11 Best File Manager for Android In 2021 [File Explorer Apps]

Hello Viewers, In this article we have a collection of Best File Manager for android, File Browser apps and File Explorer Apps for Android.

As we all know Every Android device comes with pre loaded File manager OR file Explorer app. File manager play the most important role in and device and helps to manage stored files, downloads and more. But, if you don’t like your default file explorer of your android Smartphone you can use other file manager which provides batter features from your default file manager app.

In other words, Android file manager app is a third – party file managers which are rich enough in features and safe to download easily, manage your storage space, browse your files, move things around and a lot more. Everyone is not keen to file organization as it is unattractive but still everybody needs a file browser.

Best File Manager for Android | File Explorer App

Cx File Explorer

best File Manager for Android

It’s a free file manager service that gives you a crisp and clear interface with modernized operations. Cx File Manager is an unbeatable name in the list of best File Manager for Android. Browse quickly and freely to organize your files or store them on the cloud if you want. It functions as if you work on your PC or Macbook.

With Cx File Manager, your device will remain away from bloating issues, and your phone appears symmetric in all sorts. With basic file and folder operations, you get the privilege of Access files on NAS (Network-attached storage) to share files across FTP, FTPS, SFTP, SMB, WebDAV, and LAN. You can also access your device data from a PC remotely via FTP. You won’t be troubled with annoying ads either, and that’s too much of a giveaway from a free app.

ES File Explorer File Manager

es file explorer file manager

ES File Explorer File Manager for android gives you a Windows Explorer feel and boost with the essential feature like copy/paste, cut, delete and add files or folders. A smart Android file manager with multiple features such as music, pictures or videos for the desired users and helps the users to uninstall or backup any app. You can rename, delete, add folders and clean up memory space as well. The app is totally customizable to various themes and colors. It helps to manage files on network such as DropBox, Google Drive, SkyDrive and much more. In addition, it provides a root explorer for a rooted device and a Bluetooth file browser as well.

Some Impressive Features of ES File Explorer manager for Android

  • ES File Explorer manager is a powerful app that put Desktop Grade Features on your Android device
  • This App is able to manage your Device’s File with Cut, Copy, Pest, Rename and Compress operations.
  • Provide Remote File Access features. Means, you can access your phones data from anywhere using Best Cloud storage.
  • One of Highest Downloaded Android apps which have 500 million users over world.

ASUS File Manager

asus file manager for android

An app totally free with no in-app purchases and even ad-fee, the default file manager for Zen UI Asus Smartphone’s and is available in the Play Store for all Android phones. It provides you to hide your files within its Hidden Cabinet included with the other features of the best Android file managers such as LAN and SMB access, Cloud storage, search option, compressing and extracting files and much more. It comes with a special built-in recycle bin to help you to recover files after you delete them. You can even view APK files as ZIP if you’re into that kind of thing. It is one of the more unique options on the list as it is efficient, easy to understand.

Some Impressive Features of ASUS File manager for Android

  • With this file manager you can easily search, access, save, move, delete or share all types’ data in your android device’s internal memory, MicroSD card, LAN or Cloud Storage.
  • Storage analyzer, Recycle bin and hidden cabinet let you manager disk very easily

X- plore File Manager

x-plore file manaher

With an additional support for LAN and Web storage, X-plore File Manager is an ad-free app where its users manage two windows at the same time and can quickly accessible copy/paste from folders. The Android app have the basic and additional features of cloud storage, network storage, root support, app manager, pdf viewer, Auto-ZIP file creator and ZIP unpacker, hex viewer, video player and much more.

ASTRO File Manager

astro file manager for android

ASTRO File Manager is a well-designed Android file manager and file explorer app with storage location or Cloud services and an inbuilt download manager for downloading large files smoothly. Asrtro File Manager comes with an SD Card usage Manager to manager and clear memory, Task killer to clean task to save battery durability with the specialty to easily uninstall or backup apps. In Addition, it can compress and extract files, move files between cloud storages, access LAN or SMB and tag with all other necessary improved features. It also has a quick viewer that shows consumed MicroSD card space and internal memory space.

Total Commander

total commander app for android

Total Commander is one of the most powerful and highly rated file manager apps with no in-app purchases and also no advertisement, the app provides pretty supports to various types of files, cloud and networking storage, a plug-in for FTP and LAN, root functions, bookmarking, filename sorting and many more features which a user might desires. Its dark built-in interface makes comparing and moving files quite often quickly manageable.

Amaze File Manager

amaze file manager

Amaze File Manager is an open source app comparatively speaking which is pretty good and compact with features for smooth user experience with no ads and are free. It consists of shortcuts to frequently used folders like movies, music, pictures and downloads, the folders are customizable for bookmark and add folders if one prefer. Along this, it supports FTP and SMB file sharing, app manager, navigation drawer, root explorer for rooted device and much more for those who just need to do some light file browsing.

MK File Explorer

mk explorer for android

MK File Explorer is another newer android file manager option with some specialty. It is a simple but pleasant user interface android file manager app with two windows (panels) to view files, moving files between different locations within the two windows for random performance and provides a shortcut to any folder that you add to bookmarks.

Although the app does not support cloud or network storage, it consists of features like search tool, ZIP and RAR support, built-in text editor, music player, and gallery and support 20 different languages. The app features with a material design and its basic file management features like copy/paste, delete, hide, create shortcuts are easily accessible. Most likely it is an excellent and is free to download file manger tools quickly.


Airdroid allows you to move files & folders wirelessly to and from the device, even run the apps and receive notifications in the form of SMS. It has a built-in system that secures your data and in a case of breach, you can lock or even erase all your confidential information remotely. It is an Android that syncs phone and computer and provides a remote file control management. It facilitates you to install/uninstall apps from a remote location.

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Tetra Filer

tetra filer for android

Tetra Filer is one another smart manager for your data storage with a lot of features to cut, copy, paste, delete and much more but with paid version it has teeming, the ability to show hidden files, freedom to bookmark limitation.  The bookmark with a minimum pay boost you with great facilities.

File Manager+

File Manager+ comes with all the required features that a file manager can easily use and carry. Due to both local and cloud storage including NAS (Network Attached Storage) a smooth file management feature to transfer files from different folders. You’ll get basic file management features along with cloud storage features, NAS support and more. You can even browse your installed apps, music and videos with this .It has an enhance feature of built-in storage analyzer to identify that which files/folders are taking most storage and also manage a recycle bin.

The best part about the App is to provide user with ease and efficiency to have the best privilege in file management.