11 Best Music Downloader For iPhone in 2021

Best Music Downloader For iPhone:- Downloading music or listening to them online is a way of life for me and many others. There is no doubt that everyone likes to listen to good music and enjoy singing along with the tune. Just listening to your favorite song can put you in a good mood and it can relieve you from your stress and tensions. In today’s advanced technology, hearing and downloading the best and melodious music is quite easy and accessible, with the advent of the free mp3 music download sites like best music downloader for iPhone tools and websites.

In this article, I will put before you a list of Best Music Downloader For iPhone and you can choose the best one. Every app has its own set of features and facilities to offer, you can go for the one which appeals you the most.

Nowadays, everyone has got an iPhone, and it would be filled with the favorite music or tracks or mp3 songs. We often use our iPhone to listen to these awesome songs whenever we want. There are now lots of best music downloaders available on the internet. So, we can easily search for our favorite song and get it downloaded on the iPhone.

Best Music Downloader For iPhone

As there is best free music downloads an app for iPhone available online and as the Internet has become reliable, a steady growth is seen in the number of people who are using their iPhone for downloading music. Let us get started now and check the listed apps.

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best music downloader for iphone

Spotify is very popular music streaming and downloading the app in countries like the United States. But it is available for some countries like Australia, New Zealand, some part of Europe and Asia. They have the large collection of music from the different artist in their library. You can search and create your own playlist or choose from others playlist.

Just like the name suggests, Spotify this free best music downloader app for iPhone tool is an awesome application for iPhone devices. This best iPhone music downloader allows users to download various kinds of mp3 music to the for free.

Furthermore, it has got a built-in search box which can help in searching for albums, artists, and songs. All the different mp3 files which are offered by this best iPhone music downloader are free from the public domains. So, it means that one does not need to worry about the privacy and usage. Also, the quality of the sound of this app is awesome.

Music Download Paradise

music downloader riphone

Music Download Paradise Mp3 is one of that high rating music download iPhone apps in play store which allows you to download songs from its millions of collections for free. The user interface of the app is sweet and simple. You can search and listen to Copyleft music and MP3 songs. You can search for songs by their title, artists or by album and all for free

GTunes Music Download

Gtunes allows you to download millions of international songs for absolutely free. The app was formerly known as Simple MP3 Downloader. The feature that I personally love about this music app is it lets you create your own customized ringtone from any song and you can set that particular ringtone for a particular contact. There are some songs which also have lyrics in its database; those songs are played with lyrics scrolling on the perfect timing. You cannot just download apps by using this app but Gtunes Music download as a built-in music player that will allow you to play music on public domain sites.

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Tidal is akin to Spotify, where you can access HD audio quality music anytime. Although it’s a free app, you can get a paid subscription at $19.99 a month—tidal steps in with comprehensive functionality, music sharing support as well as offline listening mode. Offline feature is what makes it rank among the best music downloader apps for iPhone. You can save the music track directly to your iPhone so you can listen to it anytime you like.

It’s a handy app if your internet connection is slow or you don’t have enough to budget to go for a data plan. You can extend your offline playlist by adding as many songs as you want. You can easily download a music file by pressing the offline toggler under the album or playlist’s name.


IDownloader is a multidimensional music downloader app for iPhone, iPod, and iPad that performs specialized functions beyond downloading music. IDownloader has features like File Manager that could easily extract files in zip/rar, Photo viewers, web browser, document and eBook reader that perfectly supports files in txt, doc, ppt, pdf and other formats.

IDownloader allows multiple downloads at the same instance together with its amazing background video playback. The video playback ranges and not limited to MP4, M4V, MOV, 3GP, and M3U8. It automatically renames the songs you download based on artist and title. With this music downloader app, you don’t necessarily need to press the download icon to get your desired file, all you have to do is to tap and hold to force a download.


4shared is yet another app which tops the list of best mp3 downloader as it has a huge list of songs to choose from. If in case you want to listen to the songs of a particular artist then you can also search songs by their artist name which gives the flexibility to the user.

You can create playlists containing your favorite songs and manage them with ease. It has millions of tracks and you can look up through its entire database for anything and everything you need according to your interest. As and when you download music, those will keep adding to the 15 GB of data available on your 4shared cloud folder. This is also a best Free Music Downloader apps for android

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We all know that SoundCloud is one of the best know the mp3 downloading app for iPhone. It is your one-stop destination for not just listening to songs but also for going through audiobooks and podcasts. Sound cloud is also a sharing platform which allows you to upload your own audio as well and it will be published for all of its other users. The app allows you to listen to music as well as upload music, allowing you to share it with others. It as well lets you share, like or comment on the songs that have been uploaded by others.

Wynk Music App

Chances are you already know about this application, and you have tried it already. It is a free music download app. With more than 1.8 million songs aboard, you can both stream as well as download music. It lets you search for music depending upon the artists, genres, moods, etc.  It has the huge music library for almost all genre and artist. You will find all old, latest, Hindi, English Bollywood, Hollywood songs in their library.

Using this app you can directly download mp3 songs from online and store them to the SD card storage or device storage of your iPhone. This app is light in weight but powerful in action. It uses legal way to download the song and you will never encounter copyright issue.


If you are a great music lover in the lookout for the best music downloader for iPhone, then you need to check out the Music Maniac Mp3 Downloader. This is a simple and easy to use the app with has got a lot of advanced functionalities. Using this best free music download an app for iPhone, you can search for your favorite Mp3 music.

This best mp3 downloader for iPhone and is quite small in size and free to use. This application is currently not present in the Google Play Store; however, you can easily download this best music downloader for an iPhone from various other sources too. Here the tool stores all the downloaded files in the external storage or drive of the phone, and this won’t slow down the device.


This is one of the best mp3 downloaders for your workouts or the walking sessions. RockMyRun allows you to keep music saved for hearing them online, downloading it to be precise and at the same time, it also lets you cache it. It has some really cool music with the DJ touch, surely to entice you during the times you work out.

Also, there is a great feature that it lets you match the BPM with your heart rate, filter the length of the playlist simply to match up to the time required for your session, or as well come up with its own suggestions depending upon the current state.

Now they were my findings on the Best Music Downloader For iPhone. There is so much to choose from and so much to explore, but well, the best remains the best. Also, at the end of it all, it pretty much depends on the kind of need you have and the features that you must use.

It is not recommended downloading any music downloader app as this may also harm your iPhone device with adwares and malware. Therefore, I have made a collection of new music download apps which are available for free on iTunes store to be enjoyed.