10 Best Email Apps for Android in 2021 to Manage Mailbox

This list will show you 10 best android email apps to Manage Mailbox

Best email apps for Android:- Email has become an important part of our life. Since it was created in the late 1990’s its been widely used by People Worldwide. Email has completely defeated traditional Mail system in most of the ways. With the Rise of SmartPhones, emails have become more popular, especially Gmail. You need to have email id, in case you want to create your account in any website. Gmail App comes pre-installed in our android device but it is basic and we can’t add other Email Services with it. This is why we need to look for other email apps which can help us to connect all other mail ids.

Best Email Apps For Android


best android email apps

Outlook is the mail app for Windows but many don’t know that they have an awesome app for Android Devices too. You don’t need to have an Outlook or Hotmail to use it. Just like Windows PC app, it will ask only to log in your yahoo or other email service provider that’s it. It will Filter out your emails and show the ones which are really mean to you. In-built AI helps this app to detect marketing emails or other spammy emails for which it will not show any notification. Apart from this features, it has a very nice simple and efficient Interface which will help you for better usability.

  • Supports all major Email Service Providers
  • Clean and Attractive Interface
  • Smart Notification and Email Filtering


best android email apps

Yandex is the most Popular Search Engine in Russia as well as Email Service Provider. Just like Outlook App, Yandex also supports all major email services. You don’t need to have a Yandex Account in order to use one. Just Install and chose your Email Service Provider. It will now ask you to log in, once you do it. It will pull all our emails in real time.

  • Small App with Low Data consumption
  • Simple Interface with easy operations
  • Supports all major Email Service Providers.

Yahoo Mail

best android email apps

Yahoo mail is one of the oldest mail service providers so we can expect an app from this Service Provider. In case you are using Yahoo email, this official app is the best for you. It will act as an authenticator while someone tries to login into your email from an unfamiliar location. The Interface is quite well-designed but it comes with a lot of ads too. Just like other mail apps, it is also compatible with other major Email services.

  •  Comes with an Authenticator
  • Attractive Interface
  • Lots of ads may appear

Inbox by Gmail

best android email apps

Gmail comes pre-installed in our Android so why we need it. Inbox by Gmail is quite exciting and something new from the developers behind the Gmail. This app is just like a Power User for your Gmail Account. You can check the photos inside the mail without even opening them. You can categorize your emails very intelligently recognizing the type of text inside the mail. Apart from all these, it will also help you to set reminders and smart notifications.

  • Smart AI to Categorize the Emails.
  • Able to Set reminder and Alarms
  • Beautiful Interface
  • Supports Gmail for now.

K-9 Mail

best android email apps

This is an Open-source community driven Email Service Provider. This is the one of the oldest mail App with a simplistic design. It consumes very fewer data and supports all POP/IMAP accounts. As being an open source you can create own version of it or contribute ot Github. This app has no Ad at all and works very smoothly as compared with other mail apps.

  • Open-Source Mail app
  • Lightweight and simplistic design
  • Supports all POP/IMAP Accounts


best android email apps

This is one of the best Emails For android which is Free. It has a very simplistic but Attractive Interface design. It supports all major email service providers along with iCloud and exchange. When it comes to POP and IMAP, it also handles then very smoothly. This is actually a client for My.com Mail service. It also offers other features like Activesync, Email Signature and Easy Folder attachment, which are very rear among mail apps.

  • Compatible with major Email Service Providers.
  • Supports All Types of Webmail via pop and IMAP.
  • Email signature and ActiveSync Support


best android email apps

Nine is a third party which comes with a premium version too. This also supports all major email services providers and POP/IMAP Email services to. It Features a unified Inbox with Filtering. Along with all these, it also features Exchange and ActiveSync. It also works well with Android Wear. It may be an expensive Email App but a very productive for an Enterprise user.

  • Unified Inbox
  •  Supports Android watch
  • Supports Exchange and ActiveSync

Proton Mail

best android email apps

ProtonMail is an incredible email client for security-minded people. The application boasts end-to-end email encryption. That fundamentally implies the main two people who can read your emails are you and the individual you’re emailing. The application likewise boasts OpenPGP bolster, self-destructing emails (where upheld), and the vast majority of the common stuff like names and association features. This one stores emails on a server. Nonetheless, that server is totally encrypted and nobody can read them, not by any means ProtonMail. A large number of the features require a ProtonMail account, yet this is about more or less great terms of security except if you set up your own server.

  • It has End-to-End Encryption Support
  • Self-Destruct Email
  • OpenPGP Compatibility

Newton Mail

best android email apps

Newton Mail is an interesting case. It’s the main email app on the rundown that requires a membership. It supports most email clients, including Gmail, Exchange, iCloud, Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo, and others. The app features a bound together inbox, isolate hues for each email address, and more customization features. It additionally has perused receipts, sender profiles, and associated apps. For example, you can utilize Todoist, Evernote, OneNote, Pocket, Trello, Asana, and others without leaving the app. It’s costly. Except if you live amazing your email, you might be better off with a less expensive alternative. There is a 14-day free preliminary, however.

  • Supports all Major email Service Provider Along with Office 365.
  • Integrated with all online notepad and reminder apps like Evernote, Trello, Pocket and many more.
  • Smartr Email Filter and Unification.

Blue Mail 

email blue mail

Blue Mail is one of the outstanding among the 10 Best Email Apps for Android devices. It supports various clients, including the populars like Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, Office 365, and virtually other POP3, IMAP, or Exchange clients.

Blue Mail uses different notification settings for each of your email accounts and also comes with Android Wear support, rich text signature, and a dark theme just like Gmail. You can also access its smart features. It’s powerful and loaded with features and you can download it for free. It also uses instant Push Mail that saves you even more time.

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Google Play Store has 100’s of Email Apps to choose from. We have Chosen these apps on the basis of feedback from the People Given in the Google Play Store. The one which always works well is the Stock Email App or Gmail app. If you got any Email app better than this and we missed than let us know in the comments.