Top 10 Best Free Download Manager Apps for Android In 2021

Best Download Manager for Android – It’s not very easy to download any large files in android phone or tablets. because when we try to download any large files in our android device, we may encounter several issues like device not be able to resume downloads in case of internet failure or the downloading speed is slow, the download not starting automatically after internet failure. So, we need to Best Free Download Manager Apps for Android because, Download manager resume broken downloads, we don’t have to re start downloading from start.

Best Free Download Manager For Android

So, In this article i will discuss about Best Free Download Manager for Android with various other downloading features to manage downloading in our android device. Before listing best free android download manager first know some common benefits to use any android download manager.

Benefits of Android Download Manager

  • A Android Download Manager will resume downloading process when it was interrupted due to browser crash, electricity shut down, lost connection etc.
  • A Android download manager gives permits viewing of partially downloaded files.
  • A Android download manager allow you to drag and drop facility of downloaded links to a floating icon.
  • A Android download manager do automatic recursive downloads.

Best Free Download Manager For Android

There are various Best Free Download Manager Apps for Android available on Google play store that you can use for your downloading purpose. Below are some of the best free Download Manager for Android. Also readTop 5 Best Free Download Manager for Windows PC

IDM: Download Video, Movie, Music, Anime & Torrent

best Download manager for Android

Yes, the most appreciated and dominating the list of best Download manager for Android is IDM (not to be confused with Internet Download Manager). It’s the only app on the list that supports both HD video and torrents. If you are wondering what else makes it a perfect fit for you? With a 4.6 rating on the play store, IDM gets you the best download speed fetching up to 16 parts of every ongoing download.

Furthermore, you can easily fetch Torrent files via a magnet link, torrent URL, or a torrent file on your device. If you have an account on streaming networks, try this full-of-features app to download Music, Video, and Movie. Fetching video, audio, and images from Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, and other social media is also easy. Just copy a link to the clipboard and let the smart download option get to the action. And Yes, It’s a free android downloader app.

IDM Download Manager

I think IDM Download Manager is one of the famous and most downloaded android download manager on internet, because lots of tips and tricks are available on internet about this downloader app. The reason behind their popularity, because of its computer version and there fast download speed. You can very easily download videos and other files in very fast speed.

Features of IDM Download Manager

  • Simple and clean interface
  • Supports Java Scripts
  • Support HTML 5 web page and videos
  • Live download progress bar for downloading speed indicator

Advance Download manager

Best Download Manager for Android

Advance Download manager is one of the best and powerful download manager for android devices. ADM automatically captures the downloadable files and links from its supported browser or simply tap on the downloadable link in your default browser. this app lets you download files in three different parts and each part provides certain set download speed. you can easily choose the maximum download speed for each part.

Advance Download manager Advance Features

  • Download up to Three file at same time
  • Accelerate download speed by using multi threading
  • Backup downloading files on SD card
  • Download and save files according to type in different folders
  • Recognize links from the browser and clipboard
  • Run the downloads in Background
  • Completion notification by sound and vibration
  • Set downloading only through the internet or WI-Fi
  • Support browser like Stock browser, Google chrome, Dolphin and Boat Browser

Turbo Download manager [TDM]

Best Download Manager for Android

Best Download Manager for Android

Turbo Download manager is another best android download manager with some slimier downloading features as like other download manager. TDM has some good quality which distinguish it from other download managers like the manager can bust your download speed up to 5 times, its support any tips of downloads such as video, audio, music, images, apps etc.

Turbo Download manager Advance Features

  • Auto push when internet connection failure
  • Resume when internet connection recovered
  • Download with Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G, 4G
  • Recognize link in the browser automatically
  • Sound notification after download complete
  • Download history
  • Different web browser support (stock browser, Dolphin, Firefox, Skyfire, UC browser, Bota Browser)
  • Add UR link manually
  • Buffer size optimization

Download manager for android

Download manager for android is another powerful Free and Best Download Manager for Android. Is has a clean and user friendly interface with a lots of features. you can download almost all type of files with this download manager. The download manager can bust your download speed up to 3 times

Download manager for android Features

  • Download HTML 5 web pages and video
  • Three time faster download speed
  • simply and user friendly
  • webpage bookmark management
  • voice and speech quick search
  • Support Google, Youtube, Yahoo, Twitter search
  • Social sharing of the downloaded files
  • Simply resume, Push and cancel any download process

Download Blazer

Download Blazer is another free, best and easy to use Internet download manager for android device. Download Blazer with boost your download speed and makes your downloads more reliable with download resume support.

Download Blazer Features

  • Increase download speed
  • Simple to Push/ resume your downloads
  • Continue disconnected downloads
  • Organize your downloads in queue
  • Download all types of file from the web (except YouTube)

Loader Droid Download Manager

Loader Droid is another Best Download Manager for Android device, supports to download any types of file like Apps, Images, Music, Video, Audio etc. In this android downloader you can easily resume the interrupted or paused download like other android download manager.

Loader Droid Download Manager Features

  • Schedule Downloads
  • Auto push when connection is lost
  • Auto Resume when your connection reappears
  • Dark and light theme for your preference
  • Intercepts inks from your android Browser and other applications
  • Easy to define what connection is allowed for each inks [ Wi-Fi, 2G, 3G etc]

Downloader & Privet Browser

Downloader & Privet Browser is another best Free and Unique Download Manager for Android. Unique means its supports some different features with other Internet downloading features. The different is, here you can easily download videos, Audios, Images and other files from your favorite sites to your android device and save all your downloaded data in a confidential password protected folder that only you can access and play back videos and music. It’s support various popular file types like Mp3, Mp4, M4A, MOV, PDF, Txt and more.

Downloader & Privet Browser Features

  • Easy to download video, audio, images and more for offline playback
  • Password protected files to keep them confidential
  • Full featured multi-Tab browser like Google Chrome and Firefox

DMA (Download Manager Accelerator for Android)

Another great free Android download manager called Download Manager Accelerator by keerby, use for any type of file size in your android device. The download manager is comes with faster relabel pause and resume features along with scheduling download.

Features of DMA

  • Simple and very clean interface
  • Fast app, file downloading speed
  • Schedule download
  • Live downloading process bar for speed indicator

Easy Downloader Pro

Another great download manager for any android device which supports multiple protocols, multiple files supported. You can download various files at same time to speed up to 50%. The downloader app have all basic features like push OR resume downloads, 10 download progresses at same time, able to manage files in Micro SD card, copy and pest link to download files, rename the files etc.

Video Downoader for facebook

As the name would seem to facilitate the application to download videos from facebook. So, with this application you can easily download video from facebook, save on the SD card and play offline. To download any facebook video simply open the facebook application and click on a video, on the popup windows click ‘ Facebook video download’ download will start.


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