Top 11 Best Applock for Android in 2021 [Updated]

Best Applock for Android:- So, why am I here to get you Best App lock for Android? It is smart already right, even smarter than even I think. Your Android device probably contains a lot of information you would rather keep out of the public eye. While most android devices come with their own internal lock system, you may find it necessary to have an additional security system to keep information private.  Don’t worry; downloading Best Android Applock devices from Google play store is always safe.

But, at some abrupt or unexpected moments, you can’t refuse your friends or family to access your phone. Your phone might have some private data which you don’t want to show them. In that case, Android applock is the best solution. It is really very important to use a Best applock for android devices as it provides better privacy and security. With the help of app locker for android, you can set a lock on applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype and even the gallery on your android device. So, if you are still not serious about the privacy protection of your smartphone then someday you may be in huge loss. We are sure that you are using a password or pattern lock on your android mobile phone so that no one can access the device unless the passcode lock is entered.

Best Applock for Android  [2021Updated]

Just in case if you have decided what is the most powerful and best app lock for android devices to ensure the security of your data? Then below explained the list of best applock for android will help you a lot. So, let’s have a look at the downward segments now.

Norton Applock

best Applock for Android

No one needs an introduction to this master protector company that used to deliver Antivirus security for PC. Now Norton comes as a reliable solution after these best Applock for Android users. Norton Applock makes your device immune to unauthorized people and data theft using a 4-digit PIN, Pattern lock, and password lock mechanism.

As usual, Norton applock comes up with suggestions about which apps should be locked. You can figure out which apps are more vulnerable on your device, and if someone tries to access your phone without your permission, it will take their photo secretly. You can put tight security on your photos, email, and messenger apps through Norton Applock. If you opt for its paid services, there are a lot many features waiting for you.

Perfect Applock

best applock for android

This is another free and one of the best applock for android application with a 4.6 rating on Google Play Store. It can lock any installed application with a PIN code or you can set a custom lock pattern for it. Just like smart app protector, it is also capable of blocking incoming and outgoing calls. If your mobile phone has a front camera then it will automatically capture the photo of the person just after 3rd wrong password attempt. Fake popup screen to display fake error messages can also be enabled from the options panel.

Keeping your personal and confidential information secure is the main purpose of this new, easy-to-use security application called Perfect Applock. Total data control, privacy protection, ease of use is three most popular sections of this best applock for android 2017.If your mobile phone is inaccessible or you are on the way then the app lock feature can also be turned on just by sending an SMS. You can download perfect applock for android by clicking on the link below:

Applock Pro

Applock Pro is one of the best app protectors which can protect your device and privacy. This applock will protect your privacy by locking your Gallery, Mail, Chat tools and any other apps. Let’s look at the features for the app that one can use for free:-

  • Photo Lock
  • Red theme for the app.
  • Christmas HD Wallpapers for lock screen background.
  • Features:
  • Run fast, lightweight, simplify the interface and easy to operate.
  • Multiple app lock theme.
  • Professional and Secure Applock Master.
  • Compatible with both phone and tablet.
  • Pin password and pattern for security.

It can lock your mail, photos and or any other apps from friends and families by setting pin password or pattern. You can lock games and prevent your child or some kids from playing games or buying unwanted things. Your private photos will never be seen by others with this photo locker. You can also prevent your child from messing up the phone settings.

Dodol Locker

best applock for android

This one comes as a part of a package of other apps (the Dodol Collection). It is free and has many themes that allow you to easily customize your lock screen. It, however, still supports the regular pattern and PIN lock methods. It is a great choice if you just want to customize your lock screen. This app is also an ideal if you want the added security of locking certain apps. It has a free version but also comes with a premium version that has additional functionality and is free of ads. It allows for a PIN lock, gesture lock or pattern lock. It can also be used to lock Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth connectivity.


best applock for android

MaxLock is an awesome applock for rooted Android devices only. That’s sad but if you have a rooted Android device, you get some great features with MaxLock. The app is based on Exposed Framework, so you obviously need to have exposed installed on your device. MaxLock is a totally free and ad-free app that unlike many app lockers out there, gives performance and battery the priority. The locking methods include fingerprint, PIN, pattern and knock code. The open-source app includes the ton of customization options, fake crash feature, a Master Switch to disable it easily, an ability to remove thumbnail of apps in the scents window, and more.

