10 Best free International Calling Apps to Make Free Calls

Are you staying away from Home? Are you unable to connect with your peers to present your slideshow? Are you seriously missing your friends and want to see them being away from them? And do you own a Smartphone? Not a problem is this, Here are 10 Free International Calling Apps for you to get connected in a jiffy. There may be the distance between you and your buddies, and to fill that gap, you can opt any of the listed apps to get to talking.

10 Free International Calling Apps

The List I packed here is the Best Free International Calling Apps, some of them may work location-wise. Some are widely used, and some are currently connecting people and readers like you to the other ends of this world. Here we roll.


free international calling app

Starting with Rebtel, I put it first Disregarding Duo or Hangout (Don’t fret, they both are also here), because it is free and has recently been modified by the developer’s team based in Sweden. What you can enjoy with this app is even more interesting to know, an unlimited number of calls whether a landline or cellular phone, you need to have a Wi-Fi connection, if your mobile data is in bulk, you are good to go. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

Google Duo

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Designed primarily for personal use, you can have a good time around with your office buddies. This App is created by Tech Giant and is the easiest to put application to. So, be it a video chat with your Spouse or a conference call with your Boss, just choose the number and start discussing your Knick-Knacks. Supported an all sorts of devices from iPhone to Windows phone, should it not be easy for you? Plus, it gets updated automatically now and then, it’s Google you know.

Google Hangout

free international calling apps

The long runner and still going the distance; I’d prefer Hangout over Duo (Since texting option is missing). Wherever your location might be, you are still home with your Google account. What Hangout gives you are unlimited VoIP calls and chats, entirely at no cost. Yeah, WiFi connection would be better if you are roaming in some other land. Its Dialer is best for you if you need to make calls to the US and Canada-based numbers for free without using your cell plans.


free international calling app

Skype, as we are familiar with the name, not just for your video interviews, I’d instead say Skype is gaining pace on personal video calling now. Compatible with types of devices from Windows PC to MAC, now it’s easy to call through iPhones and Androids. However, you have to pay for the extra credits you take to draw the actual numbers in your contacts otherwise it doesn’t cost you a dime. There are billions of trusting customers connecting through a secured app like Skype at the moment. There are also lots of Skype Alternatives available to make free international calls using free calling apps.

WhatsAppfree international calling app

How do I miss this upgraded app, Whatsapp gained many additional features ever since owned by Facebook. Easy to install, free to voice call disregarding your location (Mind the Chinese region though), and enabling you to post your recent status and notifying your friends, all are here. Well, nothing to say the Chinese, but WhatsApp is still dominant in over 150 countries and increasingly has earned users’ attention. You’d find it easy to go through calls and texts since it operates on both the WiFi and Cellular data connection. Data charges may apply though, depending on your region.


free international calling apps

Yeah, the most prominent reason why Whatsapp is out of the game in China is WeChat (Chinese App probably).  Well, that is not the only reason, to be honest, cause right now, over 700 satisfied users are connected with each other via WeChat. Also, you earn rewards using this app to make phone calls and communicating. You can even make free voice calls through WeChat.


free international calling apps

Another lookalike to WhatsApp is Viber that got introduced years back. Still, on the market, billions of downloads show that users still love this app to Video call and text each other. And why not, it is free to install and easy to set up no matter where you are based. I read about Windows Phone users’ having some compatibility issues earlier. But, adapts to every platform and finds it easy to integrate with your contacts list. You can make Group chat up to 250 people

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Alright, what is this app doing here on the list of free International calling apps? Majorly because we need a Multitasking app in the hour of need. Built especially for your business motives, clickmeeting keeps its name up in the business covering most of the professional features including regularly updated Presentation tools and graphics. Don’t go anywhere if you are looking for an app to present your High School or University project, Clickmeeting is all in one solution. It also lets you take along your stuff from Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, or DropBox accounts.

FaceBook Messenger

The last to your eyes is Facebook Messenger, introduced for personal use only, now turning the tables around, FB Messenger is widely used by professionals to promote their business further. It effortlessly merges your contact list and helps you communicate through video calls, Voice Calls, and text chats for free. For international calls, it is one universal app to stay connected to your Universe.

Some apps may cost you calling charges depending on your country rules and Regulatory authority. I’d rather suggest you prefer a WiFi connection for any you take from here from these 10 Free International Calling Apps. What Say? Leave me your thoughts here.