Top 9 Best Online Free Cloud Storage Service 2021

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hello readers, If you are thinking about giving up your date backup, then there are so many options comes in your mind such as Hard drive, pan drive, memory card etc. but these storage’s devices have some limitations like they may be poor, cloud lose etc. Then the online storage or cloud storage is an excellent choice. the main features or advantages of cloud storage that your computer, pan drive, hard drive or mobile will all be degradation yet your data will still be safe and second biggest feature is that you can access it from anywhere.

In this article i am sharing some of the best Online free Cloud Storage Service. Also Read10 Best Free Cloud Storage Apps for Android

Free Cloud Storage Services


dropbox cloud storage serviceDropBox is the oldest Online Cloud Storage Service science 2007-2008 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. You can use this service for sharing and storing all types of data including photos, videos, documents etc. You only need to create account on DropBox and allow this to create folders on all your connected devices such as Your laptops, PC’s or mobile devices.

Till date this service have more then 55 million users and this service offers 2 GB free online storage space and more then 50 GB and 100 GB storage for paid users.

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  • 2 GB Free Online storage space
  • Effortless file synchronization
  • Excellent array of apps for various OS
  • Very easy to install and use
  • It works same we on PC, Macs, Android and iOS devices

Google Drive

google drive cloud storage serviceGoogle Drive is another most popular and Best Online Free Cloud Storage Service offered by Google. It allows there users to store all types of file and also allows to share files online. This online storage service running seance 2012 and provides 5 GB of free Online storage service, you can expand storage capacity by purchasing there monthly fee service. You can access Google Drive service from approx all types of devices such as Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X.

If you have a Google account you can also access Google drive. you just have to go to and enable this online file sharing service.


  • 5 GB free online storage space
  • Google Drive allows to view over 30 file types directly from web browser
  • No need to make account , if you have Google account and very little setup for start


onedrive cloud storage serviceOneDrive is another old and best online free cloud storage service powered by Microsoft and is launched in year 2008. This cloud storage service also allows there users to sync all types of files and later access them from any web browser or mobile device. This service supports over 107 languages. If you have already used SkyDrive then it would be much easier.It is primarily designed for windows devices, but you can also use in Android and iOS based devices.

This cloud storage service offers 15 GB of free online storage for there new users and also available additional storage for purchase.


  • 15 GB of free Online Storage Space


icloud cloud storage service onlineiCloud online cloud storage service is basically designed for Apple (iOS OS) products and is released in June 2011 by If you have iPad, iPhone or Mac device then you can easily save all type of data. If you use the Apple devices, you simply create an account, iCloud enables automatically sync across all devices of E-Mail mailbox and messages, calendars, documents, photos, iTune music, videos etc.

This service offers 5 GB of online cloud storage for free for there users, with additional storage capacity available for purchase on a monthly and yearly basic.


  • 5 GB of free Online Storage Space
  • Automatically sync all devices
  • Through iCoud backup service you can get automatic backup a iOS device


box cloud storage serviceBox is another clean online cloud storage service build for collaboration. this online storage service is mostly used for professional users to Save files and also share there files. The editing features is also present in this service, you can access it from everywhere.

Its basic services you can get in free of cost as well as 10 GB online storage facility also.



  • Box comes with various pf tools for business purpose, including collaboration and fie privacy control
  • 10 GB of free Online Storage Space

free cloud storage service slips in as the most reliable cloud storage service where you can share your files worth unlimited size. Highly recommended for business enterprises, this cloud-based storage service keeps your sensitive data in a secure environment. Sync can work with efficacy in Windows, iOS, MAC, Android or even browser.

It’s also one of the cheapest storage services currently that starts with $5/month per user while its advanced plan is also considerable if you need to upload heavy files to its cloud server. No matter which plans you choose, you have the leverage to save up to 10 TB of data which is also a point to note.


mega free cloud storage serviceMega free Cloud storage is a great storage service that is much similar to the popular DropBox cloud storage but the difference between the two is the amount of the free cloud space provided. The mega provides up to 50GB of free storage and helps there users to download multiple files in ZIP file and upload files through the mobile app is also possible.

This is one of the cloud service providers who provide 50GB of huge cloud service in free. The cloud user who is finding the excellent backup file option should definitely use mega cloud storage with storage along with impressive security features.


mediafire free cloud storageOne of the user friendly and best free cloud storage service used for storing your important document and photos online. The base free storage that Media File Cloud storage provides is 10GB but there are some features is that the free cloud storage can expend up to 50GB (by signup Referals). This free cloud storage has many impressive features that have made storing and handling of stored files very easier.

Along with free storage service you can expend the storage with their premium service to 1TB for 5$ per month OR and a large 100TB for 50$ per month. Paid user can use their all premium features like file storage, file sharing publically, and password protect their files, access a security log, use mediafire Android or iOS mobile apps.


pcloud free cloud storagepCloud is another best free cloud storage service which provide 10GB of free cloud space but there are option to expend 2TB storage in free. The unlimited remote upload traffic features make it noticeable in market. Picture resizing on the go without the help of any image editing software has now become the much easier with pCloud. pCloud helps the users automatically lock the crypto folders each and every time the log of from the device.



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