Smart App Protector

best applock for android

This app locker comes up with advanced security features that allow you to protect installed apps via password, pattern lock or gestures. It can be used to lock any installed application including the default ones. An interesting feature is that it can capture the photo of intruder automatically after a wrong password in entered. The app can be used to display the fake error message on opening specified apps. Furthermore, it can also be used to block incoming and outgoing calls. Its advanced settings allow you to automatically deactivate lock on specified locations, remotely lock Apps by SMS, Setting a specific time period for app lock and locking of 3G Data. More features you can explore after installing it on your device.

Privacy Knight Applock

best applock for android

Privacy Knight, designed by the Alibaba group, is an ad-free and totally free android applock that isn’t very popular but certainly deserves to be. The app lets you lock apps through different methods like PIN/pattern, fingerprint, face tracking or through a disguised cover like the blow to unlock, shake, or a crash message. Along with apps, you can block incoming calls with Privacy Knight. There are options to prevent uninstallation of the app, hide notification preview from apps like WhatsApp and secret door to disguise the app as a dealer. Along with that, the app captures photos of intruders that enter the wrong password. The app also includes additional features like a photos & videos vault, the ability to check for privacy issues and clear browser history. Read Also:- How to Enable Pattern Lock, Pin Lock OR Password Lock In Android Smartphone


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This app offers you a number of locking options including the classic slide to unlock and swipe to unlock methods. It also comes with a cool bubble unlock method that allows you to slice your finger through the bubble to unlock the phone. It is completely free to use and doesn’t require any additional in-app purchases to work. It is a very simple app with minimal functionality for those who are not looking for anything too complicated. This is another free app that does more than just lock your screen.

It uses data on your device such as GPS to see if you are at home or the office and then guesses which apps you will need at that particular time. It also has additional features such as the peek feature that lets you open certain apps when the screen is still locked as well as smart settings. Read Also:- Best Free Lock Screen Apps for Android


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If you want to protect the system applications then you can use Smart Applock. The best applock for android mobile phones will add a lock on system apps like Bluetooth, Broadband, and even phone dialer. This is the most downloaded and the best security application for your android device. This app works best to hide personal photos and videos. No more need to worry about privacy. The photos and videos which you add into Photo vault and Video vault will be automatically hidden and one can only access them by providing the correct password. Similarly, you can put a lock on any application installed on your Phone including Facebook, Gmail, WhatsApp, Google Play Store, and Games etc. Messages, Contacts and Settings panel can also be password-protected using this app locker for android.

The app keeps on running in the background and automatically starts after you restart your mobile phone. From the application settings panel, you can easily set a custom Password for the apps, mark the apps you want to lock and activate it.

Hexlock App Lock

best applock for android

This is a bit simpler application that is fully capable of doing its primary task of locking any android application within seconds. It works well for the privacy of your Facebook account, WhatsApp, Viber etc. and in order to password protects your personal messages folder. Hexlock App Lock is a fairly new app locker for Android that has gained a lot of traction due to its beautiful interface and handy features. The app lets you lock apps through fingerprint, with the PIN and pattern as your backup. Set a unique password or pattern for the apps and make your private apps/data secure.

The system lock feature enables advanced security for the application that prevents the app from being uninstalled or killed. It can also disable installation and uninstallation of apps from your device without permission and that adds more security. There are various preset profiles like Work, Home, Party, Parental, School etc. but you can edit these or create your very own profiles. Hexlock lets you automatically enable a profile based on the Wi-Fi network your device is connected to.

Apps Lock & Gallery Hider

best applock for android

Add a lock to all the applications installed on your mobile phone and also keep all the photos in your gallery safe with Apps lock & gallery hider. You will get a lot of amazing features in this best app lock for android 2017. From the options panel, you can set a custom security question through which you can reset password in case you forget it.  Apps Lock & Gallery Hider is a free application and you can download it from Google Play Store by the below link.

You can get app lock for android free download from Google Play store. You can also add a lock to the incoming calls with this app.

This lock is another handy application that comes with the traditional features of app locking i.e., Password Protection and Pattern Locking. You can use it for locking private apps on your android device. A widget can be placed on the home screen for instant enabling/disabling of application.

In Conclusion

Google Play Store has millions of Free and Paid applications and thousands of new ones are also being added on daily basis. Out of Millions of android applications, there were some that everyone must have or at least try. I do believe these Best Free AppLock for Android are going to help you have a sigh of relief even at the moment, when your little sister is trying some sneaky stuff. Let me have a word on this one, have your say on that. The comment box is right below.