Top 10 Best Proxy Servers In 2016 to Check Your Web Results Securely

What is a Proxy Server?

Proxy servers acts like a middleman between computer and the website you want to visit. It aids you to look into blocked sites that are blocked by your Internet provider for now. Proxy servers protect you from hackers as well. It allows you to safely visit websites without leaving any mark of you as you are using a different IP address.

The great thing about these servers is that they allow you to use them for free but for a limited period of time. If you want to use proxy servers for a longer duration you definitely need to pay a subscription fee. These servers are getting popular amidst its users as people realize that they are the only way to get Internet security.

Reasons to use Proxy servers

  • Security reasons

Security is a huge concern for internet users. Hacking is a more prominent issue for people like you and me. Therefore, the only thing that can help us keep our vital information safe is through these Proxy servers. It gives you an extra layer of protection so you can feel safe on Internet.

  •   Blocked websites

There are many websites which are blocked by our government and organisations where we work for obvious reasons. Proxy Servers gives us an edge over other users by enabling us to visit these sites easily with different IP address.

  • Increase performance

Proxy servers are believed to increase the speed of performance from your Internet provider.

  • Bypass Filters

Proxy servers can help you to bypass those filters that may be placed to deny access to most of the users. You can easily scrape up the filters and visit the website with ease.

How to use Proxy servers?

Using Proxy servers is a cake walk for interested users. You just need to enter your desired URL in the Address bar of the Proxy website and press “Enter”. The URL can be of any website like YouTube, Twitter or any other site.

Proxy server will do the trick for you and you can easily visit the webpage on your computer with different IP address. There can be times when one Proxy site won’t work on your device, try the other one. There are plenty of them.

Please note:

One thing that you should keep in your mind while using Proxy sites is the security aspect. We strongly recommend you to not to access personal details or personal account through Proxy servers. There’s always a chance that someone could track your real address by breaking the proxy connection. So please be sure that you are not accessing to your bank account, personal email id or other information through proxy servers.

List of Proxy servers

There are hundreds of proxy servers listed on Internet. To give you a clear picture of how a Proxy server works I am going to discuss the top 5 servers for now. There is a list of approximately 100 servers mention below, you can try them as per your wish.


Filterbypass is ranked as the best proxy website to use on your personal computer. It has a awesome User interface with added features to use. Filterbypass allows you to search your desired URL in the address bar provided by the site.

As you enter the surf button, it open a new tab that displays your desired website. The Proxy servers allows you to explore its features for example, you can choose if you want to access Javascript and cookies and if your connection needs to be encrypted. This is recommended as the first choice you should have for general use.

  • is believed to be one of the best proxy server to visit blocked websites. You just need to enter the blocked URL in the search box and it easily displays the site to you. also gives you quite a few check boxexs to clear like type of encryption, client side scriptiing should be allowed? and many more to go.

These instructions and check boxes are for your safety and security, so you have to cooperate with the server.. Unlike most of the proxy servers, has a very interesting and eye pleasing User interface. You can access it anytime you want.

  • is yet another proxy server website that is goig to make your work easier than ever. The website has an impressive user interface and an added professional touch to it. The proxy website serves you with several servers from US and Europe, so if by chance one doesn’t work for you the other will definitely work. Moreover, there are no advertisements and pop ups. It even gives you an option to manage your cookies and edit the user agent, you can browse on the site as if you are browsing from a mobile phone and vise versa.

  • has a crappy user interface with reliable acess to websites. The team definitely needs to improve its user interface but if talk about its reliability, we can feel safe being on It provides you all the basic features of a proxy server with lightening fast speed.

  • has a total different format as compared to other proxy server sites. It mainly provides you detailed information about Proxy servers, its pros and cons, how to use them and much more. Proxy server is known for providing a list of Proxy server websites that is listed on the sidebar of the home page. I guess is going to be the first website to visit if I want to gain knowledge about the stuff.

List of Top & Best Proxy servers


These Proxy servers can really help you to enhance your work as well as speed performance. Let’s try and use them on our personal computers. All the Proxy servers mentioned above are active, in case any of then goes inactive, please feel free to write your suggestions and options below. Thank you!