Top 10 Best Free VPN for Android in 2021

Tired of using the internet with exposed identity? Have you tried some VPNs? It is hard to get your pick where you have to choose out of so many, right. Here in this article, I’ll be assisting you in finding out the Free Best VPN for Android that will also be a great hand to keep your online privacy compromised.

So why is there a need that landed you here? As I always say, causes are many if we start looking into the stuff. There are many regional policies that internet users are restricted to, and accessing the information from other countries is the major one. Even you can’t access the stuff on youtube channels if you are from another country and want to watch some creative or educational video that was uploaded. Quite an unfair thing to happen to us, including me Yikes!

10 Free Best VPN for Android

So, taking about Best Free Android VPN (Virtual Private Network) henceforth, you all might have found out the reasons why we need one. However, choosing one is always a hard nut to crack. There are some that offer the best reliability and secured service to the worldwide users, but only to the paid ones. Also, there are some that give the best to the users for free. Some of the best VPNs are what I am mentioning here. Keep scrolling to find out.


best VPN for Android

Meet the ultimate VPN that’s intuitive and sets itself apart in the list of 10 Best VPN for Android. It has an intuitive interface and the best encryption tools to hide your privacy online. With over 3200 sever locations worldwide, Surfshark offers relatively faster surfing speed than its counterparts.

It allows you one-click connectivity that you don’t have to move away from the homepage. Another reason to prefer Surfshark is its customer support service as there is always someone to sort your problems in an instant. While other VPN apps are a little expensive, Surfshark solves the issue by introducing a budget plan at $2.49 a month (for two years). If you have multiple devices to connect, you should opt for it.

OpenVPN Connect

best free vpn for android

OpenVPN Connect one of the best VPN for Android and would be my first choice to prefer you. I had been doing most of my searches with the help of OpenVPN and so far, it’s unbeatable in the list. What makes it uniqueness even more impeccable, is the technical sort of use. Users are given with advanced settings to import their .ovpn profiles. The first thing you need to do is to set up the OpenVPN Server and get to working. List of servers available for you is the main thing to look into.


best vpn for android

VYPR VPN takes the second spot on the list because of its relentlessness and robustness. It is the most chosen by the professional users, casual, and not often regular users. It’s also free to surf the internet for up to 500 MB limit. Once the data is over, you’ll have to get its paid version. Talking about its technical features, I have lots to tell you including over 700 servers Chameleon 256-bit encryption, and 200k+ IP addresses. Not just Android, you can even run it on your Windows PC, or MAC, or even iOS easily.

ZPN VPN for Android

best free android vpn

The list is getting more and more exciting as I keep unveiling this user-friendly VPNs. ZPN is also personally tested app that gives you much more than you require from a free VPN service. With many worldwide servers to choose, ZPN is free to use for about 6 months. Download limit as far as I have used is also great (3 GB). But, if you have been using it for over a period, you may seem to have a notification to purchase it. Pricing comes as given here according to the data plans. $3.99 for 50 GB a month, $4.99 for 150GB (2 users), and $6.99 for 250GB extended to 3 users.

Hotspot Shield VPN Proxy

best free android vpn

The fourth on the list is Hotspot Shield, and there is definitely a reason why. Unlike other proxy VPNs, it gets you HTTPS level security while you surf the internet. It has the ability to keep your anonymity safe from the eavesdroppers. To be honest, that is the reason why it is one of the most downloaded and widely used apps.

SecureLine VPN for Android

best vpn for android

SecureLine VPN is the work done by Avast team to help you stay private and protected. The best of the encryption system is what keeps it on the top 5th position in the list. Hackers can’t even track your search as it comes with a tunneled channel and IPsec protocol. Just launch it and feel free to use it with an open public Wi-Fi network.

Spotflux VPN for Android

Spotflux is also the one that holds the horses of the hackers lurking around your privacy. To keep your internet search safe and secured, it has a double-layered protection. In general cases, the network bandwidth is the biggest issue to deal with. While with Spotflux the bandwidth consumption is taken good care of by the app giving you the best of the speed.

Hola Free VPN for Android

best free vpn for android

It is the first of its kind that is freely accessible and doesn’t come with the trail based versions. It has a “Free” tag in its name after all. With the span in over 190 regions, the app gives you faster accessibility to the nearest geographical locations. The browsing speed is enhanced and boosted up when you get connected via Hola. Search, download, or upload the stuff feeling free.

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Speed VPN for Android

best vpn for android

Speed is what we all need at this age and Speed VPN keeps its name in the business. You can access the nearest available server based on your geographical coordinates. The accessibility to the blocked content becomes easier when you have the proper bandwidth and reliable speed to surf the internet. Once you get connected through this app, it allows you surfing session up to 60 minutes. Don’t be worried, it will reconnect you after you click it. The purpose is to keep your anonymity same.

Super VPN

best vpn for android

The reason why it Super VPN is on the list is it is easy to use and doesn’t have a complex interface. The encryption system allows no loopholes in the secure and safe search; simple, yet unbeatable. Nobody can track your activity because of the strong key encryption. Once you download it on your smartphone, you’ll have to get registered and start the app. The rest of the process is the easiest to follow, just hit a click to connect to a server.

Hideman VPN

best vpn for android

Hideman hides your location and information that can be tracked by some third-parties. The data transmitted over the network gets protected through 256-bit encryption key. What more to say, it is free to use and can be run for 5 hours per week. If you want to have more advantageous features, get the purchased version. That shouldn’t be a problem if you kind of already love this app.

In Conclusion

This list of 10 Free Best VPN for Android was, so far based on the recently searched and reviewed searches. However, there are many fastest growing VPN brands that offer their best. I’ll keep tracking them to get to you. To keep you and your wallet free of any stress, those were the freely available apps in the android market. How was the information? How did you like it? Was it useful or not? Do let me have a word with you. I’ll get in touch with you here.


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