dropbox, Click Allow
  3. Share the file on CloudSend which you want to share with your friends on WhatsApp.
  4. File be automatically uploaded to your DropBox server, and link will be provided to that file
  5. Copy the given link and share it to with your friends on WhatsApp. You friend will only open that link and can able to download the file on their mobile

The above given WhatsApp trick to send big files is very easy to use. If you have any doubts or find any difficulties to use this tricks, then you can contact us or comment below. We will solve it as soon as possible.

Use WhatsApp Without Number

Yes, it is possible to use WhatsApp without number. This is one of the best WhatsApp tricks till now. It is tweaked; you can use WhatsApp without number that means not with your number. We will guide you how you can activate WhatsApp with a number which is not your own, i.e., Fake WhatsApp Number.

  • First, uninstall the official WhatsApp application
  • Download WhatsApp from play store and install it.
  • Disable messaging services (Enable Flight Mode)
  • Open WhatsApp application and insert your number. (Whatsapp will not be able to send the message to its server to verify as you have enabled flight mode in your mobile)
  • So now WhatsApp will prompt you to choose alternate methods to verify your number.
  • Choose “Check through SMS” and enter your email address.
  • Click send button and then instantly click Cancel button. This is required to terminate authorization process
  • Install Spoof Messages app in your mobile.
  • Now go to the outbox and copy the message details Spoofer Application and send it to spoofed verification i.e. false verification
  • Use given details in Spoofed Message: To +447900347295 from+(country code) (mobile number) Message: Your Email Address
  • After this, a message will be sent to the spoofed number, and then you will be able to use this number to connect with friends in WhatsApp.
  • If above-given Spoof Text Message app is not working properly for Android, then you can try their alternate.

Send Blank Message

When you don’t type anything in the WhatsApp, you cannot find the Send button. But with the help of the ASCII codes, you can have space nothing, but one character and that can be transmitted in any social network meaning blank message visually.

  • ASCII code 255 gives the empty space character. You just Press Alt+255 (Numpad) =( ) gives you space character on your PC, you can copy that and paste it in the WhatsApp and be sending which shows a blank message.

If you’re not able to do that you can use an app called: “Send Blank Empty SMS” to send blank messages on WhatsApp.

Recover Deleted Messages

Many of Whatsapp users don’t know about this, WhatsApp by default store all conversations and activity on your SD card. For recover deleted messages on whatsApp you can follow given WhatsApp tricks

How to Recover deleted Messages

  • Simply GO to Micro SD card find WhatsApp then Databases and look for two file named “-msgstore-yyyy..dd..db.crypt’ and ‘-msgstore.db.crypt’

These files contain all the messages you have send or received on whatsApp. The first file contains all the messages you have send or received in the last seven days while the second file contains all messages send or received on that day. Now open these files using a simple text editor.

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Change WhatsApp Number

As we know, sometimes we change our mobile number, and that time we also need to change our WhatsApp number. But what if you want all of your contact to inform that you’re changed your name? And even the group you joined in WhatsApp? Here are the basic tips to improve your WhatsApp number and tell you all friend in WhatsApp regarding your new WhatsApp number.

Just Click on Settings -> Account -> Change Number

Here you need to enter your old number as well as new number. Then you will receive the verification code in your new number. After that, your number will be changed.

Hide Your Profile Picture and Disable WhatsApp Auto Download Images

This is a good thing to do either to shock your friends of some privacy concerns. The WhatsApp Plus screen will help you. There are a lot of fakes available for WhatsApp Plus on the internet.

Open the WhatsApp>> Settings >> Data Usage >> Media Auto-Download

WhatsApp auto download images and videos from the conversation chats, It will create a lot of mess in your mobile gallery. Sometimes also it may kill your mobile data and battery life. This trick will help you to stop auto download images and videos from the chat.

Remove Blue Ticks

Blue ticks. They really can ruin lives and relationships. One forgotten message and suddenly you are a message-ignoring monster.

Someone has though figured out how to get around them. The sending of a read receipt relies on having access to the internet via 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi. So the obvious solution is to switch it all off.

Put your phone in airplane mode, read the message, go out of WhatsApp and properly close down the app, turn airplane mode off and voila – the message will still appear unread to your unwanted Tinder date.

Create Fake WhatsApp Chat with Celebrities

Yes you heard right, you Create Fake WhatsApp Chat with celebrities and amaze your all friends by showing that. You can make fake whatsapp chat with big celebrities like tom cruise, wil smith, bill Gates etc.

For do this, you only need to download an android application called – Whatsaid [download whatsaid application for android]

With this android app you will be able to make fake WhatsApp conversation with any celebrities or anyone by inserting there picture, name and then create your Whatsapp conversion (fake whatsapp conversion).

Change your Friends Profile Picture

For this you make some file replacement to change the actual profile picture of your friend. Follow below given easy tips to do this.

  • Find any funny picture for your friends profile picture
  • Resize it to 561 x 561 pixel dimension
  • Save the resized image to SD card > whatsApp > Profile picture (where you see your friends profile picture)
  • You see these will have prefix attached, simply rename the new resized image to the same file name.
  • Disable data or WI-Fi network. If you don’t want WhatsApp will automatically update the picture. That’s it
  • Now, show this to your friend

Note – this is a simple trick to change your friends profile picture only on your device.  This is meant for only fun purpose


The above listed WhatsApp tricks are the most commonly useful to many whatsapp users. If you have any problems to use these WhatsApp tricks, we’ll be ready to give you a solution or tweak to solve it. Hope you liked this “ WhatsApp Tips and Tricks.”

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