Computer Security Software Antivirus Buying Guide 2020

Usually the computer, laptop, Smartphone, Tablets or Macs is considered the biggest threat to the virus. there are many chances that your device may get infected with dangerous virus by downloading or surfing online, web browsing or from any external device like SD card, pan drive etc. by means of the different types of virus like maware, adware, spams, browser hijacking on your device as we as your persona data is also being damaged.

But you not need to fear the same, because in the market there are various security suite (antivirus) available. but it is a dilemma that which we bought antivirus, which is better for the sefty of our device or what should we paid the money for the antivirus, whereas there are so many free antivirus in market or what features should be in an antivirus.

So, lets start our tutorial’ Computer Security Software Antivirus Buying Guide‘ this guide will help you to chose the best antivirus security software.

Best Antivirus Buying Guide

What is Different Between Free and Paid Antivirus Security Software?

The difference between the free version of computer security software and the paid version of  computer security software is must like different between trail version and paid version. like the free version of antivirus software provides basic security features such as virus protection, anti-malware, anti firewall etc. on the other hand if we paid for and antivirus software, they provides some additional security features such as parents controls, password safes, secure identity, bock phishing, help supports etc.

And the other things is that, some of other free computer security software program will try to install unnecessary browser toolbar and many free antivirus software version will repeatedly ask you to upgrade to the paid version. ex – Avast is one of the best free antivirus security software and also available pro version so lets see different between Avast free and paid version.

So, Should you go the Free Version or Paid version of Antivirus Software

use free version of computer security software or the paid version you buy, it depends on your needs. If you do not store any critical data in you device or computer and require a normal security protection, a free version of Antivirus software may be sufficient for your computer. but if you store any critical data such as your identity, banking information, business information or any information, data loss which you may be huge losses, you need to paid version of computer security software.

You decide yourself which security software would be appropriate for your computer, laptop, Smartphone, Tablets or Macs.

If you decided to buy the paid Antivirus software, here we are sharing about some batter features, always remember that you buy Antivirus software.

Keep These Things in Mind before selecting Appropriate Antivirus Software

Malware Detection

Malware is short for maicious software & computer programs and used as a single terms to refer to virus, worm, spy ware. maware is designed to damage a stand alone computer or networked computer. Malwares are not easily detectable by computer user, other side new virus and malwares releasing everyday sometime a god antivirus security software does not even find it. so, chose that antivirus which has great malware detraction ration.

Threat Detraction

  • Anti- Malware
  • Anti-Spyware
  • Anti-Adware
  • Anti- virus
  • Anti- Worms
  • Anti- Rootkit
  • ANti- Trojan
  • Anti-Browser hijacker

Email & IM Protectin

  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Phishing
  • IM protection
  • Email Scan

Other features

  • Auto clean infected file
  • scan compressed files
  • Self defense
  • Website blocking
  • Parental control

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Antivirus security software price is another essential thing when purchasing any antivirus. look for an antivirus which offers good features at affordable price.

Help and technical support

support option is another major features to look when you purchasing antivirus, if something goes wrong at any point of time you can get phone support or chat support or email support.


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