How to Enable Voice Typing on Android Device [Step by Step Guide]

Dear Android users, here we are with today’s topics on How to Enable Voice Typing on Android Device. Not many of us know about this kickass feature on our android phones we use daily. Yes, it’s an amazing fact that we can interact with our Android phones using voice commands.

Let’s read the following information and start communicating with our phones without using any keypad/touchpad. Here is another informative point to you that the android versions 2.3 or above support this feature. We just need to feed our command through voice and let your phone do the rest. Here is how it works. When you give any command to your phone, it converts your speech into text and fetches you the results you are looking for.

Ways on How to Enable Voice Typing on Android Device

So there are mainly two methods you can enable this feature. First one is online typing and the other one is offline typing.

Point to note:If you want to go for offline typing, then you must have android 4.2 version or above. Then download the “Google Voice Typing”settings and then you are good to go with it.

In a case of Online voice Typing, you just have stay connected to the internet and the rest will be taken care by google services as you keep following the process.

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Step by Step process of How to Enable Voice Typing on Android Device

Just take a look at these steps and follow each one as given in the order below.

  • Move to the Settings screen given in your phone.
  • Next move is to go to “Language and Input” option.
  • Set Google Voice Typing as your Default input option.
  • Tap to select “Google Voice typing”that is visible in the notification bar.
  • Now a new tool would be added to your home screen and that would be a mic. All you have to do is just speak through that mic to give your command to your phone.
  • You’ll notice that whenever and whatever you speak through that mic, the Google Voice Typing simply displays it on your screen.

It is absolutely a kickass feature that everyone should try. It helps users to reduce their efforts in typing and typographical errors. Because sometimes, we as humans, make some errors while typing too fast that results in an unexpected output.

Points to Note: To get the better of “Google Voice Typing”, you have to keep your voice clear. Sometimes, results are not as per what we asked for. This is because of unclear command. As the voice get interpreted which later gets converted into text. You can suit yourself with your preferred language besides English. That is so far, the best and coolest thing to see with the feature. So often we see users struggling with English while interacting with their devices. So voice enabled feature gets rid of this issue as well.

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If you haven’t enabled your language preferences option, here is how you can do it. You’ll see a gear shaped icon just next to “Google Voice Typing”, just tap it and choose your language from the list.

So, these were some tips on How to Enable Voice Typing on Android Device. But be prompt about not using the slang or s**** words because in this case, you’ll find no results to your query. However, the device can fetch you an answer to words like ‘damn’ or ‘crap’. This much is okay to say, but the other words that are often displayed on television with an asterisk might not show anything on the results panel. So it’s better to avoid slang and the other naughty words. It is fun to use the feature anyway. Do try it if you are a curious user.

Hope you liked and enjoyed it reading. We will be back with some other topics to help you out. Keep visiting us and don’t forget share it with friends and fellows. Come on, show us some love. We’ll be waiting for your feedback.

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