Top 10 best WiFI Analyzer app for Android in 2020

best wifi analyzer app for android:- It’s better to keep track of your wireless network and spot the reasons why your network speed lags. You can do it best on your android devices using a plethora of such apps. If you are looking for optimizing your wifi network performance, have a look at these best wifi analyzer app for android devices. Although there are many on the race to be the best, these are leading wifi analyzer apps for mobiles to boost your network performance.

A stable WiFi network is essential for you to make the most out of your Internet connection. A WiFi analyzer app for Android can suggest how or where your wireless network should cater to your needs. You can get some best WiFi analyzer app for android phones from the play store for free or paid use.

Why do you need a Wifi Network Analyzer App?

There may arise a situation where your WiFi connectivity gets hindered due to the presence of other WiFi devices. You may also lose your work progress due to an unstable wireless connection in the worst-case scenario. That’s where a WiFi analyzer app comes to your rescue.

A WiFi analyzer helps you analyze the network data of your channel and the ones surrounding it and providing alternatives to optimize your network. If there are any channels faster and better than the one you are using, you can switch to it respective to your given location.

top 10 WiFi Analyzer App for Android

Wifi Analyzer

wifi analyzer apps android

WiFi Analyzer the name that often tops the search results at Google Play Store when you look up for Best WiFi Analyzer Apps for Android mobiles. This application is simple yet intuitive, regularly updated for fixes, and available for free on the Play Store. It has over 10 million downloads till now, which earns it the “numero uno” spot of the list here.

It’s overwhelmingly lightest (2 Mb), which makes it outcompete the market of network analyzers. WiFi Analyzer App sports loads of features that and toolset to detect traffic on your around your network channel. It presents your wireless network in graphical format, showing you a list of channels used in each network surrounding you. Once you launch it, it detects which channel is used the least and capable of spotting congestion-free channels. To let it work perfectly, mind turning your location on, or else it won’t be able to assist you.

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Open Signal

wifi analyzer apps android

OpenSignal is a powerful WiFi analyzer tool that resides up in the play store. This app monitors both the WiFi and cellular data, assisting you with directions to the nearest cell tower, network performance, and speed. It’s just under 5 Mb which I don’t think would be much of a stress on your device memory.

You can run speed tests to check your WiFi or mobile network, monitor data usage, compare coverage on different service providers, view speeds history, and get a signal alert when you’ve got no connection. Using OpenSignal, you can also improve your WiFi experience with its interactive features, WiFi maps, and cell tower maps. If you want to turn your mobile into a network analyst, a must-have to let carry out in-depth network analysis. It comes without annoying ads that make it quite a convenient app.

Network Signal Info

wifi analyzer apps android

Network Signal Info is another alternative to the WiFi Analyzer app. This tool brings you detailed information over the currently used network with accurate signal strength output on both Wireless and cellular connection. This android network analyzer tool is free and easy to use.

Till the date, there are over 5 million downloads of Network Signal Info, and you can also get its pro version for ad-free functionality. Network Signal Info Pro version also sports a new cell tower database with over 80 million more entries, mobile signal tracker function, and MOBILE SIGNAL LOST SERVICE and much more. It’s compatible with android 4.3 and above and will cost you no money but around 20 Mb on your device memory.

 WiFi Monitor : Analyzer of Wi-Fi Network

wifi analyzer apps android

This simple tool is a reliable detector that allows you to analyze the state of wireless networks and track its signal strength, frequency, connection speed, etc. WiFi Monitor app is one of the best wireless network analyzer app for android phones that can also be used to set up a wireless router. This tool is the only app that gets frequent tweaks as per the given user reviews.

This not only monitors the WLAN network but also scans and discover devices connected to it. It is rather simple to use as you can see every functionality under categorized tabs, namely Channels, Connection, Network, and graphical representation. This app has as many as 1 million downloads so far.

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Net Optimizer

wifi analyzer apps android

Net Optimizer is an effective open-source tool that can help you fix the wireless network issues on your android device. If your internet speed disappoints you despite having paid for the fastest connection, you need Net Optimizer right away to get to work. It’s lightweight, gets frequently updated, and has 1 million+ downloads until now.

