Top 6 Best Free Antivirus Security Apps for Android phone

This List contains 6 Best Antivirus for Android phones which can easily secure you Android phone from various type of virus and malwares.

In these day most of phone users have android OS enabled Smartphone. Android users are increasing day by day and also increase malicious attack on it. If you use android phone then you have to consider the security of the phone data. Because our latest android phone contains many important data like Emails, personal documents, bank details, personal photo & videos. So, for you Smartphone security here I am sharing some top and best free Antivirus Security Apps for Android phone and Tablets.

There are many free android security apps also known as Antivirus for Android which can easily protect you phone from various type of virus and malwares. Let’s start article, Top 5 Best Free Antivirus Security Apps for Android phone and Tablets.

Best Free Antivirus Security Apps for Android phones

Best android Antivirus Apps

Avira Antivirus

The super classic and superfast anti-malware is here with more surprises for Android users. This list of the best Antivirus security apps for android would be incomplete without Avira antivirus. This light and fast Antivirus for Android Scans blocks & removes viruses, spyware, malware of over 350000 types. You can stay worry-free and continue to whatever you are up to as Avira offers you optimum Camera, Mic, and Web Protection.

Specially crafted for mobile devices, this antivirus program helps you locate your lost phone and protects your unlocked phone from misuse. You can use a different SIM card by activating the Lock feature and prevent unauthorized access by locking it remotely. Now protect your identity with its built-in identity safeguard feature and Pass Lock Password (PIN protection). If you are much concerned about your online privacy, Avira ensures your worry stays at bay. This Android antivirus app comes with a built-in VPN service with 100 MB of free data for everyday use.

AVG Antivirus – Best Android Antivirus 2021 [free]

AVG Antivirus is one of the best antivirus for android free and its provides many types of mobile security like malware protection, web shield, task killer, backup assistant, real time scanner and anti theft( Phone locator, phone lock, remote wipe). This best android antivirus is also available for computer of PC.

Features of AVG Antivirus

  • The main features of this security app to scan whole device, media files, apps and remove viruses with simple click. Also can set automatic scan by run daily, weekly or on demand.
  • Check web contents like emails and SMSs for malware before downloading to device
  • Users can locate and find stolen phone using the Google Maps with this best antivirus for Android phone.
  • With this best android antivirus lock/ wipe your device to protect your privacy.
  • Monitor battery, storage data package usage

Avast mobile security | Best Antivirus for Android

Avast free mobile security is another best antivirus security company for android device for protecting you Android Smartphone and tablet from various types of virus, malware, adware, spyware  and malicious attacks and also track lost or stolen device.

Features of Avast mobile security

  • This free antivirus apps for android protect from a types of viruses like virus, malware, adware, spyware
  • It’s also help to locate your lost phone through web-based phone locate features
  • This Best android antivirus gives you complete control of your mobile phone with handy tools like cal filter, network meter, app manager and even firewall (on root phone).

Lookout Mobile Antivirus

I think most of android users already known about best antivirus for android Lookout mobile antivirus because it comes pre-loaded on lots of android Smartphone and tablets. Although Lookout mobile antivirus comes with both free and premium version but their free versions have enough security features for phone like Antivirus, anti-malware, anti-theft and some backup capabilities. Lookout mobile antivirus free versions have a unique feature, when phone battery is low it automatically saves devices last known location.

Features of Lookout mobile antivirus

  • This best antivirus for android phone provides various security and virus protect features like app scanning, virus protection, malware protection, adware protection, spyware protection etc.

CM Security – [Best Antivirus for Android Phone]

CM Security app is newer and free antivirus for android Smartphone in our list but it’s very popular and impressive free security app for android. The best antivirus for android has 100.1 million satisfied users. The CM Security app can protect from antivirus, anti-malware, find-my-phone functionality, Google map integration, picture tracking support, app lock, call blocking etc.

Features of CM Security

  • This best antivirus security app protects your device from all kinds of viruses and malware.
  • lock your photos, gallery and messages from prying eyes with app lock features
  • this security app provides options to boost your phones  RAM and CPU with clean and booster feature
  • locate your lost phone through web-based phone locate features
  • CM security app have various scan features like App and system scanner, SD card Scan, On-installed scan, seduced scan
  • You can bock unwanted phone calls with call blocking feature

360 Security

360 Security is another free and best antivirus for android Smartphone made by Qihoo 360 in china. Like CM security this security app is also free and highly ranked antivirus. It provides features of phone antivirus, cleaner, memory booster, call and SMS blocker, anti-theft, App manager and various other mobile security features.

Features of 360 security

  • This antivirus security app protect your phone from virus and unsafe downloads also scan installed apps, memory card contents.
  • Protect from various viruses adware, malware, Trojans etc
  • This security app provides features of junk file cleaners and memory booster (RAM, Mobile boost)
  • Power saver
  • App lock


Dear friends, if you are not using any Antivirus Security Apps in your android Smartphone or Tablets then select you’re required above given Top 6 Best Free Antivirus Security Apps for Android phone. Note that; don’t install more than one Antivirus or security apps in your android phone.

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