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Internet Download Manager IDM Alternatives:- Tired using that cracked version of Internet Download Manager, aren’t you? When it is the only application that bundles your Media and download links together in a unified place, it is hard to lay eyes on other feasible options to it. Fret not, the same features and functionality are now embedded in the list of 12 Internet Download Manager IDM Alternatives applications making you the master of Downloads.

Best Free IDM Alternatives

Doubtlessly, IDM is unique to get you faster downloads, tips, multi-channeled data transmission, and the ability to resume the previous download state of the particular file. It is well-known for fetching the data even your computer accidentally turned off or if a connection had broken. A free trial is a boon to you, but, when you are prompted to buy it, you try to search and this list is where it should halt. Here are Best 10 Internet Download Manager IDM Alternatives.

Mind: Some of the application are paid but acquire similar or advanced feature-set to IDM. Don’t reach any conclusion yet, some of these are also free. Let us gander.


idm alternativeFree Download Manager (FDM) acclimates into Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android easily. This application is yet to make its way to iOS devices, though. This download manager is an amicable replacement to IDM as it backs up all the features nicely. Besides accelerating downloads, it also organizes the heavy downloads like a cakewalk.

You can also resume broken or previously queued downloads prioritizing torrents. Specially targeting different media formats, FDM’s most remarkable feature is its processing support for different media files and integration support with Chrome, Firefox, MS Edge, Safari, etc. If you are still on the lookout for IDM alternatives, FDM must be it.


IDM alternativesI am starting with an open-source Download Manager developed by a dedicated team of web engineers to let you have it all free, comfortable, and faster access to the online stuff. JDownloader is a free IDM Alternative and helps you pause, resume, stop, or re-launch your download at any point in time. Also, you get a saved bandwidth for your download and keep track of all the ones taking place at the moment. The downloading time is awe-inspiring as the data packets are fetched over multiple channels.


idm alternativesYou can collect the media files from social media platforms quite easily through Orbit-Downloader. You like something floating on a web page; you get it by Orbit; be it Facebook, YouTube, Pandora, or Rapidshare.

The download is as accelerated as in IDM and is compatible across Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and other browsers. Besides, the data is collected even if the secured protocols are what you are accessing right now. Like IDM, you can pause and resume your downloads at any specific moment. Orbit is easy to configure and setup too.


Flox is one of the best alternative of Internet download manager. The free download manager is available for Mac Osx with a true Mac-style interface. If offers convenient downloads managing, flexible settings, faster downloading, download speed control, schedule downloading,  etc. the best feature of the download manager is, you don’t need to open multiple torrent trackers to find your favorite downloads.


idm alternativeNow, comes the freebie that liberates you from all the worries. Eagelget is a free to use and Best Alternative to Internet Download Manager. It holds a bit similarity in some sense with rather some cool features. It is supported across all the major browsers; Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and all.

Speaking of similarity, you can go shopping or grab a coffee while the download is paused and resume it later. To monitor downloading speed, its notification bard comes in handy.


Usable across Firefox browsers, DownThemAll is a downloading extension. The extension takes your browsing experience to another level with its advanced downloading capabilities. The links that appear on your web page are at further ease, and the files linked (mostly multimedia) are downloadable through DTA extension. Of Course, it’s free to use and entirely customizable. No matter what OS you have, just make sure to install Firefox to grab DownThemAll.

Flash Get Downloader

idm downloaderFlash Get Downloader is easy to download, easy to install, and easy on the system Resources. It escalates the download speed if rattling and retains its state if normal. It supports security protocols FTP, HTTP, and BT notifying you about suspicious online content. It automatically initiates the anti-virus program son after detecting malicious stuff on your browser.


idm alternativeSo, another open source downloader is aria2 that is a better contender to outdo IDM. Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, it maximizes the speed focusing on the bandwidth usage only. Aria2 brings your download files home working across multiple channels and supports HTTP(S)/FTP and BitTorrent simultaneously.

It checksums the downloading data through Metalinks Chunks checksums. Multiple downloads are supported by its multi URIs Feed. Unlike IDM, your waiting time is scaled down further because, you don’t have to wait for the queued file to finish. First, it gets you files uninterruptedly and concurrently.

FreeRapid Downloader

FreeRapid Downloader is another contestant to give you another thought over Internet Download Manager. The application is Java-based and lets you enjoy the downloading for free. It’s easy yet attractive interface has more for your party other than fast downloads. Integrating with any browser and compatible on multiple platforms is easy.

All the files and network speed can be checked through its Notification Bar. Plus, if, you are off to somewhere, just schedule your files to download later at some time.

GetRight Download Manager

GetRight Downloader is the right choice for a massive file. You can still play/ pause or resume your files and get it when it’s done. The large file is first split into chunks and is recollected at the receiving end once the download is done with.

Doing so doesn’t give too much stress on the download speed, nor the bandwidth. So easy to put use to, and free to set up on any platform, GetRight Downloader doesn’t consume much of your system resources.



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Download Accelerator Plus

The next one on the list is another Alternative to IDM worth looking for. DCP is all packed with basic and advanced features just like IDM and boosts up the download speeds through its distinct methods. Integrated into any browser you want, DCP is also available for MAC other than Windows OS. Additionally, you can play your video files while Play / Pause functions are working on different downloads and even resume the previous downloads.



Never miss out on the final item on the list here. uGet is the special caretaker of what you want to get from the inet precisely (Ahem-Ahem, seriously for Torrent lovers). It is free to download and employ, most suitable for large files, works along with different security protocols, Available in over 20 languages, and outdoes other downloader’s in features and cross-platform support.

If this isn’t enough to grab your eyes, here are some more to give you a reason to find its download page. uGet has an advanced toolset never to stop you enjoying the download speed, whether your files are queued or batched, and can integrate with any browser whether you are using Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.

Found Anything Catchy?

Here is what I found out about 12 Internet Download Manager Alternative. And if I happen to have missed out one, let me find it out and bring it to many readers like you. Drop me your comments and help me find out more to help you.