Net Optimizer is a handy tool to find & connect to the fastest DNS server based on your location & network. You can improve your device’s web surfing speed with the quicker response time. This WLAN analyzer can quickly fix lag and reduce latency/ping time on online games for the better gaming experience.

WiFi Optimizer 2.0

wifi analyzer apps android

WiFi Optimizer 2.0 is one of my favorite android apps to analyze WiFi network. What came to my surprise was the number of downloads despite positive feedback. Let’s come to what it features now. It boasts of refreshing your WiFi properties and rebooting each WiFi connection as needed. It detects your network status and many other connection information to speed up the connection.

WiFi Optimizer 2.0 allows you to get online faster and complete multiple tasks on the go. It’s as light as 1.6 Mb that makes it faster than other network analyzer apps. The developer team quote, “It’s a placebo, and intended to assist you in research toward greater app abilities, based on user reviews”. It’s the improved version of Simple WiFi Optimizer that is available for free.

ScanFi : WiFi Analyzer and Surveyor

wifi analyzer apps android

ScanFi app is a wireless network analyzer tool that can turn your Android phone into a network scanning device. You can scan your wireless network without needing any access point and fetch all the details displayed in a graphical form. This app weighs just under 4 Mb and adjusts easily in your device. You can get along with by allowing some standard permission such as location, contacts (I don’t know why they ask for contacts), and of course, your network information.

 So far, this wireless network analyzer tool has been up to user satisfaction. It shows accurate data on every available access points, strength and speed of the network, and delivers information straightforward information about hidden access points. All this app does is at zero cost, get it now if you want to explore more of its features.

WiFi Scanner Pro

wifi analyzer apps android

If you are looking for an app to manage all the WiFi connections, WiFi Scanner Pro is the perfect tool to serve what you need. This paid tool is available at just under a couple of bucks on play store. It’s a powerful tool to analyze WiFi signals and channels measuring signal strength and finding overflowing channels.

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This app determines the distance to a WiFi point using a signal strength indicator and sound alerts using a built-in signal level of the access point. WiFi Scanner Pro displays all the active channels, and their powers are on a real-time chart. So think about WiFi scanner Pro when you think of analyzing WiFi networks to evaluate high-quality channels.

Network Analyzer Pro 

wifi analyzer apps android

This wireless network analyzer tool is 9th on the 10 best wifi analyzer app for android mobiles because of several reasons. It’s built by a team dedicated to professional users. It is capable of diagnosing various problems in your wifi network setup, Internet connectivity, and detecting multiple issues on remote servers thanks to the full range of tools it provides. It’s available at just under $3.5 with loads of splendid functionalities.

Network Analyzer Pro stands out the competition by detailing everything related to what you want. This tool contains standard net diagnostic tools such as ping, traceroute, port scanner, DNS lookup, whois, and network speed test. It can bring you all the details such as signal strength, encryption, and router manufacturer to help you discover the best channel for a wireless router. It’s surprisingly sized to 5.7 Mb which adds another star to what it does. You can   use it on Android 6 and above.

IP Tools: WiFi Analyzer

wifi analyzer apps android

And last but not least, IP Tools takes the final spot on my list of 10 best WiFi analyzer app for android. Why? Here are some answers to that. It’s a free-of-cost 12-Mb tool with powerful network features to speed up and setup networks. Till now, it’s installed on more than 10 million android devices for its unleashed features and accuracy.

IP Tools, so far, has kept its name by quickly detecting any computer network problems, detecting IP address, and boosting network performance. If you are a person with the basics of IT, it’s a must-have app for you. I was impressed by a couple of things about IP Tools WiFi Analyzer, the user-friendly interface, and frequent patches to deal with glitches. I must admit, there is no margin for error if you have it on your phone.

What Counts in the End

I have added a couple of apps that are downloadable at a price. But value for money is what counts when you want to rely on WiFi Analyzer App for Android device for accurate results. An app should make it easy for you rather than clogging your device with ads or making your sketchy about how the way it works. How did you like this list, do let me know. See you very soon.


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