Top 11 Best and Fastest Browser for Android 2021

Best and Fastest Browser for android – if we talk about the best and fastest web browser for computer, laptops OR Best Browser for Mac then many of our friends say Google chrome is the best web browser for computer. Infect Google chrome is leading web browser on PC and laptops some of us also loves Mozilla Firefox, Opera, internet explorer as web browser.

But when we talk about best and fastest android web browser then the scenario is bit different, because computer have powerful processor that can manage multiple processes whereas android mobile certain different from computer So, in android mobile required light and fastest web browsers. A number of browser for android mobile available android market like Google chrome, UC browser, Opera mini, dolphin browser, and all are creaming, he is the best and fastest browser for android mobile.

In this article I am going to share the top 10 best and fastest android browsers that provides easy and fastest browsing experience on android device. So, select one of given fastest android browser and enjoy best and fastest web surfing on your android device. Here you can find your query Best browser for android | fastest android browser | best browser for android.

Best and Fastest Android Browser

Google Chrome Best Android Browser

best browser for android

The best browser for android’s default home page also have impressive features like, serving up latest news articles, giving you links to your favorite sites. This is one of the browser who warns you of dangerous and suspect links also featuring with Google translate means that you can read pages in your own language. Google claim to reduce 60% of data usage when you are using fast network and reduce 90% data usage when you are on 2G network.

Why use Google Chrome on Your Android Phone

  • In every android device you have pre installed chrome browser, perhaps that’s why this is the most popular browser for any android phone.
  • Chrome browser for android provides some useful features for their users like voice search, Google translate, incognito mode, mobile and desktop mode etc.
  • Google chrome browser have inbuilt flash player. That’s why chrome user have no need to download any extra flash plugins app in there android phone.
  • Google chrome default home page is also very impressive and useful, serving news articles, also giving you links to your favorite sites.

Microsoft Edge


best Browser for android

Edge is a new entrant that makes it to the list of best and Fastest Browser for android in style. Microsoft’s official browser that was reborn last year now runs on mobile too. Microsoft Edge comes with the extensive feature set and betters your privacy online while browsing through the internet. Known to block unwanted ads, this browser lets you sync to your computer via the same MS account.

Honestly, the addition of a few extensions would have made it a superb alternative to Chrome or Firefox. Otherwise, it’s a modern-age android browser that deserves a try. If you are looking for a set of legit websites to read articles, do try its NewsGuard feature.

Features to Note

  • InPrivate Browsing
  • AdBlocker
  • Microsoft Rewards
  • Organization on the go
  • Reader-friendly Interface

UC Browser | Fastest Android Browser

uc browser for android

UC browser is another most popular and fastest android browser, buy this time, more than 400 million users who use this web browser. This browser is specially developed by mobile device. Its support approx. all mobile OS like Android, Symbian, Java, iOS etc. the main features of this android web browser are lists popular and most used websites and you can find this features in top websites tab.

UC browser also gives a light and fast web browsing experience with fastest searching, downloading, gaming, social sharing and more. The new feature of UC browser is users can manage there Facebook in the notification bar. most of android users like this and suggest for Best browser for android. Most of webmaster not prefer UC browser but if you look as its popularity and features, it can be the most powerful alternative to any best browser for android device.

Why Use UC Browser

  • Very simple UI, One of the fastest browser for android device and also much faster inbuilt download manager (you don’t need to find any best Download manager for android when you are using UC Browser)
  • Home page Shortcut to all the popular website along with other features sites for each category
  • Most popular browser in users who are using low space phone and using slow internet connection (2G). Because UC browser opens web Pages faster even in 2G net.
  • Other features are – block most of advertisement with default addon (completely blocks pop-Up ads)

Opera mini Fastest Android Browser

best android browser

Opera mini browser for android is another fastest android browser. Opera mini looks great on android device and user friendly web browser with tones of interesting features. Just like Google chrome it’s also provides tab features. By this features you can bookmark your favorite web pages for easy to access.

Most of time I also use opera browser and feel this browser is faster, cleaner and smoother from other browser. One of the extra features in this browser called ‘opera link’ which automatically saves all bookmarks in its cloud storage. Si, you can always export these bookmarks to other device like your computer and scan them with your chrome.


best android browser

Dolphin browser for android is not much popular web browser for android but here I am discussing for this browser because its user friendly features is great and its works very fine & fast on android device. This web browser is mush similar to Google chrome. I love this web browser because its features is very fine like Brows with swap, voice search, one tap sharing, extra browsing tools, flash support, mobile + Desktop mode etc.

Why use dolphin

  • Dolphin is one of in list of best android browser who support flash player. You can get best gaming and video experience with inbuilt flash feature. Means you do not need to download third party flash player app.
  • The browser also have adBlock feature inbuilt and can block popups, Ads, banners and ad-videos
  • Also support multiple tabs bar, bookmarks, addon sidebar, personalized search, incognito mode,

Mozilla Firefox

best android browser

Mozilla Firefox is another web browser for android device. Its supports add-ons, bookmarks, record the history, manage password etc. Firefox provides features to allow you block ads. Related post:- 10 Best Mozilla Firefox Addons


  • Customisable home panels
  • Synchronize firefox desktop tabs, history, bookmark and password
  • Thousand of Add-once available for different tasks

CM Browser for android

best android browser

CM browser is new name in web browser list because of its great features and awesome user experience. If you are using low memory android device and it’s have no more enough memory to keep much storage web browser, and then try CM Browser. CM Browser is only 1.92 MB browser that take around 4-5 MB after installation. It have also some great features like browsing protection, speed dial, security and privacy, page translator, text search, font size adjustment etc.


  • Browsing Speed Acceleration
  • Malicious download protection

Maxthon web Browser for Android

best android browser

Maxthon is another best, fastest and smartest web browser for android for both android phone and tablets. developers claim this is the fast, secure, easy to use and offers very fast downloading speed. It means the android web browser is useful browser for every smartphone users.

Maxthon Android browser Features

  • Put your favorite sites on speed dial and favorite media on speed dial
  • Maxthon allows you to create your own touch screen commands to surf with your fingerprints
  • Maxthon also support privet browsing
  • Lets your pick up where you left off, by automatically syncing your tab to different device for a seamless browsing experience.
  • Add-ons to take browsing experience much batter

Brave Browser | Fast, Safe, Private Android Browser

best browser for android

One of the newer android browser in our list. It came out in 2016 with their various features like brave have in-built addBlocker, can block third party cookies, block scripts and it has HTTPS everywhere. The browser also provides the fastest and secure mobile browsing experience, reduce page lode time, improve performance and gourds from ads infected with malware.

  • Fast, Secure and Private android browser
  • Battery and data saver
  • AdBlock web browser
  • Autometic privacy, Adblock browser protection

DuckDuckGo Android Browser

fastest android browser

one of the well known name in china. DuckDuckGo browser is also one of the best, fast and private browser for android device, but this app is not much popular in rest of the world. but 90% of china web users using this android browser.

  • Escape Advertising Tracker network
  • Increase Encryption Protection
  • Search Privately

Ghostery Privacy Browser

ghostery android browser

Ghostery Browser is probably well known for its browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. The extension allow you to learn about data collection companies and block them from tracking your activity as you browse. Ghostery browser inbuilt all of the tools and functionality into a browser, that you can get same thing on your android device. It is easy to configure and simple to use , allow you to brows the mobile web with quick load time and exceptional privacy.


Hope this will help you to find best browser for android or Fastest android browser. Friends, Share your view & suggestion in comments, also share if you have any query. I shall try to get back to query as soon as possible.


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